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  1. I corrected my post, posted my opinion/s, yet you continua with the attack propaganda without any proof whatsoever. trump and his supporters flood social media in the hope of the big lie process will overwhelm the truth of trump's many failures in his role as President of the USA. Even on Memorial Day trump was tweeting away with his insulting tweets aimed at US citizens, the man is beyond childish, in fact pathetic. Personally I wish for Biden to improve his performance as Presidential candidate. IMO it will be a terrible outcome for Western democracies for trump to be reelected 11/20.
  2. A malaria drug widely touted by President Donald Trump for treating the new coronavirus showed no benefit in a large analysis of its use in U.S. veterans hospitals. There were more deaths among those given hydroxychloroquine versus standard care, researchers reported. .marketwatch.com/story/hydroxychloroquine-treatment-for-covid-19-shows-no-benefit-and-more-deaths-in-va-study-2020-04-21
  3. OK to be precise - the announcement made by Xi at the WHO conference for Covid response, which trump refused to attend. "China will provide 2 billion U.S dollars over two years to help with Covid-19 response, and with economic and social development in affected countries" One would assume the monies will be channelled / leveraged by WHO in coordination with China. Plus China has also lifting it's direct contributions to WHO by $50 million in the past two months, currently I assume the additional funding will continue. Why trump's funding freeze for WHO benefits nobody https://time.com/5821122/who-funding-trump-covid19-coronavirus-china/
  4. The date of the article is 4th February when there were still many gaps in the understanding of the threat of Covid, WHO was still blocked from entering China for assessment. The article includes comments to the threat to the economy by closing down travel, economic damage {currently a favourite meme for trump and his followers] arguing against mass lock downs etc In reality the article is a snapshot in time when much was unknown about Covid. At the time of the article trump was still praising Xi for his efforts - naturally completely ignored by trump supporters in their efforts to support trump's denials / deflections.
  5. WHO did not refuse to investigate hydroxycholoroquine, the WHO has temporarily suspended further research whilst the safety data is reviewed. China has granted a doubling of US withdrawn funding over the next two years for WHO totalling two billion dollars. Accordingly your other comments makes no sense whatsoever. Out of curiosity how much of the WHO budget is spent on luxuries.
  6. Sigh..it was one example of many. URL below is a bit outdated by gives an idea with what's happening with other EU airlines https://simpleflying.com/state-aid-fairness/
  7. I was responding to your comments regarding trump and WHO. No hate speech / anti democracy stuff which BTW is trump's forte, but responding to the usual deflection / denials of responsibility by trump and his supporters.
  8. Interesting trump supporters never mention trump 15 times (refer below) articulated his public support for XI regards Covid even though trump had received reports from his own agencies of the dangers. Just never ending deny and deflect in the exact same manner as trump. It was trump's lack of prompt actions and errors of judgement which has led to the current awful total of 100k deaths in the US. There are analysis if trump had acted earlier a large number of lives would have been saved. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/15/trump-china-coronavirus-188736 In the meantime trump's push back against his own team's guidelines is now leading to dangerous outbreaks of infection and death in rural Red areas. e.g. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-16/coronavirus-second-wave-hits-rural-america/12251058 Perhaps you don't understand at the time WHO was refused entry to China for investigation. WHO eventually gained entry, with US nationals on the team, & published their detailed advisory report a very short time later on 28/02/20. When one reads the recommendations for the international community it is blindingly obvious the trump administration was slow to move. Accordingly enough of the blame game denials by trump and co.
  9. Now a senior trump admin official has finally acknowledged the facts, will they back off their attacks on WHO
  10. Got any insight why HMG didn't previously implement the OP decision, nor, similar to Australia, no travel from airport to final destination but enforced stay at local hotels etc.
  11. A number of EU member country airlines have already received bailouts e.g. Air France... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/05/04/eu-approves-7bn-state-bailout-air-france/
  12. With a population of nearly 25 million the Oz government and people have done well with so far limiting deaths to 102 and infections from Covid 7,109 and recoveries of 6,506. Your spiteful comment is unfortunate, especially when Oz firefighters assist their colleagues in the US nearly every year. BTW the first death from Covid in my region was caused by a person returning from the US unknowingly with a Covid infection.
  13. Yes. but some States currently do not permit inter State travel for non essential needs e.g. tourism.
  14. I received the $750, but live in Oz. I assume government knows you reside in Thailand, if so I would think the letter was sent in error as why would you receive a payment supplement when living Thailand, To my knowledge no other supplements are paid to overseas residents on Age Pension.
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