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  1. Jack just needed a copy and said it could be any id such as drivers licence from home country. I needed the passport for the drivers licence application so leaving it was never an option
  2. Here was my experience: Was expecting to upgrade my old 2 month expired 2 year temporary motorbike licence to a 5 year but because of tourist visa just got another 2 year. Car conversion also 2 year. Got residency certificate from immigration, gave me 2 (300b each) when I said motorbike and car licence but only needed 1 and photocopied was told an hour but took about 15 mins. Medical certificate from buakhao clinic 100b. Rented a motorbike from Jack's rental corner of buakhao and dianna PCX 300b + 1000b deposit and passport about 10am, great quick service and easy to return plus was offered "just pay 900b more for 1 week and return midday" (would have but couldn't find anywhere that needed a motorbike apart from land transport office). Drove along google maps route (straight through a police checkpoint on 3rd rd and central pattaya rd luckily) which sent me on the highway which had signs saying 5000b fine for motorbike so took the first exit and took side streets, took about half an hour. Parked motorbike and went across the road to photocopy everything twice. Got english que number and went upstairs, no que just confused idiots getting requirements shouted at them. Motorbike would have been a piece of cake but I decided a car licence wouldn't hurt so I had to do extra stuff which was first go print the australian drivers licence classification page and got a que number 26, 2 pages a few shops down from where I got it all photocopied across the road and 20b, returned and went straight to the testing which was traffic light color test and the match the red line box test which I had no idea what I was doing (from what I gather you push forward or back to match the red stick with the other stick) passed somehow. Then shuffled off to watch a thai video and write name into a book (i recommend sitting to the right as that was where the book starts, not front left which meant I was last). Followed by 1 hour english video. Then passport + forms returned and que to pay (105b for moto + 205b for car). Then wait for my initial que number to be called for a photo where they took my old licence (tried to keep it) and looked at my Australian one but realised it was a new application. Then waited for both licences to print and drove to retox outback for lunch. about 1:30pm. I don't plan on ever driving a car (just use the licence as a form of government issued ID) so in hindsight would have just renewed my motorbike licence for another 2 years and apparently not have to do the video or testing apparently.
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