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  1. Don't suppose anyone has any idea of how long they've been here and if they are limited to certain areas etc. Can they survive the cold weather up north etc?
  2. Blowing your nose in public and in a supercilious fashion ha! . You should be flogged in public.
  3. American tourist turns up in Auchinshoogle in Scotland with a fur hat that has a fox tail at the back. Local asks him why are you wearing that? He says I told my friends I was going to Auchinshoogle and they all said Wear the fox hat.
  4. During this period egg poachers could end up in hot water.
  5. You've worked on pipelines around plants in the middle east haven't you.
  6. Pre Covid world economy getting into big problems. World leaders decide on a new approach Post Covid.
  7. Yes. They actually do believe that. I know you weren't really asking. The whole religion thing scares me.
  8. None of the on/off ramps at the Ban Chang end are open yet. Only a few motorbikes dodging around the barriers today 2pm. Lots of work still to do.
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