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  1. Didn't it also mention 'who want tl get married'. I can imagine a few pattaya 'ladies' reading that the wrong way.
  2. When the wuhuflu situation eventually settles down I don't see a pretty picture of pattaya coming into existence. There will be many people who have been surviving, just, returning to pattaya to make a living any way they can from the 'returning tourists'. That will take a lot of controlling to prevent it turning into a not so nice situation. I just don't see it being or having much of a chance of being all the things these dreams are proposing.
  3. In-laws have a few detached large houses and town houses, we have been given one of the houses to live in. No problem getting MIL to provide whats needed. I just want to get the Imm' stuff straight.
  4. So landlord does TM30 or I do? I file TM 30. Where does TM 28 come in to it?
  5. Moving house in a months time. What are the reporting steps and in what order. Move will be after my next 90 day report in the old area. 6 months through my 1 year married extension of stay. New area will be in Thonburi BKK.
  6. No no no. Your girlfriend must be able to pass a written test on english grammar and spelling. Actually being able to have a conversation isn't all that important. When my wife was working she had to interview candidates for office positions where they would have to work with expat engineers. So many of them turned up with wonderful certificates issued on 'tick the box' tests and absolutely no ability to actually have a conversation in english. Learning conversation english first and then grammar later is the only way to go.
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