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  1. So what will they do with 26 million doses if it doesn't pass the rigorous Thai checks?
  2. I visited one of our local universities yesterday and i'm definitely not in favour of ditching uniforms.
  3. Did the Sawang Boriboon rescue folk cut a leg off his jeans or is that just a new fashion fad?
  4. Chip off the old block. This surely removes any doubt that Charles really IS Harry's father ....
  5. I guess that depends on which way you are bending your gender ....
  6. Only 4 cases? That's not going to last you long. I would get more than that, particularly as you will soon no longer be able to order online.
  7. This stupid woman should be held accountable for her irresponsible actions and the damage she has caused (Along with the other 4 numpties also caught today).
  8. Over 60 million cases and 1.44 million deaths. WHO are you? Covid-19 originated in China and the Chinese attempted but failed to cover it up. China should be made accountable for this pandemic.
  9. Good. I hope that Agoda clearly state which hotels are ASQ certified so I know which ones to "avoid like the plague"
  10. I think the powers that be at TAT have already been on the Wacky Baccy for some time now.
  11. Greedy and gullible - Thailand is such a fertile ground for these scammers. As they say "there's one born every minute" .....
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