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  1. Hi RichCor, Thanks for your reply. Well I guess I'll have to wait, and see what form the check is in first. Then figure out the best way to get in my U.S. bank. When I first retired, and was still using my buddy's address in the U.S. before I had a permanent address here. I was getting all sorts of refunds, from various businesses, he travels to the U.S. every three months, and stays for three months. On one visit he would bring me the checks, take them back on the next, then mail them to my bank in the U.S.. It was bothersome, so I finally had a rubber stamp of my signature made, gave it to him, and that avoided the six month delay in getting them deposited. I really had some banking headaches before I found NFCU. I was a city employee, my retirement would not direct deposit to a foreign bank. Like most employees, I was a member of the city's Federal Credit Union which served me well in the U.S. But once here, I had to call their I.T. dept. so often they knew my voice. While transfers were free, they took 5 days. With your knowledge I'm sure you remember last year Bangkok Bank New York would reject all transfers not in IAT ACH Format, to begin April 30, 2019. My bank assured they were. My monthly transfers continued until Dec. 2019 then rejected for not being in IAT ACH Format. Which is when I found NFCU, and migrated my funds there, and closed my other banks accounts. I took a lot of heat here in the forum because I was adamant about my bank being able to do so. Well I slipped through the cracks until last Dec. So I felt it necessary to go back to that Thread and report my error. I do know a lot of vets, & retired servicemen with USAA who are pleased with their services. Thanks again for the info, and your time. DP.
  2. Hi RichCor, Thanks for that info, being I just joined Navy Federal Credit Union 3 months ago, I'm not all to familiar with their website, I could call 24/7 an ask. Then too, not that savvy with my smartphone, never go online, with social media, other than Skype and messenger. I would suppose they do, operators are most helpful, they would stay on the line while they direct me through the process. Sometimes I call when I could do things myself online just to watch them do whatever I need in real time. DP.
  3. Hi jmccarty, Thanks for your reply. Great News, then there is nothing for me to do but wait. May I ask if you sent it back to your U.S. bank? If you did, how was that accomplished? Or if you deposited here in Thai Bank? I hear deposits from a U.S. bank can take months to clear, that's fine. But if there is an option to send it back to the U.S. what is the best way? In 2016 I overpaid my Federal Tax by $14,685 paying online. Thought I would have a heart attack, when I saw that deduction from my bank. Called the IRS immediately, they said they hadn't processed it yet, give them another week. I do so, and told them I would be in the U.S. shortly for 2 wks. They said that's fine, go to the nearest IRS office, and they will straighten it out. They did, by the time we were back here in Thailand the Treasury Dept. check was in my mailbox. I thought it would be a real headache trying to get my $$$ back, but they were very nice people. I used DHL to send it back to my U.S. bank. DP.
  4. Hi Guys & Ladies, Americans living in Thailand are enfact eligible for the COVIT-19 Stimulus Checks issued by the U.S. Treasury Department. I know of two Thai ladies, who do not file a U.S. tax return, but were married, either divorced, or widowed to U.S. citizens. Both have received checks direct deposited in their U.S. banks, which they maintain due to family in the U.S. They were able to complete the questionnaire on where to send the check on-line. For the last five years, since moving to the present address, I have been locked out of the IRS website, by reason when I complete the info required, it does not recognize my address, as filed on my tax returns. So I called them before the COVOIT-19 pandemic, they said I could create a new account, and did so with no results. A few days ago I just happen to go "My Account" at the Social Security website, they had a link to check the status of that check. I clicked it, completed the info required, and received a message which said " Your Check Was Mailed May 8. 2020", and no further information. I was in the middle of changing banks, so I had no INT earned interest filed with the new bank on 2019's Tax Return. However I do receive Soc.Sec direct deposit, and my retirement direct deposited to the new U.S. bank. Which recently started, 2 months ago. So my thoughts were if they, the U.S. Dept of Treasury can't find me by either the IRS address used on my Tax Returns filed, by Soc.Sec direct deposit information, or HomeLand Security Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), which lists Bangkok Bank accounts. As I had read if the they can't locate you by bank account, the check would be sent by mail to the address last used for a filed a Tax return. I know regular snail mail from the U.S. takes 21-25 days. I have been receiving my retirement statements as usual, about 24 days later of the previous month. That had me wondering, I know outbound mail to the U.S. is presently by ship, taking 3 months. But was inbound mail from the U.S. being processed, and delivered? As near as I could find out, inbound mail for the U.S. is still being processed, receiving my retirement statement should be proof of that. So my question are, it has presently been 21 days since mailed, Should I expect it in the next few days? Secondly is it possible to use Wells Fargo to wire a U.S. Dept. Treasury check to my U.S. Bank? Rather than use DHL, or Federal Express mail service? Wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue. In the end, nothing to do, but wait as there is no one taking phone calls, DP.
