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  1. Last years Retirement extension was just after the health insurance policy change. I didn't know I needed Insurance last year, they didn't ask for it and they extended my Visa without it. I think the 6 month thing is the smallest part of the problem. Maybe it will show up on the immigration computer but i doubt it. It would invalidate a claim but I don't intend to claim. I'm currently out for a quote from LMG to enable me to do this years extension but have noticed that LMG will not offer Covid cover to over 60 years old. Which means i can get an Insurance policy to extend my visa bu
  2. What I dont understand is why Immigration and the Banks dont talk to each other. It's a chargeable revenue earning service for the banks. The Bank check the records and issue the documents for a fee. The Bank get a big wad of long term cash in the accounts. Immigration get the exact paperwork they need. Customers get a simple process. After a fight last year I called the Kasikorn Bank help desk and suggested they had one branch that understood the requirement and offered a template service for a fee near each immigration office. They could not comprehend why it was a good idea. I have a mi
  3. I am in Thailand. My retirement extension renewal is earliest 1st November 2020. After renewal I want to travel to the UK this year and see my sick Father before he dies. The UK lockdown rules are changing on a daily basis but if I decide to take that risk what is the current return process for a valid retirement extension holder? I assume I will need to budget for test and quarantine which I am OK with although i'd like to choose where. Has any retirement extension holder done this recently?
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