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  1. The last Triumph twin I had was a 1953 Speedtwin (known as the bathtub!). Last Triumph I owned was a 1976 Trident (US Spec) - That was a beauty and sounded awesome.
  2. It's little wonder that Thailand is such fertile ground for the Nigerian scammers ...
  3. Government is too busy squabbling among themselves over sharing out the 1.9 trillion baht to worry about the common people.
  4. Doing a great job. It's a shame they have to volunteer. The government should be paying them for the essential role that they are playing and easing their hardship.
  5. Hoping that they restart their Phuket to HCMC route in July with similar offers.
  6. Drought in Phitsanulok province in this thread but flooding in the previous thread. I'm confused.
  7. As long as they can still detour to mates gem store ,tailor, brothel and sopies it will be enough Haha. We used to have one in Chiang Mai that was like a mobile disco. He would take us from the Spotlight to John's Bar just on the other side of the moat- about 100 metres max, but it was fun.
  8. Not long back there was a young boy "expert" motorcylist ripping around the Sankhampaeng area of Chiang Mai on a Superbike. He was such an expert that he managed to wipe out two young school girls in Bo Sang.
  9. Have they got similar micro-kini's or mankini's for the Brazilians ?
  10. Four of the bikes closest in the picture are definitely not street racers!
  11. Probably exactly the same "made in Vietnam" Nike's - Cut out the middle man
  12. I wouldn't be parking my car in it - the tyres will probably dissolve ...
  13. Is the hottie in the background his PA?
  14. Looks like the kids in the picture have had their Ready Brek before going to school
  15. Schools are closed. What's a schoolgirl supposed to do? That's the new online learning in Thailand
  16. That's good news. Hoping the airport will be open for International flights by July.
  17. I would bet that most of those structures built over the sea discharge their raw sewage directly into the water below, and have been doing so for years.
  18. Yep, that makes perfect sense Food is bound to be risky on Monday's, unless of course it's a holiday, then the risk will move to a Tuesday!
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