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  1. So according to your posting its not necessary to ban booze / close nightspots by law. The people would do it voluntarily since they fear the punishment of an allmighty god/ghost (invented by very clever people a long time ago....). I could easily live with that version because I know that greed is stronger than this fear.....
  2. Lets hope it stays that way at least until the end of March....... I'd love to have a vacation in Pattaya without roads congested by coaches and sidewalks blocked by Chinese "FITs" waiting for their ride to Swampy.
  3. No need to get rid of those Buddah days. But the government should not ban the sale of booze and/or the order the closure of night spots. If a bar owner or a bar girl wants to pray to those man made gods and ghosts they can do so. I have no problem with voluntary bar closures when the owner went to a temple to pray or celebrate a special religious day. But please leave that decision to the people!
  4. Yes there are rich Indians. You may find a few of them in the luxury hotels in Pattaya but more of them are on Puket and also Kao Lack. The Kao Lack Marriott was/is a place were plenty of Indian weddings took place. And an Indian wedding is loud and very expensive.....
  5. If you pay most of your trip at home in your local currency you won't have to complain about an overinflated currency.
  6. Because they have a wholesale license. This enables them to sell booze whenever they like, but only in wholesale quantities. So can't buy just one bottle of Singha, but a complete box of 24.
  7. Thailand and especially Pattaya does not need "family tourists" that have to think twice before spending a Baht (kids are really expensive....). No, whats needed are more, much more, quality tourists who populate the bars (you called them sex bars). This money goes directly to Somchai and its family in Isaan while bypassing those who already have their pockets fully stuffed. You gave the answer by yourself. "according to Thai authorities" Never ever believe authorities in a situation like this. Not in Thailand or any other country in the world. Authorities will never tell the truth to prevent a panic and - more important - to secure their own power.
  8. Just got an answer from the limo service. Golfcarts are banned indeed...... Here's the mail from limousine.in.th : Dear Peterbilt, For now we have refund the golf cart back to the credit cart from 1/2/2020 - 29/2/2020. For your booking we will let you know again that Golf cart is available or not With warm regards, One Employee (real name removed) Siam Resorts Airport Limousines https://www.limousine.in.th https://www.bangkokairport.vip https://www.facebook.com/BangkokLimousines https://www.facebook.com/FastTrackBangkok
  9. I have a fasttrack booking including golfcart with them in a bit more then 3 weeks. Just did write an email to them and asked about the possible suspension of the service as well as the reimbursement of those 1,200 BHT paid extra.
  10. According to vesselfinder.com they are already outside Thai waters heading for Cambodia.
  11. Good. And maybe the cruise trade association thinks about the countries and ports they are going to visit in the future. They should blacklist Thailand and its ports for at least a decade.
  12. He is most likely just "reflecting" the hate we get from those Thais........
  13. Sounds possible to me (but I'm not a medic!). We should also keep in mind that many houses and flats in China do not have a heating. Thats an order by former dictator Mao who said that south of the Yangtse river a heating is not necessary. I remember a photo my ex-fiancee (she is BTW from Wuhan....) sent me. That photo shows a family meeting at lunar / chinese new year. Every person was wearing thick winter clothing, but they were inside a room....
  14. Somchai will tune the diesel so it may run 160++ and also add very noisy exhaust. And brakes? What? Who needs brakes? We've got a loud horn!
  15. What about stopping the entry via visa exempt? MFA will profit from that (Yes, they also need Mercs, Bimmers, Rolls and Bentleys...) Or what about an "Immigration Service Fee" (of course waived for citizens of India and China) payable at the point of entry? What about charging 5% commission when changing cash? (Goes to the excise dept, Chinese Yuan and Indian Rupees exempted)
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