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  1. "They’ll say they have been on the boat for 14 days so all clear. " Only if they spent the 14 days alone in their cabin! Remember the big outbreak in Australia when the passengers were allowed ashore with no quarantine.
  2. These comments are meant for Domestic consumption. After berating filthy foreigners for 8 months they now have to convince Thais they are 'safe'
  3. Good advice, mate lived and worked in Thailand for 15 years after 45 years in oz. Had no family, friends or assets in oz but had to return for the 2 years, and live in a boarding house, to qualify Also after a few years away you are then classed as a Non Resident for tax. There is no "tax free" threshold for you. No Capital Gains Tax discount and all incone is taxed at 34%
  4. "But when she asks him to pay her bar then he refuses that. In his mind she should just come to see him before her work if she wants to see him." Does she perhaps mean that she wants him to pay a lump sum to permanently buy her out of the bar? Rather than a daily BF payment. She may see this as giving her the security of returning there if it doesn't work out
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