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  1. Im in the process of selling a bike to a guy (BKK area) - bike currently in my name (Ferang) and will go into his Thai Lady's name... I did a similar deal a couple of years ago and didn't need a residency cert to sell it - but buyer's missus thinks one is needed.... Has anyone (Ferang) sold a bike in the BKK region recently ? and did you need a Residency Cert..... ? TIA ....
  2. Blimey - a CRF with MT21's for 700 kms - will be like listening to a John Bonham drum solo on a loop..... Would have thought the tyres will be worse for wear when you get there too.....
  3. What about it's residual value ? must have lost half it's value surely ??
  4. Bad News for KTM fans in Thailand: (Google translate) From 1 January 2019, reports from Burn Rubber Company Limited, importers and distributors of motorcycles Austrian citizens under the KTM brand have officially announced the cancellation of marketing in Thailand. Ready to clear the stock By reducing the price of every big bike motorcycle under the KTM brand at the price of 25-30% and confirming to continue to provide services and after-sales care to old customers. Full article: https://www.bigbikeinfo.com/bigbike-new/เคทีเอ็มประกาศเลิกขาย?fbclid=IwAR1TANeiFxP4AK6N6eYOnaBIKpyLiArt6Dypg5yWEiHB8vz2L-dgCoGRuwE
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