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  1. Surely the key "P" word here should be Prevention?
  2. But you don't have to go through the regular immigration at DMK as you are in transit. I have done this before Yangon - DMK - Phuket. It's a breeze as there are very few people going through the transit immigration desks. The reason I try and allow a couple of hours is to allow for possible flight delays not immigration delays. Of course your choice of airlines depends whether you have baggage that you need to get sent straight through from Yangon to Krabi.
  3. Are you sure you're not getting confused with "dogging", which I believe is a sport carried out in the English countryside.
  4. Totally agree. It's the increased usage without planning for it. For example the area around BIS used to have just a few housing estates. Take a look now and it's a concrete jungle and they are still building like crazy. That's just one area, others are the same. Most of this recent development is fed by mains or "town" water - is it any wonder why the dams are empty? Looking at the lagoon at the bottom of our garden it's as full now as it usually is indicating that we ARE getting the rainfall. Thankfully we have the option of drawing water directly from the lagoon so our supply remains relatively unaffected.
  5. As far as I understand they still are
  6. I think that large tree also contributed to the accident. If it hadn't been there then the car wouldn't have hit it.
  7. Sadly, he (and a few others who shall remain nameless) truly believe it.
  8. The school did no background checks on teachers working with young children? Now that IS criminal.
  9. Better to stay in hotel with just mirrors on the ceiling next time
  10. I have been doing the Non O multiple for the last 10 years (UK, Savannakhet and HCMC) as I frequently travel in and out. It's far less hassle and I don't have to deal with the numpties at Phuket immigration office. Each time I re-enter Thailand the same address, phone number and now email address has been recorded. Never done a TM30 in my 29 years here. What's the point of my landlord giving them the same information after my arrival? However, I went to the immigration office last week for letters for driving license renewal. I was told I could not get these until the TM30 was sorted with the landlord, who will be reluctant to comply. Just as well I have a plan B. What a crock of <deleted>.
  11. Is this what they meant by bringing happiness to the people?
  12. His sleeves have been a couple of inches longer since "watch gate". If these ministers were serving the country then they would have joined a coalition with the parties that actually won the election.
  13. Tip of the iceberg. Human trafficking, slavery and forced prostitution is still very much alive in Thailand. How can Prayut even suggest that their status should be upgraded on the TIP report?
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