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  1. So did uncle Tu have to pay 6,000 baht for being a persistent offender?
  2. With Prawit as DPM Thailand will always be on the "watch" list ....
  3. I think you missed the f.c.k. prefix to "wit" ....
  4. Tomorrows news: Thailand sets up a Tourist Go fund me page. Now tourists can contribute their money without ever having to visit Thailand ....
  5. Hardly surprising that the piggies are against depleting the swill trough by 25 billion baht ...
  6. Indeed. I messaged one of the main "movers and shakers" at the vaccination centre (one of my old students). His immediate response was that, depending on vaccine supplies, he was hopeful that expats would be able to register in June for July vaccinations (starting with the vulnerable and over 60's). I think it hinges on whether the locally produced AZ vaccine is produced on time and as promised.
  7. That's 500 baht a month each. Their generosity knows no bounds ....
  8. More money to be made through furbishment etc. this way ....
  9. I hear that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was a game changer in the US, along with the injecting of disinfectant ... I think I'll stick with my Gin and Tonic's
  10. Is there anything this man can't do? Fully expect him to be on the grid along side Lewis or Valentino for the upcoming F1/MotoGP races or maybe breaking the course record at the next open golf course. (I think he may be related to Fatboy Kim)
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