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  1. All Thai Visa Solutions on the Hang Dong Road. Emmy is delightful and I have never had any issues with her. Her assistant Joy is also competent. She can easily fulfill your requirements Just Google her details
  2. Just stay safe...just do that. Be mindfull of where you are and you should be OK
  3. Good luck then buddy if you are determined to do it
  4. Please don't go If you are not ill then please stay away from hospitals as there are more germs in those places than anywhere else. Please accept the fact that you are NIOT going to be able to get a jab until July at the earliest. We are all in the same boat and we have to go along with the government until the private hospitals tell us that the vaccine is available from them. That Will be announced on here, somewhere as soon as it happens I'm sure. So in the meantime, stay safe and avoid going anywhere near a hospital unless you are ill
  5. ThaiPauly


    There was / is a current thread running on gates, maybe electronic however the company I recommended does every type of gate Have a look
  6. I'm gonna forget about it till July and hunker down till then as most post on here are quoting that's when we can register. Apart from driving my missus to hospital to get HER vaccine. Thanks for the reassurance dear leader that us faring will be treated the same as Thai.
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