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  1. You are writing nonsense, you are lying! You just want follow your political aims. But if you are lying you damage yourself.
  2. Yes, you are right. My mistake... but mutation will happen as well and it could be difficult to develop a vaccine which protects reliable against this virus.
  3. Sorry, but you are writing total nonsense. I am very happy that you don't have anything to decide in this world. I hope that will never meet you because you are a dangerous person.
  4. No, the Thais are clever, they just try to make the best out of their position. Thailand is in comparison to China a small country and it is better to have China as a friend and not as an enemy. The US can treat China as an enemy, but for Thailand this would be too dangerous.
  5. It is very funny to observe so many westerners discussing about how much the Chinese tourists are spending in Thailand. I suppose that the Thai government knows very well how to decide and what is prosperous for Thailand. Before the virus I saw many very wealthy Chinese here in Thailand and also a lot individual travelers. Why so many westerners are thinking that they are superior over other countries? They are rich and the others are poor and must do everything to please them. This is not true any longer. Thailand doesn’t need Europe and the US, but Thailand needs China. The world is changing…China becomes the new super power. Trump tries to slow down this process but he will not succeed. Thailand knows very well which country is more important for them.
  6. Yes, I know, I still take care. I know that the virus is still there..
  7. Agree, but if the others are threatening their compatriots (and me also)...? For me the freedom of everybody ends there where he harm or threaten others.
  8. What do you know? You cast doubt on the official case numbers in Thailand. Why? Do you have any information? You are just spreading conspiracy. Here in Thailand they prepared special hospitals for Covid cases and they have closed them already because there is no need. Many safety measures are eased because nobody is infected. If you have better information's then please let us know.
  9. It is so easy to do the 90 days report online. No waiting, no queues ...just easy
  10. We all know? What do you know? You are just writing fake news. Maybe you are assuming that but in reality you know nothing. I am living here in Thailand and I believe that the situation here is safe because I can see the daily life. The hospitals here are not overwhelmed from Covid and the Thai people are following the rules.
  11. yes, exactly...I was talking about people like you. Hopefully you will stay away...
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