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  1. As much as I hope you are right, don't take anything for granted. Trump seems be a Svengali figure for his base
  2. Hmm, I'd like to think even if the EU would actually do something along with the rest of the Western world, although I think those 'serious consequences' will be a very severe 'telling off' it'll amount to nothing. Sanctions rarely manage to achieve anything. Cuba, Iran, North Korea the list goes on. In point of fact the only two places in my lifetime where external sanctions actually did ultimately make a difference were South Africa & Rhodesia, and that was coupled with internal majority dissent. I've said before all we can do is give Hong Kongers an out. The UK has made a great gesture to finally give BNO's full residency, several bipartisan bills are current in the US congress to give people special refugee status, and Taiwan is essentially saying, show up and you get a RoC passport. It's an awful place we find ourselves in, but we all let China get away with it and now they are probably too powerful to reign in!
  3. Do you actually read some of the vitriol and bile spewed on here about the US? I'm in no way defending a lot of what is done by my Government, but for many they can't see past what they dislike about the US to actually condemn the real crimes of the CCP
  4. Indeed they are. I was 'instructed' that they both needed food, after which they both decided to sleep against my my legs. Every time in the last 15 minutes I have attempted to move has been greeted with a little love bite, from one or the other, or both! I'm basically a cuckold to my cats
  5. There are many on TVF who can't seem to detach their dislike of the US from the actual facts on the ground. Yes, you may not like the US, but that doesn't detract from whats happening in HK. The Joint Declaration is basically shredded. I watched several interviews with HK pro democracy activists who say they are now deleting social media posts, text messages for fear of imprisonment for subversion. Now hate the US as much as you like, and course you are free to say that, but think of an HK resident who now isn't free to criticize Beijing for fear of being imprisoned for life. And remember the law extends to persons living overseas, so essentially they can never return to their home. Yes the US may well be evil in many respects, but this is a whole totalitarian other level
  6. So, I'm not going to get into the whole issue of 'age of consent' thats a rabbit hole But does anyone think that a 50 year old having sex, of any kind, with a female under 18 is normal? If you do, that would be a problem for me in what defines your moral compass!
  7. Yeah he looks like one of the Gibb brothers for sure I don't think many songs are renown for meaningful lyrics, and more so Eurovision songs. My wife is a bit of a Scorpions fan and she was playing some the other other day, and while of course I understand all the words, it was totally nonsensical
  8. I knew there was something in the deepest recesses of my mind that told where they got the Eurovision inspiration for this; I must have been 16 at the time, and I used to listen to the BBC World Service on shortwave, which at the time used to carry the audio stream of the Eurovision song contest. Amazing how this stuck in my head
  9. That scene was too funny as her severed arm fell on to the dock. That sounds awful for anyone that hasn't watched the movie, but the whole thing was hilarious and stupid at the same time.
  10. I'm pretty sure that's the case. But I'm also sure when push comes to shove, and the plea dealing begins she'll be able to cough up a whole bunch of stuff to avoid 20 years in a supermax!
  11. If she was smart, and I'm pretty sure she is, there will be very meticulous details recorded somewhere
  12. I'm sure when the mods wake up this a story that will get moved to World News, but for you early birds, the breaking news for both the UK & US has been the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's fixer in chief. Pretty sure a certain person in the UK has re-discovered those sweat glands! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ghislaine-maxwell-long-time-jeffrey-epstein-confidante-arrested-connection-sex-n1232756
  13. Now if this has been mentioned before, sorry. But this a pure popcorn treat, totally ludicrous, but for my teenage mind hilarious. Now I'm American, but have spent enough time in Europe to understand the nonsense that defines the Eurovision Song Contest, and I have had to 'try' to explain to my fellow Americans why it's akin to watching a car wreck, you just can't take your eyes off it. This is a great parody, totally dumb, but some great music and a fun watch.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Great Firewall expanded to include HK. I have read the South China Morning Post for decades, and watched its decline into self censorship, which accelerated after its purchase by Alibaba. You don't self censor for no good reason. Alibaba wants to be hand in glove with the CCP so as not to jeopardize its business activities, so it would never allow one of its entities to raise feathers. So I fully believe that with the new security law online speech will also be curtailed, which will mean the Great Firewall blocked, and actively searching for 'subversive' words, then off you go to a gulag in mainland China
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