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  1. Why the US then Harry? Could it be for the money? You should have come to Thailand for a quiet life. The shackled press here wouldn't dare print anything bad about you for fear of the defamation laws. I am sure that you and Megs can afford to retire here.
  2. Most don't seem to give a rats <deleted> about drinking and driving. Maybe the way forward is to fit every vehicle with one of these: https://www.intoxalock.com/ignition-interlock-devices/drunk-driving-prevention/
  3. It's not just the speed that's the problem. Most drivers here have no concept of safe distancing or stopping distances and most are incapable of performing an effective emergency stop.
  4. In the pre-covid-19 year of 2019 there were only around 1 million arrivals from the UK. 2013-2018 there were consistently around the same number. 6 million in 2021? Looks like Anuntin's been passing around the wacky baccy again
  5. Hahaha - That would indicate that 3095 people planned to travel abroad (no mention of Thailand). How the hell do they arrive at a figure of 6 million Brits holidaying in Thailand this year? Please can I have some of what these clowns have been smoking?
  6. Other than looking at data from countries with a successful vaccine roll out program how do they propose to "check the efficacy" of these vaccines? More showboating to fool the public into thinking they know what they are doing.
  7. Someone is telling porkie pies. The illegal wild life trade at Chatuchak market has been well documented over the years.
  8. Do they really think that your average tourist is well heeled enough to charter special flights and pay top dollar (Villas usually 26K baht a night but probably more for quarantine) for 2 weeks in captivity?
  9. Jesus. 16 days + 14 days in quarantine. That's a lot of time and expense for a 2 week root in Thailand.
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