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  1. Any special requirements for the photo for an IDP issued in Thailand? Size, background etc.
  2. Not when they can get the same in the sales at home for minimum 50% off.
  3. Is the combo method ( income plus savings to make 800,000 a year ) also a no go? eg 400,000 in the bank and 40,000 a month income or other combined figures? Above would total 880,000 so you could really have 320,000 in the bank but with exchange rates better to go higher.
  4. Just don't use Poipet. There are 2 or 3 other crossings nearby. Someone will post names soon. Pong Nam Ron is one.
  5. Any chance these outlets will pay attention to what the customers want rather than 'this is what we sell so just pay up?'
  6. ETD from the embassy. Does he have any copies of his PP or any other kind of UK identity to show as well.?
  7. Does sound nice. Still got barking dogs and a few barking expats though.
  8. Some have done it and know what it means. Some haven't done it and haven't a clue what it means.
  9. She was the one who joined ISIS. I can understand the way her twisted and sick mind works but that doesn't mean I would consider joining myself.
  10. Understands, supports and encourages others to kill innocent women and children is more to the point. I can try to make my points without insults by the way.
  11. Interviewed by BBC and she said she understands why they bombed the concert in Manchester. In my mind that makes her just as guilty as the bombers. Let her rot in her own sh-t.
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