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  1. Cutting in is a national pastime in this country where road courtesy is pretty much non existent. Unfortunately if you do practice rode courtesy and etiquette you will simply remain stationary. In the times I have allowed so one to go in front of me their look of complete bewilderment and of course no indication of thanks and what must be a conversation between them as “he must be stupid”. I’ve always maintained you can read so much from a population just from its driving etiquette. I would go as far as to say that driving in Thailand is probably the thing I dislike most about the country as it’s nearly always an unpleasant experience.
  2. What is the revenue lost to the government so far over this and people employed in the tourism sector and related businesses? Could the money lost have been spent on building or retro fitting already built structures and equipping them specifically to treat COVID-19. An additional levy placed on tourists of say $50 per head and simply open Thailand back up completely without quarantine and without a ridiculous medical insurance. With revenues from tourism and the additional levy they would still be making heaps of money, people back to work and The medical community become World experts at treating the virus. Make treatment of All those infected with the virus 100% free. Just a basic calculation for the levy alone of 20 million tourists @ $50 is a billion dollars, yes Folks that’s a one with nine zeros after it! That’s more than 31 billion baht! And just to get Anutin on board segregate the Covid-19 hospitals into Thai and Foreigner only hospitals.
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