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  1. what a very odd question. He was a Captain in the Army, look up the pay grade. Of course he would use his inheritance to set up in a new country with a new wife and baby. What would you do? Give it away to charity presumably, or burn it in the driveway?
  2. That's what an inheritance is for, spending. You are just blindly following the stories pushed out by a biased media.
  3. really? Plenty of rich people have lost all their money by being idiots. He won't, because he isn't. He has never complained about having to pay for his security, not ever, not once. That was a made up story by the media and about the US making poor assumptions about what he wanted and would pay for.
  4. He inherited $25 million from his Mum, he is now worth 20 times that, by his own efforts and those of Megan? He will be worth 100 times that in a few years.
  5. If there is an over supply, why are Tesco, Big C and 7/11 regularly selling eggs that are out of date?
  6. Its what they are born to do.
  7. I was in the Military for 24 years and had occasion to deal with them when I had to organise a display for Her Maj. Even with the intervention of the RAF ADC, a good man, they were a nightmare to deal with. No common sense at all and no understanding of what was being planned, or what had to be done to achieve the aim, just a supercilious attitude to the difficulties of the minions tasked with achieving it. Totally clueless.
  8. It is clearly only a 'normal requirement' at Bangkok Bank. Just avoid them, they are not the only bank around and they are not even the best.
  9. Four daughters? Respect mate, 2 was enough for me. I love them dearly but boy, have they been a worry.
  10. If I had gone ahead with the planned vasectomy after the birth of my second child with my late wife, I would never have had my beautiful and talented Brit/Thai daughter with my second wife. Think very carefully.
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