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  1. Driving up soi 7 beach road today - went past the good old "Pig and Whistle", and saw it has been revamped..... Then i saw the new signs - Surely someone has made a mistake ?? "do me some new Pig and Whistle signs ...." ... "ok krap" Then i drove round towards soi 8, only to find someone has built an injun in the back passage (oooh 'er missus) .... Old Bob would be turning in his grave........ So who will be their punters with all the bars shut in soi 7 and 8 ? will people from the Darkside decend in their droves for pie and chips or possibly a mutton bhuna ? .
  2. I think it was my Uncle Percy, who once said: "if God had a wanted Women to drive - he'd have given 'em brains" .....
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