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  1. Obviously we have different outlooks on life, and that's fine none of us are the same. But for me, I'm in my 60's, wife in her 50's, all the kids in their 20's and 30's priorities change. We still have fun, but it's different. My youngest daughter had our first grandbaby, and I love it, and that sorta tumps everything. Love can mean many things at different times in your life. My son and eldest daughter love their first nephew to death, and that fills me with joy just by itself. So I understand where you are coming from, it's just we are coming f
  2. I think this is where Britman conflates sex and love as one Women age as do we all. Does my my wife want sex as much as 20 years ago, No. But do we still love each other? Probably more than when it was based on two rabbits in a cage. It can be a sad reflection on farangs in some of the sexpot centers in Thailand, that maybe they will have had hot rampant sex well into their twilight years, but they will die alone without anyone there who truly loved them and mourns for them. I'm happy with the sex life I have, but it's coupled with an
  3. So as an update to this thread, here are the States not requiring residency. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/map-these-states-are-opening-vaccinations-people-out-state-n1264523
  4. The lunacy of all this, is what does it matter what time of day a flight takes off? The reality of flying is this;
  5. Well, turning on the lights costs me money, but I'm not asking the utility company for love in exchange!
  6. Interesting outlook on love. My children all grown up now, love me, not because I give them anything with the exception of the love that a parent gives to a child. I would argue that parent/child love is the purest love you will ever experience, certainly something that I have experienced in my life. There were times when growing up as teenagers I didn't always like them, but I always loved them.
  7. I would agree. Look in the usual places. Me and Mrs G met when we were working at the same company in Singapore, which I would hazard a guess is where a major percentage of relationships start
  8. I agree with all that you say. When it comes marriage, Thai or whatever, you need to be able to enjoy things together, it's not all just about sex. We love going out to dinner, hiking in the Black Hills, spending times with our kids, and then just hanging out together watching TV, tending the flowers and just doing home stuff. Maybe that sounds boring to the Pattaya horn dog community, but for me thats real Thai love
  9. Careful there Buddy, don't use a broad brush. I'm not denying that a bunch of the old guy/young girl relationships are based on the mighty greenback, British pound, Aussie dollar, or Euro. But there are some of us, close in age, who have what you might describe as a normal male/female relationship. As it turns out my wife now makes a heck more money than I do, and I relish the fact that I am now a 'kept' man
  10. Well, thats the difference. In a farang trophy wife, thats the Trump/Melania type couple, where the man is so rich he doesn't really care so long as she's eye candy on his arm, and he's free to go f***ck whatever woman thinks she can get a piece of the wealth. In the Farang/Thai scenario, it tends to be regular guys with some income, probably more than the Thai woman, but not that significant that should the 'trophy' wife find a better deal she won't dump the 60+ faster than a pair of dirty underwear for a better deal
  11. Well, thats the dirty rotten truth about many Farang/Thai relationships. It's not based on love, or indeed attraction but much more a financial transaction. In that toxic relationship the idea that 'love' comes in to the equation is nonsensical. If anyone is delusional enough to believe that the 60 somethings farang and the 20/30 something Thai relationship is based on anything but money and not love, you need help! Thats a brutal truth, which I know will <deleted> folks off and I expect the blowback, but truth hurts
  12. Well, love is very subjective, and how anyone experiences love is specific to them. And, maybe you only really experience real love the older you get, when the hot passion diminishes and true intimacy kicks in. I think that is true in almost every culture, including Thai's. Me and my Thai wife are probably way past the hot passion of 20 years ago, but she still loves to snuggle up as we watch a movie together, loves our walks around the lake, meals with our kids and their boyfriends and girlfriends. That sounds like my definition of love for an o
  13. Thai family dynamics can be a bit of a minefield I never realized this until we moved to Thailand from Singapore. My wife's parents died when she was a teenager, and all she had were two sisters and a brother. But then the 'far' family emerged! For the far family, my wife was the target. She was the one that got lucky, since after the death of the parents, the kids were farmed out to various relatives, and she was deemed the lucky one since she got to go live with her uncle in Chicago. So after a US college education, good career, to
  14. Just musing here. But people try to compare Thai's migrating to Western countries to people trying to retire in Thailand. It's Apples and Oranges. The biggest and more significant change they could make would be allowing someone married to a Thai, for their spouse to be able to petition for permanent residency, as is common in most Western countries. Yeah, you can bleat about the paperwork, but the upshot is always that the Thai ends up as a permanent resident with essentially exactly the same rights as a citizen. I could die tomorrow
  15. Many of us have had that same thought. My only conclusion that because of the millions receiving it, it was just simpler do have a simple algorithm of SSN, did you pay tax and boom, done. To be honest the number of people receiving it is a drop in the ocean in the overall scheme of things
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