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  1. Yup. Know them both too good before. Crazy good times but also not only little bit dangerous. Compared to that time patong is since many years like a nursing home.
  2. Titanic omg. Around 92-93 it was. What i never will forget was the special toilet service given by the toilet staff. And it was not only neck massage and cold towel while pee lol. Great so you were in charge of that.
  3. Why not do it in a propper way? Chains! Phuket the hub of prison island!
  4. Regular night with start at U2/Kangoroo then to Banana to watch the girls playing with tourist "fall in love show" for 1-2 drink. Later Hard Rock, Saloon and Ewos bar behind Brians Firehouse. Remember good that pizza. Allways tastes great at 5am lol. Never went home before sunrise....
  5. Thanks for the flash back KB. Felt really old for a moment lol. Remember good in rainy season after night out went to the small paddy lakes for fishing where JC is. Moved in at Condotel 1993 and bought in 1997. What a crazy perfect time it was. Nature mixed with party village. Happy to survived that years lol. Do you remember when was the Robinson built? Only remember that friend and i pierced earrings in 92 there.
  6. Can confirm that. Mr TOTO doing a good job.
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