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  1. When I looked up Roojai insurance they said in the small print, that they didn't insure anyone over 65. They might have changed who knows. I got my 1st class insurance down by 7000bht by insuring it owner driver only. Whatever it all depends on what pick up model, make, pick up you get. So you will only get estimates as you question is at best vague, 4X4, 4 door, big engine being the most expensive. If you include servicing around 30k bht for the large one. But if your worried about 30k then suggest you don't get one.
  2. I have had first hand experience with those concrete??? roof tiles/sheets. They last around 3/4 years and them they crack up and leak. They also go brittle and won't stand any weight. Even a light pressure from your hand will go right through.
  3. Sorry to say that your buggered if you cant get on neighbours roof. As that looks like that's where the waters getting in??? Then again having a second look the flashing is on your concrete wall and if it's leaking it'll run down the wall and into your neighbours place and not yours. Might make your wall damp though. Your suggestion of sorting out your roof problem might help who knows without seeing it first hand. Cant see that putting a guttering on will help. Whatever it doesn't look to great in the first place. One side seems to be done correctly the other is a bit
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