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  1. Not this year but next year; that seems achievable, but a lot needs to happen between now and then, not least, the airlines need to provide the necessary seat and route capacity.
  2. you can easily check upon how old you are by recording the decibel level of the groan you make as you stand up from a chair, or heave yourself out of bed. If you add a few expletives in the process, then you are definitely old.
  3. you are absolutely right, selling off your land, your prize assets to foreigners makes no sense at all. I just wish the UK would adopt the same polices as Thailand ,keep the Russian criminals and the Chinese megalomaniacs from owning anything.
  4. That's the one, a very nice stout. Do they still produce it? If so, I wonder if you can order it here? If I recall, we used to mix it 50/ 50 with cider, wasn't that a Black Velvet? Goodness, my mouth is watering.
  5. 'its a good idea' said a man, another said 'yes', another said 'maybe', another ( the one with tanks, submarines, 30 year of F16s and thousands of conscript troops) said no, and the men went silent.
  6. when you reach a certain age, looking older is not the issue, looking alive is the important point. You have the advantage of no longer chasing women, jobs or the approbation of others A beard makes this point very strongly. It basically is saying fxxk you to the world.
  7. Just remembered Makinson ( not sure of the spelling) draft at our gliding club, a brilliant drink
  8. Not really, my message is to remain sceptical and do your own 'on the ground' research, rather than take the word of others as absolute gospel. Unfortunately, as I have found out over the years there are a lot of outright liars out there in the social media world, as well as Walter Mittie's, exaggerators and mental cases . I am none of those things, but it pays to think that many other people are.
  9. I love my beard and wouldnt want to remove it form any reason, although Mrs P is not a fan, she just has to put up with an older mans prerogative. .
  10. There was Mild Beer and there was Bitter Beer and you could mix the two or have a shandy. Not a bottle of foreign lager anywhere and if you asked for a cocktail outside of London you would be laughed out of the pub.
  11. you think that you are going to get the Covid vaccine of your choice any time soon
  12. Take number of people to be X Take number of vaccines needed to be Y X = Y seems easy enough to me.
  13. It only really hit me when , as a pilot, I reached the age at which I could not longer fly airline fare paying passengers I could fly cargo, just not people. Although I knew it was coming of course, the shock realisation was hard to take. It probably took 2 years for me to accept the inevitable that I was, effectively, now an old man, although I didn't feel old ; still don't really. The irony was that I could still operate as a line check pilot for younger crew, That was almost insulting.
  14. I have met two expats that did lie, so it tends to make one a bit sceptical. However, I dont care what others get vaccinating with, only what my family and I get There is no consistency of true information here on TVF and certainly not from the government. It is all either contradictory, wrong, out of date, wishful thinking or just plain old lies. Even Sheryl, good that she is, is not the font of all knowledge on what is going on over the whole country. It is a buggers muddle and looking to TVF to give solid information is clearly not possible. We must all go our own way and find out for
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