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  1. But what is the position if, when you go for your extension of stay, a particular IO says no, a FD account for your 800K is not acceptable. Then you are screwed, with nowhere to go to get the extension. Wishing and hoping it is true that a FD account is acceptable is not the same as knowing definitively that it is. That is my problem now. I think I will leave the 800K in the savings account, at least for this year, until there is some clarity on what is and is not acceptable going forward, if there is ever going to be any clarity.
  2. I love a good laugh in the morning, this provided it today.
  3. I'm told by another TV member that there was a few, didn't know that and never read it before. I will stand corrected if true.
  4. We used funds in a UK joint account held in the UK, no problem proving it's my wife's money. For our daughter, she was loaned the money on a no interest basis by her parents (us), to be paid back over 20 years. All legit and notarised by the FBD London office.
  5. and you don't have to watch The Bears lose every week. In fairness, they did have a reasonable 2018.
  6. you are quite right. Done legally it is just that, legal. When my wife, daughter and I set up our company for property ownership, we used an international law firm with a Bangkok office, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. It wasn't cheap, but it ensured that what we were doing was within the law. We have since had the company audited by the Thai Department of Development and they have no issues with it. Every year we submit accounts and pay tax. If you use proxy directors, you are asking for trouble.
  7. I'm a bit confused here. Are you applying for an Non O based on retirement? I got my Non O based on visiting my Thai wife here. I only needed to produce my passport and copy of the marriage certificate, no police report, no financial information no medical certification. When I got here, after one year, I applied for an extension of stay based upon retirement and got it, no problems at all and very little in the way of paperwork.
  8. an almost hourly occurrence in this country, certainly a daily one.
  9. The Thais fought in parts of Laos during the Vietnam war, not in Vietnam itself. They were actually declared neutrals during the war. They were fighting a communist backed insurgency on their own borders, that had little to do with the war the US were fighting. However, they did host the US Air Force in country, but not officially.
  10. If I wasn't married to a Thai, I certainty would not be here long term. In all probability, I would have based myself in the UK, but would have travelled extensively and lived in many other places on a temporary basis. Thailand is not the easiest place to live by any means, but its where my extended family are, so here I am too.
  11. Agreed, that is the best way to do it. I am the largest shareholder in our company, that is I hold 48% of the shares, but not the majority shareholder, my wife and daughter each share the other 52%. In our company Articles of Association, no decision can be made by the other two unless I agree, such as selling shares or assets. That's as close to full ownership as you can get in Thailand.
  12. I did 2 years ago, and they didn't. It was a bank transfer to another bank.
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