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  1. I think as stated previously you are on a single phase 230 v 50 Hz feed from a PEA sub-station distribution electrical network. When the power factor is 1.0 and all 3 phase feeds are phased balanced from the substation's HV to LV transformer, each output single phase feed will deliver the nominal supply mains voltage of 230 volts. Commercial or industrial organizations requiring 3 phase feeds on the same HV to LV transformer for industrial 3 phase devices or sheer single phase loading requirements can impact the power factor. To incur the voltage variations
  2. Good news stories on 90 Day online reporting are always appreciated. just hope they outweigh the bad ones.
  3. Unfortunately the majority of software solutions in Thailand are inferior and lack credibility in security, reliability and availability. Additionally the User Interfaces are inferior, the architecture and functionality are legacy and support is non existent plus issue ownership and responsibility are non-existent. it's also obvious that the testing and qualification processes are not up to industry standards. Maintenance and Change Control are a circus. I am not Thai bashing but stating the facts about user experience speaking for itself.
  4. What speed were they traveling to invoke that sort of carnage to the vehicle?
  5. What about Muban community pools in BKK, I want to get back to my mornings swim. The pool must be a healthy environment in the open air then some of the other indoor venues they have announced. <deleted>!
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