  5. Thank you all contributors to this thread. I do believe it has run its course for it's title. "Under Emergency Decree can a Tourist Visa be turn into a Retirement Visa?" Though other issues have been presented, the answer to the original post has been satisfied. I would hope that any further replies be presented to an appropriate thread. If none exist then start a new one. As some of the information present in this thread could be very useful to others, in a thread which applies to those specific issues. So if you'll allow me, please consider this Thread closed. Thank you all. DP.
  6. Hi Peter, I got your message, replied, and printed it though I have been through process for the past 10 years. I currently see no need to change anything. Paperwork is already completed except for the photos requested, dates, my signatures, and bank verification letter. Married 'O' extension expiry date 25 Oct. 2020, I will report a month early. so if anything new I will have time to comply before expiry. I never apply for multiple exit , re-entry as if I have to leave the Kingdom I apply then. We have only left once in 10 yrs. and don't expect to be leaving anytime soon. Thanks Again. DP.
  7. Hi Bangkok Ready, Thinking there is no way to speculate. The last few cases came from outside Thailand, either Thais repatriating, or migrant workers. Given that border countries do little to support the Thai economy, except with migrant workers, there really is no justifiable reason to open the borders when there is still a threat to the Kingdom. Expat residents don't even come into the picture, and definitely last on the list of priorities for making it easy to go out, and back in, for the purpose of visas to a neighboring country. 250,000 expats mean little to the Kingdom of 65 million. They may make some conditions, but not until there is no threat of further contaminations from the outside. Just my thoughts. DP.
  8. Hi Peter, I really do appreciate the effort, and time you took for these details. My buddy tourist visa is still valid until June 30. Currently booked for a flight June 27. It was a snap decision to retire now. He's a master dive instructor working mostly out of Malta, with a following of divers who met him there, in the Maldives, P.I. & Marshal island etc. His business is now wiped out due to this covit-19. But he is afraid way to complicated for him. I was just trying to do the right thing by him as my info is old. He much better off finding an agent who can do it all for him, pay the $$$ and not have to go anywhere. Or maybe he might have to make a run to Siem Reap. Whatever the case an agent can arrange everything for him. if I was younger, and not married I'd lead him by the hand. He is also handicapped by not speaking any Thai, and English being his second language. In the 80's we used to go as a group to Penang, by train & ferry before there was even a border crossing at Siem Reap. With a little savvy we could milk a 2 month tourist visa to about 8 months, with only overnight visa runs. Immigration in those days was behind Sailor Bar, Soi 7, only 3-5 I.O.'s then. Pattaya Police was less then 10 officers. Everytime after the first time in Thailand in 1980 I overstayed, but less than 10 days, if more than 10 days late, I would have lost my employe during my expat days. They would put me in an interrogation room, give me a legal pad, and demand I write a 3 page apology to the King. They couldn't read English so it didn't matter what I wrote. I'm afraid his mind is made up now, so no one can help him, but an agent. So we are whipping a dead horse now. I have since turn on messenger. Thanks again. DP.
  9. Hi Guys, just to put all other situations to bed, he is here on a two month tourist visa. His stay extended by the Emergency Decree, or amnesty until July 31. As his tourist visa fell between the dates specified. It was still valid after March 27TH. I read somewhere after July 31, normal processing would resume, that there may be a way to change the visa type, excluding all yearly extensions currently valid, which were to be processed as usual by their due dates. He has since decided to find an agency, pay whatever fee, and avoid a visa run, finding the Thai Consulate / Embassy, and the two day stay in Phnom Penh, or whatever is necessary. Then having to deal with Immigration again here. He has no experience with visa runs, though travels around South East Asia. Always and only by what's given for entry to whatever country he visits. With that being said, I think to all who replied their knowledge would be useful to others. who are experiencing other problems, or seeking answers to questions of which you may be of assistance. Thanks DP.
  10. Hi Pete, in no less than 30 visits to this I.O. in 10 yrs. The fasted I ever did it was in 2 days with 3 visits. I have yet to see her smile even once. I too am a believer in Karma, and I know she is a miserable person with her life. Years ago she said since my 90 day report was only a few day before my visa extension was due, to ask her for new requirements. Never did because I knew she would find something else, That's O.K. a few days out of a year I have this aggravation, a small price to pay, since my dream since 1980 was to retire here, when I was working expat overseas. Took a little longer than expected, but we made it, the wife spent 6 yrs. in the U.S.. Had to surrender her Green Card for a 10 yr tourist visa, but there is nothing to go back to. Yes, I know the difference between married 'O' and retirement. We did it not because of the $$$, but because I wanted to make sure our marriage was legal both here, and in the U.S. Enfact even if I wanted to, I could not get a retirement visa now, unless I could provide deviorce paperwork. I have even read here on the forum guys who went that route for whatever reasons, not only lost everything, but paid 500,000 THB in legal fee's. Others I know not married owns the home, their mate owns the land, but has a 99 yrs. lease, so they can never be put on the street, and of course there are other ways of owning property. My wife comes from a good family, not to say a good family is any better than a poor one. Her parents retired, 5 sisters, all doing well even with this pandemic. Have never had a sick buffalo, or a broken motorbike. When they come here, they bring everything with them, buy food even bring me a bottle of my favorite whiskey. Life is good, stay safe. DP.
