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  1. Who are likely to be a threat to Thailand from the Asean Community? I am struggling with this one, the Army seems only to exist to have coups, seems like the only wins they have are over their own un-armed people.
  2. I particularly like the bit about............the cost is reasonable.............depends who you ask. If you are not paying its reasonable, if you ask a Thai if he would like to pay he would say no and would not partake so I would suspect that most tourists will not entertain this poorly thought out venture, its another nail in the Golden Goose which is quickly becoming slim duck and it begs a further a question. What happens when covid-19 is no longer deemed a threat to the country?
  3. Spot on old chap, same for me. The problem is overseas but for here the message I get from the Government is "Virus! what virus!" after all they have had so few cases and so few deaths.
  4. This is a bad move it will not stop the rallies quiet the opposite.
  5. Not much chance of the website crashing due to plethora of applications I think.
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