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  1. There is no god. However i think a pretty strong case can be made the believing in god has worked from an evolutionary point of view which is probably why it's still around. It may still be working since the religious still tend to breed and survive at a much higher rate that non believers.
  2. I'm out of touch. What is a "drinks" party. Obviously its in the name but is there something specific about them in terms of organisation or structure? Are they sponsored by beer companies or something?
  3. Can i ask what the solution was? Did you have to reapply or did they let it slide "this time"?
  4. I was 10 day days late this week on 90 Day reporting. 2000 Baht fine, stamp in passport. Samut Prakan.
  5. Due to a family health issue I need to schedule travel over my retirement visa extension renewal date. Assume a current renewal of 7th November. Currently plan on using 800K method. Had over 800K funds with KBank on deposit since 8 Aug 2019 I do my extension at Samut Prakan Immigration. I have a one year extension to retirement visa and multiple re-entry permit. Been staying in the same place for 3 years and as far as know meeting the TM30 reporting reqs for the last 9 months. .Based on current understanding how early can I go for extension visa renewal? .How late can i go for extension visa renewal ? .If I return in the late "window" is there any problem with re-entering the country with an expired visa, expired reentry permit? .What is the current required documentation to confirm account funding before ? .What is the required documentation to confirm account funding after ? Lots of questions but perhaps helpful to many if they can all be answered in one place for one office. I've tried to hit all the search phrases I'll update this post with my actual experience but it will help me a lot if anyone knows for Samut Prakhan today. Thanks
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