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  1. Usual waiting time is about 5 hours and then another hour to get your meds, which are ridiculously cheap even for foreigners. It's a bit of a depressing place ,on many of the patients files there is a sticker that says "Potential Suicide" not in Thai so most of them don't know what it says. I had cause to visit because I had unwittingly became addicted to Tramol tablets, when I was going through a tough time healthwise (these are openly on sale at AP PLaza). It took me three days to stop my skin itching but it passed, now I won't touch them ever again
  2. Please let us know when you find out Andrew, I have no reason to go to immigration for many months, maybe you are going sooner, or even someone else that reads this may know for sure?
  3. I understand this, but will immigration accept money that is in a fixed term account Andrew?
  4. Phew!!...what a mess. Sure hope you manage to sort it all out. I wish I had some specific ideas to pass onto you but alas I don't , this is out of my league. All I can do is wish you good luck
  5. Good to see the USA taking the same stance as we Brits. Usually the do-gooders get their way and everyone gets back in because their "Human Rights" are being infringed. Well these people are NOT HUMAN they are sub-human and should be left to rot in Syria. PS. Anyone notice that the picture of Pomero makes him look like a Tele-tubby with an ariel coming out of his head!!!
  6. Why is that? They only give me 0.5% when I have more than 800k in there!!
  7. Simply not true, my bonds are not junk bonds and are with a reputable company, of course there is risk, I lost a lot in 2008 (as did everybody who had any money invested anywhere) but they have bounced back very well and have continued to perform, however I too have to get a visa one way or another and may have to accept having 800k tied up here, or switching to another visa which is more than likely. Regarding the money earned in a Thai Bank account are you suggesting that immigration will accept funds that are sitting in high interest accounts instead of instant access savings accounts? The ones that pay 0.5%? If this is true then it is good news and I have seen these rates advertised in my bank but how do you know that they can be used to obtain a visa?
  8. Where are these strong signals coming from Jingthing? Will be a game changer for many of us who can't get cover for pre-existing conditions if it's true. Many Insurance companies will not insure you over 75. Surley the powers that be would realize this? I recently had a quote that only covered me for cancer , 5k English pa. So I have a lot of money put aside for health cover, but I am not going to waste it on insurance that I don't need. I don't think I will stay if they bring it in, I can cope with most of the misery they pour down on us, but this would be one step beyond.
  9. Misery loves company doesn't it? Why would I want to leave 800k in a Thai bank earning 0.5% interest when I can earn 6% from it in an offshore bond. If you are not clever enough to get your money out of the UK and offshore I feel sorry for you as you are losing a fortune. PM me for the details of the bank I use to organize this...oh wait a minute no need I can tell you, it's HSBC ever heard of them? They have a dedicated ex-pats division. Good luck
  10. She had her chance at the good life in the UK. She blew it when she went to the middle east and supported (and shagged) men (if you can call them that-more like dogs) who were well up for killing just about anyone including their own western countrymen. I have seen videos of these bastards setting fire to their prisoners...ghastly.....and she thinks we should all have sympathy for her because she was "young and did not know what I was doing" Just **** OFF you piece of S*it. She must never set foot on British soil again
  11. Thonglo has a police station known for it's sharp practice so no real surprise there, I used to live on 59 and have known many people who have endured suffering because of this. I think you have made the correct decision, I have been here 17 years now and have seen Thailand change so much, and not at all for the better, the new immigration rules do not bother me, in fact I will benefit from them because I will switch from a retirement visa to a marriage one. Health Insurance could be a big stumbling block for me, the last quote I got was about $8,000 per annum with many pre-existing conditions excluded, I am around your age. That would probably be a deal breaker for me, luckily I still have property in the UK that I could fall back on should things get that bad but for now I have invested to much to just walk away and my wife of 15 years has a son and an elderly father to worry about right now, plus I have a son and grandson who live in BKK, I don't want to leave , but we will just have to see what the future brings. I have heard good things about Panama and Costa Rica especially, if I was American I would probably have gone there had my circumstances been different. I wish you all the luck in the world and am sorry that Thailand has been unkind to you
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