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  1. dumbest thing on the internet so far.
  2. I had one at Ekkamai, I gave him the telephone number for consular services at his embassy.
  3. That's a little rich. If I want a free vaccine I will fly back to my country.
  4. More to the point: "A 56 year old Briton is appealing to be repatriated after surviving an attempted suicide, falling from a 6-storey balcony here in Thailand. The family of the man is trying to raise £10,000 to fly him home, after he has been stuck in a Thai hospital recovering from his injuries. He has no insurance, and before the accident, he has suffered from chronic diabetes."
  5. There was also Belgian involvement in the early tramway system of Bangkok. More here:
  6. There are (farang) cemeteries both catholic and protestant in most cities. I saw them in Bangkok (protestant next to Ramada Plaza Menam with a jewish one next to it, catholic near Santa Cruz and in Samsen,...) in Chiang Mai (next to the Gymkana and behind The Empress) and near Lamphun. This places have caretakers who might take care of you.
  7. packing materials are for sale at post office; I used unregistered land surface (boat) cheapest, package arrived; calculate here: https://www.thailandpost.co.th/un/rate_result
  8. foreigners do not make themselves popular in Hang Dong these days. american murderer of thai wife arrested there yesterday. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1216244-wanted-american-arrested-for-murdering-pregnant-wife-in-northern-thailand/
  9. "Thailand’s downhill battle with COVID" Shouldn't that be 'uphill' battle?
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