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  1. The 'metal corridor' as you describe it is the airbridge, or aerobridge, or in some airports a Jetway. It has many different names, but does the same thing, as a movable, steerable connector, from aircraft door to the terminal.
  2. It could not happen as reported. if it was a bust, the Police inevitably tell the pax to stay in their seats until the suspects are taken off, that is for their own security. You can't arrest people on an airbridge when 200 + other people are trying to get off and into the terminal. If it was a routine Immigration issue, it would have been picked up at the immigration point. The report, if that's what it is, makes no sense at all.
  3. What a tall story, good laugh though. People don't get stopped on an air bridge by Police for any reason, never mind no reason. Try again.
  4. you wouldn't , shouldn't intervene in London right now, you are likely to get stabbed. You most surely should never intervene in a brawl here. Thai men are cowards and brainless and they can leave you brainless too. If they kill each other, that is fair play and just makes the country a tad less dangerous for the rest of us.
  5. I really don't recognise the Thailand that many speak of on TVF. I hardly ever see a Policeman and if I do, they are usually in the coffee shop opposite their station, drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. Immigration I only see when I go to the airport, or the IO for my extension and 90 day reports. I saw more Police in my last visit to the UK, maybe not a good thing of course as they, the BiB, seem to do very little.
  6. Maybe not as many as should impose such laws. I would fully support such a set of rules in the UK, it would atop all the Chinese billionaires and Russian oligarch criminals buying up half of London and more than half of the UK football world. so I can hardly complain at them here. Actually, the rules/restrictions don't bother me much at all. Not my country, so their gig, their rules.
  7. A few bad apples? A whole orchard I would say. They are scammers extraordinary. Try to get one to even use the meter, especially after 10pm. Try to get a reasonable fare from the Grand Palace back to Central Bangkok, impossible. It must be one of the very worst big City taxi services in the World. It has got noticeably worse in the last 15 years.
  8. That is precisely my experience of Jomtien Immigration, never had any real problem with them and although it is busy, understandably, the service is efficient and relatively quick. Seems to very much depend on the local office, for example, from what I read here and in other places, Chang Mai sounds like a nightmare.
  9. Virtually all of Thailand's issues can be laid at the door of a very poor education system, right from the early years education, or lack of it, to the abysmal University and post graduate system. Education is the key to the development of a modern society and this society is broken, maybe terminally so. What is not helping is employing many third rate western English teachers, many of them not native English speakers, who seem to be here for an easy life, rather than a love of, or expertise in teaching. Such people compound an already poor level of education.
  10. well said. Some if not a great many on TVF think that Thailand is the only country in the world with strict immigration laws and requirements,. That is far from the truth, as a great many countries are much more onerous to would be expats and the ones that are not are way behind in technology, infrastructure, health cover and freedoms, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines are three such. Just try becoming an expat in my own country, the UK and you will see what I mean. Even the Russian oligarch, criminal class are finding it hard going.
  11. saying no would be a good start, but reinforce it with a: "and now shut the (deleted) up about the subject". It worked for me a few years ago. Admittedly. I also produced a spread sheet for her, of the financial impact (considerable) on us having a fourth child to consider. I think that actually did the trick.
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