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  1. Always bear in mind that no matter what structure you use to purchase a house, legal or otherwise, if your wife or her family want you out they will get you out. Threats, intimidation, violence all done with no redress from the police or courts. Seen it several times
  2. ." Having a VA clinic in the PI is a BIG Plus for expat American vets looking for an alternative retirement country" For American ex military the bank deposit requirement for the SRRV is only $1,500. A friend got his a few weeks ago.
  3. I did it this week for Filipina GF and myself, very easyonly took 3 days. Usethe web address quoted above, don't use agents you look like they are official but aren't, they can get you a letter of approval but that's not the actual visa," Important point use the OP link. Do a google and there are dozens of links but, as he says, they are not for the government E-visa.
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