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  1. 17 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

    Found this photo from the spanish flu of 1916


    A bit off topic here, but do you ever notice when you look at photos from that long ago, you almost never see a single overweight person, Even in a large crowded photo? Obesity is one of the leading causes of death from Covid as well as so many other diseases not to mention the direct associated health hazards of being obese, But no one is allowed to talk about that or you are accused of fat shaming!!! Call it like it is, address the real issue and deal with it.

  2. On 1/7/2021 at 2:26 PM, CLW said:

    Who said something about conspiracy or cover up? Yes, there were no deaths or crowded hospitals in Thailand because most cases are asymptomatic. That's a fact and proven by the recent proactive testing of migrants. Still it doesn't means there have been no infections in the last six months or earlier. The virus has been circulating all the time in Thailand but there has been little to no testing. Because the government wants Thailand to appear Covid free which is a lie. If you can come up with testing numbers of Thailand please show me and also compare it with other countries.

    the percentage of asymptomatic and symptomatic cases are about the same around the entire world. Are you suggesting that Thailand somehow had only cases of asymptomatic and that is the reason that NO ONE was showing up in the hospitals with the Virus? Not even 1 foreigner? No deaths?

  3. 4 hours ago, 2long said:

    Well if you test lots of people you will get lots of positive results. Do they not think that this flu has been here for ages, but the lack of testing meant low numbers?

    Maybe they're using this for other reasons, not just to protect us all!

    Thailand had several months without infections here. It wasn't lower numbers it was no numbers! Why some people keep saying it was only because of no testing I will never understand. No infections means no need to test. If large numbers of people were infected in Thailand all along then that would clearly have shown up on hospital admissions. Stop the conspiracy <deleted>. I work with hospitals and there has been no cover up!!!

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  4. Reading his FB page, he was definitely having a hard time with his business and life. It looks like he's had a fun-filled life, too bad it had to end so early like this... RIP, sir

    I've been reading many conflicting statements by him about his 'addiction', half are off the wall rants, others are begging his staff to come back.From what he writes, he was being ripped off by his staff, assaulted, bank accounts and FB page hacked... There's apparently much more to this story than the above article dismisses.

    There are just simply too many farangs dying in precisely this way under mysterious circumstances. Too, too many.

    If criminals would be employing this strategy, it would seem to be working. No questions asked by police. No sign of struggle or forced entry. So on and so on.

    Read the story again, there is no other case of a farang falling to his death in Thailand that is precisely, or even remotely similar to this case.

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