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  1. Thai media reported very big on July 1st. Eight China tourist arrived at Phuket. Second July 10 are expected.
  2. I really cant stop laughing while reading the daily monkey show news considering Phuket/1.July opening No one will come.
  3. Yes, any place on earth without a gps wristband and 14 days prison at empty and isolated Phuket where you are treated like a dog. And the chance to get quarantied is very high, even when your are vaccinated.
  4. They just dont get it. Thailand is not the only beautiful holiday destination in the world. No one will be at their monkey show for two weeks at Phuket. No bars, no girls, restaurants closed and so on. By the way, what they still didnt get, most of us just got two weeks holidays. And sorry, who wana stay for two weeks at the ripping off thai island no. 1 ? Yeah, we will visit thai temples 24h with gps writsbands and masks, thats what we love Thailand for
  5. "Mr Pipat said that among the first people to visit the island in July will be sailors from the US and British navies" They will leave after one day. What they gona do the whole day without beer bars and the bar ladies?
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