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  1. My filter on my last Tuner was Black. Might have been caused by a few things. I had had the engine race tuned so it used a lot more fuel. It also only had a 4 speed auto box so revved a lot more than the new one. Not going to mention the fact that was before the cameras so I went a lot faster. Oh I have. I also put in whatever diesel I could get my hands on. This one has only ever had premium fuel from new. Even then it was as it was in my snap. There was not any emulsification on the filter it was just wet diesel. If your referring to the white bit on the left that was a plastic seal that they have put on over the join. That is also on the new one. I did answer the hole in A/C filter, in Post 6 that I had put my finger through it as I stuck it in the bin. Re changing fuel garages. I have use several different ones, all over Thailand as long as they sell premium diesel.
  2. If you care to look (More than Likely not) you would have seen that the filter had NO water in it not a drop. Whatever it was time to check it. Other wise one could have ended up like you did on your Vigo with a buggered/clogged fuel filter.
  3. Dash light will only come on when it's at a certain level. If anyone cares to look in the service Book, it will tell you it should be cleaned and checked at 30th KM, regardless of any light showing up. Of cause no <deleted> does because they know better than Toyota or other makes. Bit like a few post ago when I stated that the Auto gear box should have an oil change at 40th KM. Lots said 100th was ok. Best of luck is all I can say.
  4. Not a trace of water in the filter. That's one of the reasons to clean and check at 30th intervals. It was just dirt from fuel. As above post I have used it in BKK a few times so more than likely the reason for the dirt in A/C filter. It's even worse if I go to Pattaya.
  5. I think the reason my A/C filter was a tad dirty was I had done a few trips to BKK. Normally it's very clean. The rip in it was caused by me when they took the filter out and my finger went through it as I lobbed it in the bin, it was that buggered. As stated it was cleaned 5th km ago as I have my lump serviced at 5th intervals and not the 10 recommended. Normally change it for new one every 10th or so, Max 15th.
  6. They can only get BT internet so you have to pay their standing charge. The price I stated was for BT service (Phone line and internet) not any calls those are extra. Sorry for the late update but have just looked up BT last 3 month bill, That was 154.78p inclusive of VAT. That's without calls. I pay all the utility bills by D/D and my daughter reimburses me. So I know exactly what they pay.
  7. You can pay it in any post office. Just take your fine paper (and payment cash) along and they will supply an envelope, they will send to the correct place. I have paid in the past 51bht for their service. Stamp/Envelope. Oh and they will give you a receipt. You might be able to use that as proof of payment.
  8. My Diesel Tuna 2.8. It held up better than my last Tuna that was almost buggered at 30th. That's why I made sure this one was checked on it's due date.
  9. Have just come back from my local Toyo garage. Had the 30th service. That included the fuel filer clean and check. Have put a snap in of condition of Fuel filter. A heads up if anyone thinks they go on forever your dreaming. You might get 50th from one but that's about it. Also put in a snap of A/C filter that was cleaned 5th km ago. Both have been changed.
  10. Toyota What. And what engine did it have.
  11. Wish you would make up your mind as I have seen several post by TA that you have put a confused sign on???
  12. You can get the insurance when/where you tax it. What your going to do about no licence plates ??? suggest you go to the local place that dishes them out and see what they say. As I think you will need plates before you can tax it. When I sold a lump several years ago the peeps that brought it had to do the first part (change name) at My local office and then re-plate it at their local pace as they were out of district. So might mean a trip to BKK to get old copy plates. Hopefully someone else might have some up to date knowledge.
  13. If it were me I would just tax (you might have to pay back tax) it at the local office offer her 25th, fix exhaust, have a quick service on it. And then drive it into the ground. She won't want it back. But you will need the book. Saves having to go to BKK to sort out change of address. You will end up with a cheap lump without any aggro.
  14. Ad absurdum. If you care to look you will see 1 person in 90% of cars. Come on then, what do you get if you wanted to carry 6/7 people & luggage at times??? cos you ain't going to get them in a Vios or a Jazz.
  15. Have you tried your local pump repair people. They can normally come up with some sort of fix. My local one sorted my one out last year and it's still going strong. Do yourself a favour don't buy a cheap Thai pump. I had one when I first moved in and it lasted 6 months before going T/Ts up. Took it back to the shop and they said oh it Thai so no guarantee just put it in the bin.
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