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  1. Understand. I am renewing my passport in January 2020. Sent from my SM-C7000 using Tapatalk
  2. OK. Will the re-entry permit also be to the expiration date of the permission to stay or to the passport expiration date?
  3. Although in my case, both the re-entry permit and the OA visa will still only give until 31-AUG-2020 as that is the expiry date of my passport.
  4. I have a question about a combination of an unexpired O-A Visa and Multi-entry re-entry permit. I currently have: 1) OA Visa issued in Jan 2019 and expiring in Jan 2020 2) Passport expiring 31-AUG-2020 3) Permission to stay until 31-AUG-2020 (which is obviously aligned to my passport expiration date and I am happy to stick to this date). I am nervous about the new OA-related health insurance rules that will take effect from 31-OCT-2019. To try to minimize my "exposure" on this issue, my plan is to: i) Before departing Thailand this week, apply for multi-entry re-entry permit for my current permission to stay ii) Use this re-entry permit to re-enter Thailand in late October 2019, early December 2019 and multiple times in 2020 (up to AUG-2020). This way I hope to "cement" my existing permission to stay. Under normal circumstances I would have got the multi-entry re-entry permit anyway during a future trip in 2019. All I am doing is getting the RE permit earlier. It will still cost me the same amount of money and the expiration date of the permit will still be 31-AUG-2020 regardless of when I get it. My question: will the presence of the still valid OA visa in the passport in any way cause confusion or invalidate the re-entry permit when entering Thailand? Will the IO insist that he stamp me in using the OA instead of the re-entry permit? Thanks
  5. Hi, It looks correct to me. You are not 1 day short. You need to remember to count your entry day as the first day of your 1 year permission to stay. So instead of adding 365 to 14-OCT, you need to add 364 to 14-OCT-2019 to get 12-OCT-2020.
  6. Similar to the other posters in this thread, my O-A issued in Jan 2019 will expire in Jan 2020. I have made a number of entries to Thailand already on this visa. My next entry is planned for 26-OCT-2019 and I will stay one month. If I were to get a multi-entry re-entry permit at Jomtien during that trip, can that re-entry permit be used on subsequent entries to Thailand this year WHILST the O-A is still valid. I don't want to pay 3,800 for a multiple entry re-entry permit and find that I "lose" it because the IO at the airport requires me to use my unexpired O-A.
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