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  1. Yes, they can, I don't know if they have set wording . I would imagine that a lawyer would help with that.
  2. To add to my last, there is a process that you can enter, which is a 'rent to buy', agreement, which is simpler to draw up and may , only may, work out in the end. Basically you agree with the owner to rent the property over x years and after that the owner will sell to you at a vastly reduced price. This is also subject to a legal agreement between you. That is a better approach, but you have to be prepared to walk away at the end of the rental period and just put it down as a rental that came to a natural end.
  3. We looked into this idea a few years back. It seems that it is not unusual to find such an arrangement , but it has its dangers, many of them in fact. Unless you go to the Land Office and register the arrangement with them, and get it recorded on the chanute, the house can be sold from under you and you have no protection. Even then, it can still happen. You also need a legally air tight document, detailing the deal and who is responsible for what, such as what happens if after a few years the house burns down or a bad fault is found, or the present owner dies. There are many other ifs and buts that you need to cover to protect your payments, too many to go into here.for example, has the house been used as collateral for a basically loan shark loan. You do not want the boys with baseball bats pitched up. demanding you pay the loan off. We decided that it was all too risky and we bought outright.
  4. oh, okay , that makes more sense. But haven't I seen the new iphone with 2 actual cameras? What is going on there?
  5. all smart phones are stupid, so go ahead, you can't go wrong. My Vivo is fine, 9,000, Baht, perhaps less stupid than a lot.
  6. Different lenses is sensible and a real innovation, but 4 cameras?
  7. why? That is, why has it got 4 cameras, one is usually enough for most sane people and why did you buy it?
  8. Isn't more of this passive surveillance a good thing for keeping law and order and providing much needed evidence when things do go wrong, especially true in Thailand where some, including the BiB, can and do pick and choose the evidence they use? Its only a bad thing for people doing bad things? More of it makes me feel safer and more comfortable, that I will not be so easily 'fitted up' by the Authorities.
  9. I have sent a PM to you, a helpful one I hope, rather than a sarcastic comment.
  10. You are not good at sarcasm my friend, so I suggest that you don't try. I am English, and I know an idiot ( Like the WHO lady) when I hear one and indeed, when I read something written by one.
  11. Certainly in these months of frequent storms, so frequent internet and even electricity outages, it can be very frustrating for both tutors and students. It is sometimes difficult to convince a Russian student living in Novosibirsk that Thailand is subject to tropical storms and internet outages, at all the wrong times. Mind you, is there ever a right time?
  12. My advice, leave it for the bin men, they can take it and use it, then go buy a new one.
  13. well I would guess that Darwin tells us that Natural Selection/genetic mutation will, over generations, make viruses all the more powerful and resistant to vaccinations and treatments. A virus will do for humanity at some point, you can bet on it.
  14. No, you are right, but many of its 'pox virus' mutations, (less lethal) are still around and although they don't kill many nowadays, they were themselves lethal in the days before good meds and good hygiene.
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