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  1. From the OP: Twitter said the message violated its rules and it had removed the tweet.
  2. I believe your indifference to proposed cruelty by the French State against innocent Muslims is not the way forward for France, as I said before would be an act of gross stupidity. Totally opposite to the advice of professional counter terrorism experts POV. No point in further communication with you on this topic. .
  3. Again nothing to do with my post, just a nationalist rant. Do you support the suggested forced deportation, as an act of retribution, of Muslims who have not committed any offence contrary to French law? Yes / No...
  4. Kindly do not misrepresent my comment/s. As you well know, I was talking to the suggested forced deportation of Muslims living in France who have not committed an offence. There is no suggestion from me for the French government to 'bury it's head', concerning any form of abuse / terrorism.
  5. For some Muslims; in any case for the French government to go down the suggested path of forced deportation of innocents would, IMO, be an act of gross stupidity.
  6. From the OP... U.S. stores, will still sell the items upon request
  7. Which governments would accept forced deportation of innocent foreign nationals, or indeed of their own nationals - it would be an act of government human rights abuse, close to the policies of extremists such as Nazism / Soviet communism. French government would be an international pariah.
  8. As with Tibet, PRC has a policy of Han migration to Xinjiang to dominate / oppress local culture, As a matter of detail, in 1951 India had a population of approx 360 million, now about 1,380 million
  9. Mahathir is thoroughly corrupt, he also would be a target for Islamist terror. Mahathir has been making inflammatory comments for years, can be diplomatically really stupid.
  10. Don't know about European countries, but here in Australia security agencies have mentioned in the public domain Muslim representatives have assisted with identifying Islamist threats / investigations.
  11. Another terrible act of evil. RIP to the victims and wishing the injured a quick recovery; condolences for the families and friends. Vive la France!
  12. Exactly when has Biden or family acted contrary to US national interest/s. If you reply credible sources, not conspiracy or speculation. BTW trump is not a credible source nor his enablers claims, without proof.
  13. The OP comes across to me as contradictory to the spirit of the agreements i.e. further cementing Israeli settlements in the West Bank. As others have inferred, a cynical political move for evangelical votes.
  14. where do you know that not, say, 5 million tourists are not people in reality immigrating, looking for work, Link below may assist in contributing to your knowledge, rather than relying on speculation. https://reliefweb.int/report/thailand/thailand-migration-report-2019-enth#:~:text=Based on data from a,from 3.7 million in 2014.&text=Migrant workers help fill labour,important as Thai society ages.
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