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  1. She could have appealed to an EU Court, whether they would have accepted her appeal is a separate question. In any case precedent has been established by a number of EU countries cancelling citizenship of people joining IS. Some would have the view cancelling citizenship is rejecting legal responsibility by the home country and palming off to a foreign State which likely will have the death penalty contrary to UK law. IMO a degree of hypocrisy, if a UK citizen had committed murder in the US, HMG would not extradite unless death sentence is waived.
  2. You omitted the Oxford Uni researchers, plus similar experience starting to be reported in some Western countries. In any case I've totally over the messaging from trump world; thankfully soon to disappear into the dustbin of history with his and enablers criminal convictions,
  3. reporting on a study is not 'running cover' when taking account the authors of the study i.e. University of Oxford researchers - one of the most respected Uni's' in the world. Yesterday a report was also released in Australia which talked to a massive reduction in deaths from the flu due to increased hygiene practices during the Covid crisis, in fact an overall drop in deaths due to medical reasons in Oz during the crisis. An excerpt: "Just two people in Australia died from influenza between late April and November last year, and the overall number of recorded deaths ac
  4. As an example Facebook Australia are currently being sued by Oz government for hundreds of millions of dollars for breach of privacy. https://www.oaic.gov.au/updates/news-and-media/commissioner-launches-federal-court-action-against-facebook/
  5. I was replying to a member's observation - if you consider a post Off Topic use the report function
  6. The bottom line is trump, remember this quote? “I don't take responsibility at all,” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/13/trump-coronavirus-testing-128971
  7. Maybe so. trump was refused a license to operate a casino in Sydney by Australian Federal Police due to mafia links.
  8. Finally! Based on the family track record I've always though trump organisation was involved with money laundering for corrupt Russians in the US, along with other criminal activities. Will be fascinating to read the outcomes of the investigation. Hopefully I'm incorrect with my assumptions, would be sad that millions of US citizens were duped to vote a criminal into Office.
  9. Primarily ads. Oz government spent A$53million with Google last fiscal year. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/feb/16/google-and-facebook-the-landmark-australian-law-that-will-make-them-pay-for-news-content Some more info on government ad spending... https://www.transparency.gov.au/sites/default/files/support_documents/campaign-advertising-by-australian-government-departments-and-agencies-report-2018-19_-_2.pdf
  10. Facebook it not the government's primary info distribution platform, Oz government uses multiple media outlets, including telecoms carriers. Last year Oz government spent A$20 million on Facebook pages.
  11. Context! https://www.politifact.com/article/2021/feb/18/context-what-joe-biden-said-about-vaccine-supply-h/
  12. I assume those organisations / companies who only utilise Facebook have limited budgets for web based activity. In Australia Facebook has apologised for the inconvenience where charity / commercial pages have been taken down and aim to get them back up in the coming weeks - a major pain in the neck for some. Oz government invests about A$20 million p.a. with Facebook pages and for the moment has taken a whole of government decision to cease business with Facebook, a very minor bump in the road for immediate Facebook revenues. For the past two years Facebook has been planning to rol
  13. Facebook and other multinationals endeavour to establish business models specifically for tax avoidance which then have to be expensively challenged in the Courts at taxpayer cost; there are numerous examples where very onerous fines have been applied. There is no equivalency to the general public tax minimisation opportunities which have already been legislated. An example in Australia for legislation to address multinational corporations tax avoidance efforts: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/bd/bd1516a/16bd045
  14. Unfortunately Oz government is now claiming vaccination roll out for all who wish to be vaccinated with not be completed until October this year.
  15. Facebook doesn’t have jurisdiction over him or any individuals. Is your claim accurate? As an example Facebook banned trump for disinformation, as I recall it was a business decision by Facebook, not imposed by way of compliance with government legislation, monitors posts using moderators and so on.
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