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  1. I have followed discussions on this topic in the Thai Visa Forum. My situation in summary Lived in Thailand since January 2010 No problems when American Embassy/Consulate provided Income verification affidavit. I have over 65,000 baht monthly income with all pertinent support documentation. All monthly income goes into Citibank (all bank statements/Social Security statements/pension statements available). I showed all aforementioned documentation to Chiang Mai Immigration. Since I transferred only what I needed every month...from 40,000 baht to 55,000 baht from Citibank to Bangkok Bank, Chiang Mai Immigration did not accept my case. Because I did not physically transfer at least 65,000 baht monthly, Chiang Mai Immigration did not allow my retirement visa extension on 6 February 2019. Chiang Mai Immigration says that I need 65,000 baht, consecutive 12 month deposit transfer proof with a Thai bank. I stated to Chiang Mai Immigration...how can I transfer 65,000 baht for a 12 month previous/historical consecutive instalments when the US Embassy stopped income verification only on 1 January 2019. I can not do anything..retroactively. I do not have an 800,000 baht deposit either. Previously I qualified on the 65,000 baht monthly requirement. I sent letters outlining all of this to the US Embassy, Bangkok and American Consulate, Chiang Mai. No response as yet. Hopefully, the Chiang Mai Forum members may be able to give me their opinion on this matter. Thank you James
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