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  1. I do hope that we can all go back to visit at some point
  2. lets not get too anti Thai here, UK roads are a disgrace and every bit as dangerous to bike riders. I know this to my cost in flat tyres, broken wheels and broken car suspensions.
  3. just don fly right now. It was my career but I would not fly as a passenger now unless it was absolutely vital and unavoidable. Holidays are neither.
  4. government will always find a reason not to do something or to give something, it's in their DNA. Inertia is a must.
  5. That is easily resolved . If you have paid in UK tax and Ni for 40 years or more, there should be no argument as to your access to free medical care in the UK, regardless of where you decide to spend your retirement. Its the usual UK worthies cop out, out of sight out of mind. The Country makes me ashamed to be British, for so many reasons.
  6. the elderly are also the very people who have made the largest financial input to the NHS over their working lives and therefore over the longest number of years. It's a right not a privilege to be treated.
  7. I have two Shih Tzui, who are lovely dogs and obedient, to a reasonable and trainable degree. They bark if they see or hear anything out of the ordinary, or any visitors appear, which I do not discourage. However, at night, they are in doors and do not generally make a sound. Its all a matter of degree. During the day, I don't mind barking, at night I like quiet, but I am realistic to know that Soi dogs have no such restraint on them and will act as dogs act. To me, its all a part of country living.
  8. Dogs barking is natural, it's how they communicate, people talking incessant BS is far more irritating and there are many more of them doing that than dogs barking.
  9. dogs bark over almost anything and often at nothing at all. Dogs bark, its what they do.
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