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  1. What a bunch of braindead wallies, just like sheep followers. A UN/IPPC wealth redistribution initiative based around a CC hoax and these kids like many around the world have fallen for it hook line and sinker. I often wonder whether people have the mental ability to look at both sides of real diverse scientific facts.....not worthless data garbage models and come to an unbiased decision. Well now it's a global religion so there is no turning these billy goats back............two things you cannot argue and get a consensus on, politics and religion. Great leftist liberal scam to divide nations and their people..........all started by that useless moron Al Gore ......... who's only goal was to make a s### load of $$$$ from his Inconvenient Truth or should I say Lies Interesting Inconvenient means: Incomplete, Inappropriate, Problematic .............. and Annoying, the later describes Al Gore to a tee, dam annoying! His legacy after he kicks the bucket will be; one of the worst divisive individuals the world has known that perpetrated one of the greatest hoaxes on mankind and endeavoured to destroy the world's economies. Maybe they might lay him to rest under a wind turbine generator, he may still have enough hot air in his lungs to spin the blades for a few years.....555555
  2. I found the drivers license app was useless, the bar code scan failed every time
  3. As they say, nothing new to see here and nothing is going to change. Same old, same old ..... not sure why time and money is wasted on useless surveys that we all know about the results already regarding transport shortcomings in Bangkok. if I am cynical forgive me but I would put money on it that in 12 months time it will get worse not better.
  4. Nop come on get real, I also thought we already had a online 90 day reporting app ????
  5. Hi another OP gave you the best advice get an agent, from my experience pay the agent and all will be ok, been there done that...it's to stressful Lots of technical reasons why on TV; it's simple the tea money from you original visa province did not come through Bangkok, so the IOs in Bangkok did not get to share in the ilgains. When you pay the agent to sort out your visa extension they will pass additional tea money to the IO in Bangkok and Bob's your uncle, everyone's a winner. Province to province visa extensions are generally a nightmare. BTW for your first 90 day report (only) in the new visa province you visa agent needs to do it for you, more tea money to be handed around to another department, no extra costs, it should be included in your upfront visa agent payment. All follow up 90 days reports you can do yourself.... PS. Don't look for any logic or intelligence in IM, there is none..................it's all about the money...money.....
  6. I could be wrong, I often am but I recall this subject coming up on TV years back and I think someone pulled out a section of the Thai Immigration act that indicated that you (a Farang) could assist your wife in her business without any penalty, (no WP and or business visa required) under what conditions I cannot recall but searching back I could no locate the topic at hand. Does anyone recall this topic............. BTW he did say gf I know, so he might have to marry her to help her out if what I recall is valid.......55555
  7. Interesting post on many fronts, I think one or two OPs hit it right on the head, logic and intelligence. Generally lacking in the Thai culture, especially notable in government here where they go to get a job because they cannot cut it in private industry. So don't look for anything that the Thais' do that we inquiring Farangs see as totally illogical; it is what it is, Thai style. As they say S* happens, especially here in Thailand (lots of it) where thought processes lack any real substance of intellect. And as they say S* flows downhill from the Thai masters (braindead) to the peasants and pushed onto us pesky Farangs.
  8. Wow, lots of observations and comments about trash in Thailand, from my observations it's cultural, people here just don't give a rat's ass about where they dispose of their trash. Go to any big shopping complex here, you are lucky to find 2 trash bins per floor, in others countries you see multiple trash bins everywhere, that's just crazy planning here in Thailand. Some responsibility comes back to the useless Thai government here, how often do you see trash bins on any major Sois, very few...........and I know we have all have trash to discard of but if local government really had trash pick up points, more bins on Sois and more trash disposal centers things might....very might head Thailand in the right direction.
  9. Yep from all the varied online TM30 comments and experiences, Thai Immigration could not run a chook raffle at a local pub on a Friday night without screwing it up............. collectively, an absolutely useless bunch of xxxxxx
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