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  1. if you have 400k in your bank and all the paperwork you should get a marriage visa that way you can do 90 day reporting from what I understand. Seems easier to switch from one non-imm visa to another as opposed to a tourist visa to non-imm but still possible to do without leaving but I only know how through an agency.
  2. I too would love to see my aging parents/grandparents in Australia but with a dependent thai partner its out of the question for the time being. The complaint boils down to "you didn't roll out the red carpet for me, a farang! im breaking up with you thailand. By the way you will never be happy without me"
  3. this looked great until you read the stories of thai language test regardless of what you are actually studying, but that non-o status gives you options for sure (400k in bank 2 months and marriage, work permit/business visa) life gets a whole lot easier on Non-O
  4. can't imagine they will have many customers after sept 26, doubling the price can 10x the profit
  5. That seems to be my conclusion too, now the only question is: do I wait till september and get an extra month on the visa (and wait to see any developments and/or avoid the inevitable rush) or apply now and pray nothing bad happens? decisions....
  6. going through the same situation right now and you have not considered a 90 day medical visa which should be more than enough or a 90 day education visa learning thai or muay thai which if you do not plan on extending does not matter your class results. ED for 90 days have been quoted 25000, medical 23000, small price to pay for peace of mind considering overstay makes it impossible to get an elite visa
  7. look like the there has been a reversal of the reversal (about the 4 min mark in video)
  8. Normally I spend 2 months in Thailand then 2 months in Vietnam then 2 months in Australia. My gf is Thai so for covid we decided to stay in Thailand. 10 or so years ago used to get multiple entry business visas in Australia but then paperwork requirements changed and multiple entry tourist visas were good enough... until now. Now I have to change my visa status from TR to Non-imm (B/E/O/S/?) without leaving. I have good business relationships in Thailand but what realistically do you think my options are given there are only 7 weeks left til a flight back to Europe is looking better than overstay? Marriage visa is already out of the question (no thai bank account in my name with 400k for 2 months/the whole marriage thing) and much less than 50 years old for retirement visa. Open to any realistic suggestions please PM me
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