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  1. The opportunity here for off label medicines and even Herbal medicines to be less regulated is promising, imagine how the pharmaceuticals are competing against old reliable drugs to try to get in-front to make a profit out of this, the more off labels are used the faster they will try to come up with a "cure" just wish they would it other diseases and viruses.
  2. If Brexit was pushed through in 2017 could it have slowed the spread in the UK?
  3. Too scared of being called a racist is what caused all this from the start. I reckon in the future that anything that starts up in China like this will have to be dealt with immediate travel bans, lesson learnt. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/china-ground-zero-future-pandemic-180965213/ How many people have died around the world because of what comes out of China, Spanish flew is believed to come from Chinese laborers, SARS, H1N1,just off the top of head.
  4. No-one has so far ever reported a successful capture let alone being able to eat a Drop Bear,
  5. Genuine question, Those wetmarkets in BKK are they Chinese or Thai operated?
  6. Bank letter must be on same day and you also must make a transaction on same day before getting the statement My last extension on Dec26, non O retirement, Went in 2 weeks prior with all paperwork except copy of last 90 day report (my fault) was given an appointment to come back Dec26 1pm and told the bank stuff must be done on same day,had to get bank letter and a statement from bank that included a period that was not updated in the book even though the amounts never went under the 800000 they wanted all transactions in a statement to prove it.(because i left updating the book too late it just showed a total amount) They told me i had to bring a Thai friend with me that can speak English (my language) and she had to read and understand the requirement forms that they now issue and make you sign. This was the first time in 7 years between CM and Lampang that i had to go away and come back for an extension, Next time will do everything i had to do this time, but on the first visit and see if i still have to get an appointment and come back. With this new rule about 800000 in the bank for 3 months after approval and never being under 400000 will need fully updated and copies of every page of bankbook.
  7. Can anyone tell me if you can submit a 90day online report on a weekend or public holiday, or do you have to wait for the next working day?
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