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  1. Duterte, really? I haven't noticed any anti-western sentiment coming from him. Pretty sure I'll stay away from narcotics there tho Not that I've been paying super close attention the politics there lately. Philippines I can stay there 3 years without a single visa run. In Thailand, every 3 months I avoid arrival by airports and force a smile and suck up to officers at land crossing. I think if I can avoid that hassle and stress of that, I will feel pretty good.
  2. The thing that turns me off of the Elite thing is the time frame. 5 years is too long. I don't plan that far ahead. If they had Elite pass at the same rate of 100,000 THB for 1 year, that is an option I'd likely consider!
  3. Good advice I think. I looked at both Cebu and Bagio while I was staying in Manila for a few months. Ended up being to lazy to relocate for the short time I had. But deff would consider either city for a longer stay.
  4. We are on the third page of replies now, clearly people are interested in talking about this, so give it a break already. Why almost every single thread on this site has to have grumpy people nit picking and complaining.
  5. I'm looking for somewhere with a good balance of first and third world conveniences. Thailand has nailed it. Easy to find a short or long term rentals. Food. Grocery stores. Malls. Sky trains. Stuff like that. And of course, a more welcoming Visa system. More developed countries like Taiwan, you'll end up paying more to get less. And less developed countries, like Cambodia, might have any or enough things like grocery stores or fairly priced accommodation that isn't old and gross. So now I'm looking at HCMC Vietnam or Philippines. Less developed, and not as many conveniences, but I think it might be okay for me.
  6. I've also noticed this change here over the past few years. It seems less friendly to me as well, as shown by the first response above. Like it's a crime to start a conversation on a forum. It feels like any time I ask for help, there is at least one or two comments telling me to go home and stop abusing the system. Either get old, get married or go home. And even if you do get married or retire, it seems like the visa situation is still a struggle. But of course, there are some very kind and helpful regulars here too, and I'm very thankful for them. Ubon Joe and JackThompson (above) come to mind. I'm one of those under 50 guys who has spent a lot of time in Thailand. I've learned the language and culture and have come to really love this place as a second home. But unfortunately, I'm not welcome here anymore and will be moving on soon.