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  1. Thai government responses have been heavily criticised, at least here in Australia, there again Western countries are only applying some sanctions against the Myanmar leadership. Australia was supplying training for the Myanmar military, presumably including the military role in a democracy, obviously a waste of effort as the military are murdering unarmed civilians, aiming to kill with head shots, even females. ASEAN diplomacy has been useless - in brief - a [email protected]#%&.
  2. Appalling behaviour by Thai government, same as forcing back those fleeing violence in Myanmar a few weeks ago. Seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing as today mentioned in TV news refuge being provided to some who crossed over the border fleeing the extremely cruel Myanmar dictatorship.
  3. Explanation for Thailand remaining on US IP watchlist on Page 65 at: https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/2020_Special_301_Report.pdf
  4. As an example a US govt funded Covid vaccine developer, Moderna, has already waived IP rights. The catch is the knowledge of production which holds back less developed countries from producing the vaccine. As to accusations of communist sympathies, as is not unusual for more than a few ideological extremist driven Americans, you've lost the plot.
  5. US govt spent $10billion on Operation Warp. How much capital / investment funds did US companies spend on development, how many billions have they already received in orders, boost to stock prices etc. Some companies are already providing Covid vaccine at cost etc. Plus of course if the developers went ahead with now providing IP to offshore manufacturers they likely would claim billions in tax write offs.. In any case US pharma developers have been ripping off the US public for decades with exorbitant profits.
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