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  1. My wife got out sq last week.... She was put in royal brighton hotel in pattya. No choice on where they go. She didn't know until she got to the hotel. No issues at all with the hotel. Good size room, excellent WiFi, food was good and hot (albeit no choice). She could order room service (extra cost but reasonable ) and items from the hotel mini supermarket. Friends could also drop off items at the hotel for her. The only downside is they are not allowed for excerise even after first covid test. Personally we are glad we didn't spend extra money on an asq.
  2. My wife (thai) got a ftf from a private clinic in London (freedom health). It was an online consultation and only lasted a few minutes. He was happy to issue the ftf without a Covid test. He did ask if she had any symptoms and added to the letter tgat she showed no symptoms of covid Ps the cost was £55.... However think its gone up to £75
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