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  1. nong38

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    We must wait until after the Cricket World Cup to do otherwise may affect attendances.
  2. Most of us are animal lovers here I think, we have 2 abandoned dogs and 3 stray cats, if we find snakes in the garden, we leave the harmless ones and sweep the naughty ones out side. As far as the dogs go in the street, most belong to people around but only admit to owning when they get run over and demand the fee. Its part of the culture here to let your dog roam free, so whilst we are talking the money end of things, if you get bitten by a dog and get down the local hospital an anti rabies course is going to cost YOU over 10,000bts, do I have your attention, I got bitten last year. Now I carry a bag of salt or sand one hand full is a good deterrent but sometimes I have to fall back on the club you see I have a simple rule and I dont like being bitten or having to pay for the privilege, so, my simple rule if the owners wont take care of their dog I will.
  3. Latest date for the General Election is the end of March, 32nd looks good.
  4. They, the Thai military, whose job description I would have thought would be something like defending the country from foreign invasion (discuss who that might be), have to have the new toys, its like shopping for handbags or watches and yet apart from a brief skirmish in the 1940's when did the Thai military see any action? Oh I forgot when they moved against the Thais, something of a regular occurrence over time the only time they can claim to have been in action, you could not make it up. They want people to vote for them when they buy weaponry rather than improve the country in some way, brilliant tactics to ensure victory.
  5. nong38

    UK Pensions (2018)

    The tax agreement is that you only pay tax in one of the countries either your home country or your current resident country ) so HMRC are the winners here. Any tax you pay in Thailand say on your bank accounts you can claim back against the Thai revenue office ( locally), I think you might not find it so easy claiming back VAT or tax on a vehicle, vehicle amount might be worth a try though. As far as the bank interest tax charge is concerned you need to get a letter from the bank confirming amount of tax deducted for the year ending whatever.
  6. No election until the UK leaves the EU!