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  1. I would say that the price I have for the estimate includes in patient and home meds and rooms meals and doctors costs, but upwards of 220,000 Baht seems a lot when for the first 3 nights the total price was 30,000
  2. I would add that I had an MRI of my prostate completed and that showed no signs of cancer or any other problems Blood and urine tests completed here last week were negative I did find that when he did the cystascope a month ago that I have urinary retention which he says may get better or may not. I have been prescribed Ucholine and Urief. However it's not beyond the realms of possiblity that my current issues were a result of a cystocopy, . I have read that a urethal stricture can be a result of such or a catheter which I have had to use a few times, not just at this hospital.
  3. I am due to have a cystocopy on Tuesday. The problem I have currently started almost 4 months ago. It started as a stonge urge to pee and now constant severe pain in the uretha which is so bad I am already in the hospital on 4 hourly doses of Methadone and Morphine,I checked myself out on Saturday as they gave me some gel and that seemed to stop the pain so I thought I would stay at home to save some money. But after 4 hours the pain was awful and I had to come back in I have some concerns regarding the procedure that people that have had this procedure may be able to comment on
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