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  1. I can't reiterate this enough. So many seem to think, believe, that they are immigrants. Generally when you take your wife to home country, they are immigrants with the same rights and privileges as any other citizen. Good God my wife is now only 12 months away from being able to become a US citizen, without jumping through flaming hoops. That is so far from the reality for foreigners in Thailand I enjoy still being a tourist in Thailand, but that's what 99% of all farangs in the Kingdom are. Long term tourists maybe, but nothing more. Very very few ever become immigrants
  2. I rather like Filipino food. As I said before, I think the infrastructure is pretty much on a par with Thailand. God knows first clap of thunder in our house in Thailand and power goes out. Brown outs all the time. As soon as the refrigerator compressor starts groaning you know the voltage has dipped. We also have the solar and every day the inverter will kick out when the line voltage drops by 30 volts So I don't see a lot of difference there
  3. You can go around and around on these threads. My wife is Thai we met and for 12 years lived in Singapore. Wise women, told me I'd tire of the place within 10 years, got it wrong by 11 months We moved back to the US, nearly 2 years ago now, but we still do the snowbird thing to our house in Khon Kaen. That dual location thing seems to be an increasing option for many retirees. I've said this before in many threads, but over the past 10 years the cost advantage of being in Thailand pretty much evaporated for me at least. Now we have a holiday home which is perfect
  4. I can read Thai, and honestly all of the translation apps do a pretty terrible job. If its pure perfect Thai it's possibly understandable. But then if you get any of the variants, Isaan Lao for example which is written in Thai script, it becomes gobbledegook
  5. I just remembered (old age memory problems) that when I spoke to the IRS because I couldn't get the online transcript thing to work, before I opted to get them in the mail, the agent offered to fax them to me. Since I didn't have a fax machine and wasn't in any desperate rush, I opted for the mail option. But in your situation that might be the best and fastest solution
  6. Trouble is we entered this era when facts don't seem to matter. I fondly remember the days of my youth when we had robust debate on the meaning of the facts, but not the facts themselves. Now we are in a world, where as Colbert rightly said...'truthiisim' trumps fact. You can have all the fact checkers in the world, but people seem to believe, from whatever side, that if they can find some bizarre website that will confirm their version of truthiism, all is good. Strange times we live in
  7. This is all just bizzaro land. I lived in San Diego for 20 years and there is a wall. Most of the Southern border is pretty impassable just by geography. Build a 15ft wall, well you get a 16ft ladder. The drug cartels are pretty good at making tunnels to traffic their goods Not to mention that 60% of all illegal immigrants arrive by air, then just overstay their visa ....oh yeah and wasn't Mexico gonna cough up the $5B??? Sometimes I despair about DC
  8. Some of your ex colonies might dispute that. South Africa was left with Apartheid Uganda, Idi Amin and expulsion of Asians Rhodesia, aka Zimbabwe, I really don't need to say more Egyptians to this day, resent British occupation and the Suez 'incident' And shall we not forget the shameful exit and partition India, 14M people displaced....how many people died? Estimates range up to 2M
  9. Yep you're right, it is their country to screw up, and they did it. Once again, the US had no economic sanctions against them until January 19, so unless imposing an arms embargo and denying travel privileges to the US for the regime leaders destroyed them, I just don't get what US interference has done to create this. The pictures of Maduro blockading the freeway from Columbia to stop food and medicine aid getting in tells you a lot. This is all very reminiscent of the old communist Eastern Europe https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/07/world/americas/venezuela-aid.html
  10. Well the US I must agree has an at best checkered history in meddling in Central & South America. But this is one that all of their own making. Past administrations have actually taken a rather agnostic position, just sat back and watched the carnage unfold From your spelling I'm assuming you may be a Brit. If that's true, you guys have a whole lot more experience in 'meddling' in other countries than we ever do!
  11. Prior to last month there have never been economic sanctions imposed by the US to restrict oil trade, or any other trade. It is true to say that the US restricted arms sales and imposed travel restrictions on individuals....so you're saying that caused economic collapse???
  12. Thing is, he know it's a cyst, he 'thinks' it a cyst. I've been down that road, and old saying goes; 'assumption is the mother of all good f***k ups!"
  13. There were NO US sanctions against them until last month. You can try to spin it, but the facts don't support you. This is a very simply case of communist regime that just failed
  14. Don't worry This dude is currently American However he has also been a Brit, Canadian and an Australian, I think he's currently married to some Hiso, but has also been very recently a Soi 6 Dog. Also over 80 years old, recently retired, so who knows Don't fret about constancy! LOL At the end of the day he provides entertainment, so you can watch daytime TV or read this!
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