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  1. Page 1 OP talked about different bank for Non residents. So I suggested offshore. And it's easy to set one up whilst he's in the UK most of the UK banks have an offshore branch. Just go in with your bank details passport? and they will do it all for you. Can also be done via internet. You will have to set up an internet log in. You will then get a card with your details on it code No: ETC this is used for you phone calls, if you don't want to do it via the internet. N/B I never use the internet don't trust it. So I phone via skype and order what I want.
  2. If you had cared to look at what I was replying to you might not have to ask silly questions. But as you cant seem to look it up or understand. Answer, I was replying to the fact that being a non UK resident he might find it a problem to get a UK bank account so I suggested he get an Offshore one as that can be opened if you reside anywhere in the world. Got it now???
  3. You don't state where you live. But if you are married you should have a yellow book. Obtainable at your local Amper (town hall) that is your guarantee of address. Sorry about print size but it's TV buggering about yet again. Have just had a thought you must have a registered your address at your local Visa place. Shouldn't have need for separate one. Might depend on what visa you require though. You can also get the local head man to do it that's if you are living in the sticks. That's what I had to do before we were married. Another thought. Do you have a Thai bank account in your name if so get them to give you a letter it might cost 100bht or so but an easy fix.
  4. As I have said No charges at all. How it would work for a US account sorry cant help, as I don't have one. I do know that they use several different currencies. My account thank Buddha is in UK pounds.
  5. No charges at all. But I do get charges if I use an ATM card, not if I buy anything like Air tickets but if I take cash out. But I think the latter applies to most peeps.
  6. Yes I got a fake one???. The stupid cow said yellow book no guarantee of address. Told her to go check. She didn't come back boss did and said that she was new or some such load of crap. Depending on how he got his last proof of address he might be able to get one. That's if he is still going to stay in that place. Better to get and international D/Permit. Problem solved with a lot less aggro.
  7. I obtained my first D/L with a 60 day tourist visa also brought my first car. But that was some time ago when visa's weren't being given out liberally. The law seems to have now changed with bits added. Like doctors letter. The main problem seems to me to be that he will need to get a certificate of residence. My local one didn't even want to accept my Yellow book for that. Did once I put them right. Whatever he wont be able to get one so I suspect that the answer will be No. Of cause I could be wrong, TIT.
  8. Glad to say I'm the same boat as you. I do have a top of the range western kitchen with granite work tops. Never used as a kitchen, unless you include the tea coffee making, as the wife only cooks in her Thai kitchen. Washing up as well as washing Mac: done in utility room. Don't know why I put one in in the first place.
  9. I use my Thai address. I receive all my paperless acc: Via email and new ATM cards ETC by DHL sent here direct, Bank pays for DHL, nothing to do with the UK. Banks I use are Lloyds off shore, I send monies in UK pounds. Kasikorn Thai. But I think most UK off shore banks do free transfers to Thailand now. But I could be wrong on that. You will have to check with the individual ones both UK and Thai you are using. I do know that some Thai banks still charge they might do a tad better exchange rate but that's wiped out by the charges they make.
  10. Agree with you. I just wait till the exchange rate is good (Not that it's good anymore) Make the call and I get that rate. You do have to keep a check on the hourly rate though. Last week it was a lot better than today. Because of Brexit rubbish. Cant see it getting any better in the coming weeks till that gets sorted. Could go down to around 36bt to the UK pound if that goes tit's up. I will then not send any monies over. I always keep lots of Thai BT in my Thai account have enough for the next 9 months at least. Keeping my fingers crossed it'll sort it's self out by the time I have to send more over.
  11. Benefit 1 you don't have to pay any transfer costs. The reason it takes the 2 days that I stated is because of the time delay it will not go into my Thai account till the next day as they the Thai banks don't put things into my account till they start working next morning. Well my Thai bank doesn't anyway. As my payment go via head office in BKK. Not the end of the world for Free payments.
  12. I didn't say put all your monies in an off shore Bank. You only use it for your pension. You can still keep your UK banks as I do, for all your normal dealings. Not that I have any dealing in the UK now. Executors will not have a problem as when you are no More, the Pension stops anyway. As you will see, I put in as an N/B on my last post if you choose the right banks you don't have to Pay to send monies here. I use Skype make a phone call they (Off shore are open 24/7 365) and it's off that day into my Thai account. Only reason it take 2 days to get into my Acc: is the time delay. How simple do you want it.
  13. Get yourself an off shore bank account. All the major UK banks have those. Simple to get just go into your UK bank and apply for one. My one is in Jersey. You can have your pension payments paid into that, then transfer whatever you want to your Thai bank. As and when you require same. Just a phone call internet will sort that. Cash will arrive in your Thai bank around 2 days later. Would suggest you don't have your monies paid directly into your Thai bank from the pension peeps as you will loose on the exchange rate. N/B check what banks charge for the sending monies. My banks at either end don't charge anything. Can make a big difference.
  14. If you only use it a few time a year that could well be your problem. Water sitting in it just buggering the inside as it's not moving.
  15. I have to agree with your post. Thai's fitted similar when I first had my set up sorted. Pump went up the creek, bearings went after 6 months. Took it back into the shop where they got it from and their reply was Rubbish pump no guarantee. Changed it to a Hitachi 200 that has just has given me problems at just over 9 years old. New one fitted, took old one into our local repair place to see it they could sort it out as a spare. Seems there was a small dead snake in the cooling fan. Result nothing wrong with pump, now have a spare. Conclusion don't buy cheap by the best around 5.000th bt, they last for years if looked after.
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