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  1. I suspect many Thais, especially the poor ones will never reach the age of 65, it does not seem uncommon for people to die in the 40's and 50's from what I have seen. If you are poor you eat what ever you can there is little choice, medical assistance is a pipe dream, it just seems that people accept that its the normal course of life and when I ask "what did they die of"? The stock answer is "they just died'" So the illustration in the article and the figures wont mean a thing its just talk as usual no one does anything to change the system, especially when it does affect them
  2. Another shot in the arm for the tourist industry!
  3. According to a recent BBC report the richest 4% hold 96% of the wealth, I agree its not right, how has this happened? Its happened in other countries as well the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. When I was at work if I wanted an increase in pay I had to justify what I was doing and the extra responsibilities I was taking on to get the increase. Here I see a lot of laziness and yet they all want more money for doing less, can't blame for that but you want more do more. Across the road from me new houses are being built, the bricks arrive and are stacked in nice secure stacks then the workers come along grab and armful and throw them into a bucket to be transported, could not care less. They arrive on time but don't start on time 0800 and at 1630 they are in the back of a pick up waiting to leave so to put it in a nutshell, short time workers and do not look after their employers possessions or the quality of the work ( using brokem bricks ) and that just one example.
  4. Yes I would like 360 bts a day, I am not interested in increasing my productivity. I don't work if it rains and I work slower if its hot, I also wont be there is there is a death in the family or I had a night with Leo and chums, now where is the money?
  5. The last coup only scored 4.1 for interpretation and a paltry 2.9 for content one of the worst scores of all time.
  6. All public transport to be fitted with emergency anchors if case of brake failure.
  7. He is not a debater and would be easily seen as inadequate. He does not listen, he just tells you things, then don't reply just nod, you know like a donkey. That's the real world in military thinking.
  8. What Thais don't seem to understand is that if your standard of living is going to go up it does not come free, someone has to pay for it, they need to work harder. Remember when Yingluck promised 300 bts a day, everyone thought they were in on this till the rate was explained that that was for Bangkok alone, less outside, it did not stop the prices going up to pay for the new rate and the prices have continued to go up even though the rate still stays the same, 300 bts a day, inflation is what we call it, prices up is what Thais call it. Anyone can make these claims when they don't have to fund them, politics are well into these games and I bet many will believe them only to be told later that they did not understand what they were voting for.
  9. I think what you are trying to say is that you are not a criminal but made to feel like one at times. Since the current lot took power I hardly feel we have been more welcomed, requirements at Immigration changed on an annual basis and you did not know what you need to provide until you arrive there, no forms or guidelines so that you can prepare ( par for the course I guess forward planning is not in the mindset here). Bad guys out I get but give the good guys a more welcoming attitude most of us are actually easy going good members of the community.
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