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  1. As usual TVF is playing up and wont let me edit. But they do have a fridge in reception that has beer/soft drinks and I'm shore coffee and the likes are available.
  2. Right they are open. Wasn't sure because of this Rat Flue 19. Please don't ask what it's called I don't read Thai. But it has Air and nice clean rooms. Also easy to find. But you will have to Book. They were full for today when I asked just now. N/B they don't speak English. Right directions. On the way down from C/M take the left turn off the A1/32 onto 112 at K.P.Phet. Some 150mt down that Soi and it's on the left hand side. I'm not sure if they are doing food. I gathered that due to this R/Flue their restaurant isn't open. But If you want to know where to eat ask. Also if Thai or western you require.
  3. Give me a bit of time I'll pop round and make sure they are still open.
  4. Can recommend several depending on what you want to Pay. From 380bht and up. Just let me know your price range.
  5. Route 1 through Chai Nat. Then route 340 to Suphan Buri and 321/324 to Kan: Tip Chai Nat. Keep a look out for your road signs as at one point you will have to double back on yourself to get to you next road. There are not to many places to stop off and get food on route, Main towns fine. But it's a good road. And you'll find it the quickest. If you want to know of any places to stay in K.P.Phet or where to eat Thai/Western just ask.
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