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  1. Interesting question? Although I can imagine someone in a uniform showing a bank teller ( probably 18/20 years old and easily intimidated ) a copy of the bankbook and saying 'we need to check this'. Nah that wouldn't happen.
  2. OK who will be the first to say it's dangerous to have a pipeline alongside the road like that?
  3. The other point is that pipelines are provided with 3 types of warning on location and depth. Above ground a system of concrete posts along the line of sight of the buried pipe showing depth, size and what is in the pipe. Next at a fixed depth is a tape with words gas or oil etc pipe. Further down is a layer of cement/concrete slabs at a fixed height above the pipe. To damage a buried gas pipeline means all 3 have been ignored.
  4. Is it too much to say that 800 million could be better spent back here? More important to invest in where we are heading, not where we 'might' have come from.
  5. Special forces, political talks, ten minute cease-fires, sanctions and who knows whatever ideas are tried will not do anything to stop any of these attacks. There is no cure.
  6. Yes, I've just done it and I wasn't asked to show the 400,000. I had the updated bank book in my pocket but it wasn't asked for when they put the one year extension in my passport. I have seen posts on TV that some offices ask for it, some offices don't.
  7. Surely that depends on your local Imm' office. There have been reports on TV saying they require you to show the 400,000 still in when they issue the year extension.
  8. Just TV trying to attract younger posters.
  9. What has taking the fun out of it got to do with it? It's a simple question looking for a simple answer.
  10. Some reports coming from India that in many good restaurants the chillies are being replaced by the original pepper that was always used before they even knew what a chilli was. My own feeling is that with pepper it's a better taste and doesn't mask the other spices by making it feel like your mouth is on fire with the chilli. Try pepper instead of chilli, it might surprise you, unless you're one of the super heroes who think it's super macho to add as much chilli as you can get your hands on.
  11. Anywhere on Koh Chang open for the 'Full British' breakfast ?
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