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  1. Ian (BB ) was one of the greatest characters It was ever my pleasure to meet and do battle with on this forum. Smashing fella and sorely missed
  2. Still Game. Scottish comedy series, you would have to do a search for it but it's one of the funniest TV programmes I have ever watched and watched again and am even on the Still Game facebook site. About 9 series , has finished now, but I loved it and still watch repeats when I want to cheer myself up and have a laugh
  3. Something to look forward to then !! I really enjoyed the first 2 series of Ozark
  4. That's exactly how I felt 15 years ago, I really hope that in 15 years time you are still "in love" with Chiang Mai
  5. I wish I DID NOT LIVE HERE, but I don't have much choice. 15 years and every year I dislike it more, I have some very good friends that I have made down the years but the burning season negates all that. Why do I stay. HOSPITALS. and I am very thankful that we have some good ones here. Outside of the very expensive Bangkok area they are pretty good and reasonably priced. In the last week my wife and I have been to Klaimore Chiang Mai Ram, Suan Dork and Bangkok Hospital for various ailments which I won't go into. We are both pretty unwell right now, nothing to do with the weather I may add.....that one is there and maybe looming, but normally we don't suffer (well not visually) It's costing a lot but we are both pretty unwell at the moment and need sorting out. I am back off to CMR in 20 minutes. I am happy for Mr.Bleach and I hope that the shine does not wear off as it has done for us.
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