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  1. Sigh..The investigation was initiated based upon an intelligence report by the Australian Ambassador in the UK which was passed onto US authorities. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/30/us/politics/how-fbi-russia-investigation-began-george-papadopoulos.html
  2. It is on the public record there are sealed indictments as an outcome of the Muller investigation. You would understand why State level investigations have been initiated i.e. trump cannot pardon convictions. You may will be tired of being unable to supported your claims - so be it - let's see what the facts turn out to be.
  3. Which government official/s have formally proven 'vindication' at this point?
  4. No new indictments, but what is alleged in the sealed indictments? Personally I'm sure State investigations will uncover criminal activities - money laundering and so on. In Australia during the 80s when trump was bidding for a casino license, Oz federal police identified trump financial interaction with organised crime and refused his application - does the leopard change its spots - No.
  5. There are dozens of sealed indictments arising from the Mueller investigation. You have no idea whatsoever what they allege, plus of course what will be alleged by State level investigations. Nor what the Mueller team have recommended for further action. At this stage you and others are only making assertions based upon assumptions.
  6. Even before a world audience the trump administration keeps up the misinformation and BS. However, progress has been made in eroding the capability of IS. There are an estimated 20K IS fighters still in the region, some of whom have already commenced guerilla warfare in Iraq. So what's next in addition to the destruction of IS in Afghanistan, Philippines and Africa and capture of it's leaders? For those interested David Kilcullen is IMO an excellent analyst concerning counter terrorism who has published a number of essays related to IS.
  7. In hardline Islamic countries, Yes, not all Muslim majority countries. I know a number of Thai Muslim women who only use a headscarf for religious celebrations, they view wearing the headscarf on such occasions as an expression of respect, not oppression. The PM of NZ is also expressing respect, unification, lessening tensions and so on. On the other hand we observe persons who want to keep on keeping on with generalised vilification which serves no constructive purpose whatsoever.
  8. You have highlighted a few matters concerning corruption, plus as you well know there are ongoing efforts to suppress democratic institutions, undermine the Rule of Law and so on. Never ceases to amaze me how many members of TVF 'like' posts supporting the thoroughly corrupt and authoritarian Orban regime.
  9. USA permits the American Nazi Party by way of "free speech" - methinks kind of lost the plot long time ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Nazi_Party
  10. Dual citizens can have Oz citizenship revoked if they are sentenced to more than six years in prison, as well as other grounds.
  11. Currently live in Oz. Have done for 30 years over different times. Cease the childish personal attacks
  12. Waiting offshore or onshore? When I enquired about sponsoring my daughter (UK citizen) with Immi some years back, was told cannot unless she states she is no longer in a relationship with her UK based mother. I was shocked...I understand family reunion visas now have a waiting time of 20+ years. The Bahrani guy is irrelevant to your situation.
  13. True. But related to Fed new migration numbers CAP. Lots of moaning about quality of life in MLB & SYD due to insufficient infrastructure which IMO is the real issue - gov complacency
  14. At least if they abide by visa conditions for 3/5 years they will eventually be granted full citizen rights in a very different manner to Thailand. In the meantime no 90 days reporting, re-applying every year, no tea money etc etc plus access to Medicare, "free" education...
  15. Don't be silly, no-one is saying they will be restricted from going to the beach, city whatever. However, to monitor compliance to visa conditions - from the OP, as an example - - Authorities will require proof of residential and work addresses in future applications for permanent residency, he added, as a way of enforcing the requirement.
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