  11. Hi Peter Thank you, that incident of last year was only one of several with this I.O. She also sent the Imm. police to our home, who wanted my sponsor there, with his I.D. and his house registration. As it turned out they spoke better English than they do at the office. Since we live in a housing complex with many farangs, with kids & families it was a routine visit. Our first yr. at this address the homeowner was out of country, her sister made a mistake on our lease, she wrote Moo 10, instead of Moo 5, and could not find the correct Tom Boon for the owner. This I.O threaten to send Imm. police then. All it took was a change to Moo 5, and her initial to correct that. In 9 yrs. I never spoke a word, surprised her to find I speak Thai, and learned 40 yrs ago. She handed me off to the next higher up. Who suggested why don't we just come back in 2 moths. I said why do you want to destroy of our family? 20 days overstay would have me deported. I said I need some kind of stamp to make my stay legal until I can comply with what you want. I now have the 400,000 plus in the bank. what else is up to you. The rest of that episode is as stated before. If you live in Pattaya and use Jomtiem Imm. you'll notice there is never anyone waiting at desk 6, because she is always sending people home. She didn't like my TM 7, filled out with Adobe Reader so she sent outside to complete it all by hand, first time for that. I start working on the next years visa extension as soon as I get the current one. So now I have the TM 7, in my own hand witting, lacking only the date & signature. Guys ask why I go though this every year, why not just get a retirement visa? My wife gets survivor benefits for the rest of her life, I want to be sure she gets it. All too often farang die, without providing for their wives, then what happen to them? Now we have Navy Federal Credit Union, we can call and have funds here in 4 hrs. they serve 8 million active duty, retried, veterans & DOD. Even Thai translators on duty 24/7. So that issue is solved. I would suggest to anyone who is a veteran to take a look at Navy Federal. DP.
  12. Hi From the home of CC, Well they have only been minor things just to harass us. like they wanted a photo of my homeowner in front the house with us in the photo pointing to the address. the next year they wanted the same photo of homeowner with her holding her Thai I.D. card. Last year was the worst. mind you I have been seeing the same agent for the past 9 yrs. My visa extension always expired August 25. That was the first year they stopped income statement. So in April 2019 I started monthly deposits from my retirement, and Soc.Sec. well above the married 'O' limit. I had tried to stay below having $10,000 USD in a Thai bank so as not having to file the FBAR with Homeland Security. The reporting of $10,000 in a foreign bank. The same I.O would only look at my soc.sec. documents which is not enough, she wouldn't even look at a years worth of retirement statements, or the monthly deposits made in our bank books. We have four accounts, Soc.Sec which was deposit only, my account, her account, and a joint account. I burn out my printer. printing out the deposits made in the 4 accounts. I had the monthly deposits going to our joint account, so my wife of 16 yrs. had access to it. They said the $$$ is only half yours, you must have it in your personal account. So I moved right there in the office at Desk 6, but then they said it wasn't enough, since they refused to allow me to prove I met the required income by my retirement statements, and bank deposits . This was after two trips to the bank for verification. They said come back with 400,000 THB in your personal account. 2 days after my visa expired I had the $$$ in the bank. But now I was 2 days overstay, paid the overstay fee. Then given a 1 month extension to Sept 25. Went back at the 1 month extension date, then I was given a 60 day extension, as they said to prove the $$$ was indeed mine. That moved my visa extension anniversary date from 25 August to 25 Oct. Went back on 25 Oct. with the bank latter, and all required documents. They said the 60 day extension was from 27 Sept to 27 Oct 27. which takes precedence over the visa anniversary date, come back on 27 Oct., which made me 2 days overstay again. Paid that fee, and the visa fee again. Finally stamped 25 Oct. 2020. They said to prove your monthly income you must have a letter from your former employer, signed by an officer of that employ. Well I'm a retired airport police officer, a letter from Los Angeles City Employee's Retirement Sys. may have been possible, but why bother since I had the funds anyway. So now I just keep 1 million THB in my personal account to avoid this headache in the future. DP.
  13. Thanks guys for all your info, and reply's, as in my first post my buddy is from Switzerland, though coming here for many years, he has now decided to retire. Things have changed since I got my first Married 'O' visa ten years ago. enfact they change every year. I have never been able to complete the next years visa extension in just one trip to Jomtien Imm. So, I have given him all your info, now it's up to him as to which way he decides to go, and suggested he join the forum. Your time is appreciated. Thanks I guess we could consider this Thread closed. DP.
  14. HI JohnBZ, thanks for that info, could you supply a name? I think he is good until July 31, if all else fails, he has a flight booked on June 27TH DP.
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