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  1. Sounds like my wife. Been with her almost 30 years. She worked hard for her own money in Thailand before I met her. After I married her and brought her to the U.S., I wanted her to stay at home for a few months. After the third month she told me she was going crazy staying at home. Needed to work. If I would not let her find a job, she would leave me. She has been working hard since then, saving her (and mine too) money. Bought a restaurant. She and her hard working sister, also here in the U.S. and married went in together and bought a second restaurant. Wife sold the first rest
  2. I had dental work by a dentist at a U.S. Veterans Hospital. Guy removed an old metal filling and put a new ceramic filling in the tooth. A couple of months later, in Thailand, I had sudden severe pain on that side. Wife took me to a local dentist. After x-ray pictures were put on the screen I looked at that tooth, the dentist and I spoke at the same time, there is a cavity under that filling! I went back to VA and asked for copies of their x-rays. I could see the cavity that was there before the dentist replaced the filling. I won't go into the other strange stuff that happene
  3. Off of the original topic. In the winter of 1970, Army Dentist told me I had two impacted molars that needed removal. Went in for the first one. It was 45 minutes before the tooth was out. Doc said he had to break it into three pieces. Even with the local anesthesia, it was a painful process! I was given 6, 1/4 grain tablets of codeine for pain afterwards. Six hours later I had taken two of them. Was in a lot of pain and took the rest of the four tablets. Still in a lot of pain. Still had to go to my military school. Two weeks later I go back for the to
  4. I am in the United States. Wife had to have that. For one tooth. So far the cost has been about 136,395.66 baht at, the current, now, exchange of 30.31 B to the $ on my exchange app. Or, $4500.00!!!
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