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  1. Yes New Years day etc now a moveable feasts to suit the Generals whims with surprise Monk Days thrown in.
  2. This is interesting and what I expected would be the case. I expect a lot of readers are wondering about a trip home to see chums and get supplies and most are probably not married but on a retirement visa so you go down to Immigration get your re entry permit and fly back home if they are allowing you to, the UK yesterday gave Thailand a "green" light so no quarantine. You do your stuff and fly back show your re entry permit and the Immigration officer consults his list......"you married?" The answer has to be yes or you going to be stopped and the Visa stamp says Retirement, you could still be married though I know of people who have not converted so hoe do you get past the Immigration Officer?
  3. How long do we think is a reasonable time to decide whether a 2nd wave is coming or not? Over a month now and no reported new cases, if that figure is correct then things should be back to normal pretty much on the 1st of August, we would have then have had 2 clear months, unless one is reported late in the day and here we go again.
  4. I saw some military lads cleaning a general's car once, gave then a tin of "Duraglit" best polish in the world!
  5. Therein is the problem, even with a re entry permit and then turned away at Immigration and the rules could change here whilst you are away then you really are stuck!
  6. More at risk businesses will have to shut down for good. If the figures the Government are pedaling are to be believed then there is no reason to not to ease a little more to give confidence, they should stop looking at the Chinese cheap charlies they will only end in tears and bring the virus running back, someone should remind them where is started. A boost to internal tourism and more clarity would be a start but the fear of a second wave which may or may not come as the sum of all fears seems to be their current Mantra, how long do we have to wait? You could wait for ever but I wont be around then, like many and I want a life.
  7. For some saying sorry will never be enough and sorry does not change history, all these people do is make divisions deeper and make some people self-important and the highest on the moral ground, its time to accept history as it is. Its is also time to stop blaming the British for everything that went wrong, they were the first to abolish slavery something which conveniently forgotten and as for this Black Lives Matter, tired of having that rammed down my throat as well but its alright to say that but not Any other Color matters makes you wonder who the real racists are, too much focus on race, sex or any other group you think of who "feel" life could be better if only people would agree with my stance and do something. Life is not always fair, get over it and got on with it, yes life would be better if I had twice as much money, even better if I had three times as much.
  8. There is always a chance that Thais might learn to drive properly and reduce the road carnage. How long do you wait for a 2nd wave? Best kick that one down the road as well.
  9. Hello all, hope you can help me out with a starting cost of stainless steel gates. The little lady things we need to replace our old gate and would like a stainless steel one, I know its going to depend on the size and how intricate is but can anyone tell me where to look for prices and/or give me an idea what the starting price might be? Any recommendations for a supplier in the Nakhon Sawan area would be helpful. Thanks for any advice and help forthcoming.
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