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  1. Or basically you will have a very good chance of not getting seriously sick from Covid. Just a question. If you've had the jabs and you 'somehow' get infected/tested will you still get a cardboard bed for a couple of weeks?
  2. Swop some of mine for a couple of covid vac jabs.
  3. Sorry, I'm making the mistake in assuming all the news on vaccines is to help expats understand what options they have other than none.
  4. 2 jabs in 10 seconds????? LINE_MOVIE_1620212946599.mp4
  5. How do you read the headline? 1. You won't get a vac' jab?? 2.You will 'have' to pay for it?? 3. Even if you want to pay you will have to wait until all Thai people have had their vac' jab.
  6. I've been a few times myself, a few years ago when I worked in Tipton. Does tend to put you off balance a bit when you walk through the door.
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