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  1. An ETD is usually issued in the case of the need to travel urgently for whatever reason, eg get home to UK when you've lost your passport or put it through the wash in your jeans pocket. In my case I had applied for a new passport through VFS ( old one full ) and a meeting was brought forward by a week and I was unsure if the new PP would arrive in time. I managed to get the ETD issued in a day by showing flight/hotel bookings and the company details about the meeting etc. For the OP there is no obvious pressing need to travel so it boils down to police report, inform the embassy, apply for a new passport through VFS, go to Imm' with the new passport and details of multi B, smile sweetly and get it sorted.
  2. Nah. The train with all the gold on is in a tunnel about 100 metres to the right, or maybe to the left. This tunnel is a decoy, but, keep that quiet, I didn't tell you.
  3. Cheap, expensive hotels? It all depends on your disposable income and what you expect to get for your money. 3 nights on a private island in a movie/rock star's house is cheap to some and out of reach for the vast majority. Some people expect 4 cans of beer in the mini bar and free peanuts, some expect a couple of bottles of 'bolly' and free caviar. If you provide 5 star food and service in an advertised 3 star place you're very likely to get away with it. If you provide 3 star food and service in a 5 star advertised place you will likely fall on your ass business wise.
  4. You don't learn how to drive an F1 car until you've hit the barriers a few times either. It's called learning your own and your vehicles limits.
  5. To live like that you must have done something really sh-tty in a past life
  6. Some of the points of law that must be adhered to. Taking into consideration the thickness of the walls then the internal diameter must be less than the external diameter. The above applies to the full length of the tunnel to ensure the 'hole' is the full length of the tunnel. Each and every local authority must have a standard length of tunnel on the books. If the tunnel does not conform to the standard length it must be clearly marked as a 'long tunnel' or a 'short tunnel.' This saves walking with a tape in the future for confirmation. All tunnels must be as close to horizontal as possible. Depending on angle they may have to conform to the rules for shafts. Any large deviation from the horizontal ( to be decided locally ) may result in the tunnel engineers being 'shafted'
  7. The idiot sitting 2 foot off your rear wheel in his pick up or car is just one of the dangers. It would take a long time to list the rest of them. You could be, maybe you're him, the best/safest/most careful biker in the world but here the roads are full of drivers/riders who 'know' they sre best and that means you are just an annoyance that has to get out of their way. Happy biking. Stay chrome side up.
  8. I better say sorry again. Jihadi Jack is the name in the news.
  9. Check the latest uk news BBC and ITV. Edit Jihadi Jack. Sorry.
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