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  1. Thanks and my sincere apologies and I now see it’s also actually embedded in the link text to the Sun article. Well that’s it then they were obviously dropped off on the coast of land locked Arizona in the USA by the 3 alleged Thai conmen who apparently have exceptional seafaring and navigation skills.
  2. I have been to many deserted or uninhabited islands around Thailand and I am always looking for snakes having been an amature herpetologist my entire life. I cannot recal ever seeing a snake on any of them ever. I’ve seen the odd banded seasnake while spearfishing around some of them but that’s it! These story has most certainly been exaggerated for effect.
  3. Quite unbelievable how many replies to this report completely missed the authors intension to be "super sarcastic" when referring to the police officer being "super helpful" by telling him to come back to the police office the following day at 10am giving the perps time to fully dissapear! "Super predictable" on the part of the RTP.
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