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  1. I am not suggesting that anyone uses an agent to circumvent the law, merely to make life easy for yourself and remove the uncertainty.
  2. Hardly dreamers. If anything they were the original realists and very practical theoretical scientists. You don't achieve a whole lot by just 'dreaming'. Germans are in my view, the quintessential down to earth realists and practical innovators, but like all generalisations about race, it may be wildly wrong in other people's opinion.
  3. because its easy and trouble free. Like all converts, I am now a fanatic for using agents.
  4. For me its: All my garden tools. I can only replace them here with very inferior products. All of our kitchen pots and pans. Tools of all kinds A new ipad Our chain saw Knives, the ones here are rubbish The washing machine The dish washer Decent T shirts and shorts that actually fit. A suit My motorbike My sense of fun My kids I'm sure that this is not a exhaustive list. I will think of many other bits and pieces over time.
  5. Okay. no problem. We do give them tick medicine, but so did a friend of ours and his dog died from the effects of a tick bite. I admit that I am quite paranoid about their safety. Our boy dog has already had Parvo virus, from which he recovered after hospital treatment and also a chest infection, so he's obviously not the strongest dog around. I know that I am over protective, but better that than to lose him early. Meant to add that the cat died of a liver fluke that the Vet said probably came from eating the little lizards.
  6. it's your life. Ask for medical advice and opinions on a general forum, and that's what you get. Take it or leave it, up to you.
  7. Thank you, it took me a long time and much deep consideration to come up with it.
  8. I never said that it was. Quote from my post: possibly among other measures.
  9. What a dumb post. Of course they are vaccinated. You decide how you deal with your dogs, but don't insult my intelligence by suggesting that I don't know how to look after mine. I could say more, but I would probably be banned and you and your views are not worth it.
  10. Not sure what you are trying to indicate here by posting this article. You live in a tropical country and you have been told that your blood in thicker than it should be. What more indication do you need that, possibly among other measures. you need to drink more water, a fatal heart attack or blood clot? 'I told you so' isn't going to be too helpful to you at your funeral.
  11. It also advisable to get it translated into Thai and notarised. That can be done quite cheaply in Thailand, less cheaply in the US or UK. That helps when you have to produce a certificate here, to a person in authority, who doesn't read or write English. You will be surprised how often you have to produce your marriage certificate.
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