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  1. Used to be a saying "not enough room to swing a cat in". She obviously thought the temple had enough room to swing five.
  2. My understanding is that if Thai have filed for bankruptcy then independent official receivers should be brought in to administer this. Or is this bankruptcy the "Thai" way?
  3. Execution by lethal injection of whatever it was she was poisoning these poor kids with. Put her ill-gotten gains in a trust fund for the surviving child.
  4. Yet there are still unscrupulous Thai visa agents touting for business on FB ...
  5. I thought that horses were under lock down anyway because they were dropping like lies with African Horse Sickness (AHS) ?
  6. I don't understand the need for plastic screens on the tables. Surely you would be eating with the same people you with whom you had arrived at the restaurant? Or do they play some kind of musical chairs or speed dating at restaurants now?
  7. Is this the same inspection team that recently inspected walking street and found no evidence of prostitution?
  8. Are these tests 100% reliable? I think I would be seeking a second opinion.
  9. More likely relying on it to keep the trough topped up.
  10. The guy in the background to the right looks like he's about to sh!t himself. Or is that Prayut sneaking up on him with a GT200 in his hand?
  11. We keep reading these stories. It's obvious that whatever system they have at the immigration department isn't working ...
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