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  1. Yes, I think a more realistic analysis of how she finished up with COVID, or the testing carried out on her was <deleted>!
  2. A question on the above topic for you folks; long term foreigners that live here and are COVID free, (I assume) are not required to have compulsive COVID insurance (but some may optionally have other forms of medical insurance coverage). Why are returning foreigners that are reentering the country for an extended period required to have compulsive COVID insurance for more than 14 days (the recommended quarantine period) or even 30 days that then exhibit no COVID inherent issues? Both the long term and returning foreigners living here both have a similar chance of contra
  3. So all those lowly paid workers coming across the border from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (whenever they open them) that earn 300 Baht a day in Thailand will all have the same level of COVID insurance policies as the rest of the foreigners entering Thailand . Sure! pull this one it squeaks........................
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