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  1. Real question. Would some sort of mini faraday cage covering the unit make any difference or is the signal frequency, wave length, so different it wouldn't block anything??
  2. Heard down under you'll take anything that isn't nailed down JOKE.
  3. I would be very surprised if they ask you anything.
  4. Can't imagine Imm' asking for a WP at the airport. 99% of IO's 'know' and tell you it must be a B. They see an extension issued in Thailand and that's all they are interested in. You've proved you've got the money to get the extension.
  5. Multi entry O's with a break when I worked BOI and they changed me over to a B at Bangkok office. They also did the 90 day reports for me.
  6. Agree. Spent most of my time working with WP issued while holding Non O. I have the usual barstool experts tell me I must have been 'illegal' because Imm' told them, or their wife, it must be a B visa.
  7. I don't even know if taking the battery out changes anything. Just did a google on the NSA system. They can track a switched off phone if they download a trojan to the phone that still sends a 'here I am signal'. Taking the battery out stops this. The other way is to somehow physically insert a 'chip' in the phone that will 'signal' where the phone is. I take it might have it's own mini power source charged from the battery. So, unless you are a 'person of interest' that requires tracking ie not you, me or joe soap, taking the battery out limits tracking to the last known location by tower triangulation. As soon as you put the battery back you're on the map again.
  8. I resisted for years but eventually it became needed for work etc. Technically I still don't own one. When I finished my last contract the boss said keep the laptop and phone and my wife just bought me a SIM to use in the phone.
  9. Like you I have no idea what it means. Especially the work visa bit. Holiday camp to learn how to make boomerangs?
  10. Can't you switch that function off on your phone?? Your service provider can show where you've been by tracking your calls I know.
  11. And I am always enchanted when some xxxxxxxx without easy pass gets in the lane and clogs up the system.
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