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  1. 4 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

    Sounds like: I want my new toy! I don't want to listen to all those people who don't like my new toy. Or to say it again: I want my new toy! 😉 


    At least you have a reason to cross the river.



    Why are you even here? You are just a Troll that hates Apple products. "OneMoreBitterFarang" should be your username 😛

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  2. 4 hours ago, luk AJ said:

    From my Russian wife:
    ....health Certificate is needed in case of one-year visa......
    Visa service is paid by valid VISA card only, doesn’t matter USD/ThB but calculated equivalent ThB; can apply for express visa service (1-3 days); Can make an appointment on the official website of Russian Embassy


    1. Health Certificate? You mean health insurance? 

    2. I can only pay by VISA credit card? No cash or Mastercard?

    3. Can you please give me the link to the russian embassy website where I can make the appointment booking? I can't find it. 

  3. Hello Community,


    For the first time I am applying for a russian Visa. (1 year Business Visa M)

    I got the invitation letter, medical insurance, Thai Visa and air ticket. Based on your experience, do I need something else? 


    Do they only accept USD for the payment? Because there is nothing mentioned about Thai Baht. 



    Appreciate any feedback.


  4. Hello Community,


    I am under process for Elite Visa. My question is, can I get postpaid contract from AIS for home internet and sim card under my name? I am renting the condo. 


    Maybe someone here has done it before and can get me any advice. 



  5. 3 minutes ago, SidJames said:

    I had my one done in Pratumnak soi 6 last year.

    The company are Bangkok based but they have a technician here that takes the swabs from you & the child.

    You will need ID.

    I'll dig out the info & post it

    Thanks, did you just walk in or did you make an appointment? 

  6. Hello,


    Does anybody know where in Pattaya we can make a paternity test? We are looking more or less for a "walk-in" solution. 

    A independent clinic or Hospital perhaps? 


    If you know of any please let me know. 


    (i already contacted PTC Labs but that is only by appointment) 


    Thank you

  7. I ordered several IMac's, MacBook's, IPad's, IPhone's etc from Apple Online Store and never had an issue. Apple knows how to well pack their expensive machines and DHL always handle the packages very carefully. 

    Do not worry and order it. 🙂 

  8. AIS Fibre as well as 3BB Fibre and True Fibre all available in my condominium building. 

    I checked the AIS website to confirm my location and building to make sure Fibre is available. All well.


    Couple years ago when the True technician came to my condo to setup the router he laid a white cable from somewhere on my floor into my flat. I am already having 100/30 mb/s connection and it works well. But I guess this is not Fibre but cable connection, isn't it? 


    Based on this information do you think I need to cancel the True service first or can I just go ahead and get AIS to setup everything and later cancel True? Perhaps the AIS technician also needs to lay a new cable into my flat? 

  9. Hello,


    I want to change my ISP from True Online to AIS Fibre. 

    Do I have to cancel the True online service first so the line will be free or can I register for AIS Fibre get it all setup by the AIS technician and later on go to True and cancel the service and return the router? 




  10. Update/


    Today I went to the Land Transport Department at MoChit

    The sweet lady behind the information counter explained me that I can only renew my license for another 5 years after April 14th, after the Songkran holidays.

    She explained me that it's in their computer system so only precisely 3 month in advance is possible. 


    Then i asked the kind lady at the information counter if I could at least change my address on the back of the license and update my photo. Which she said yes to. 

    But after visiting counter 17 an older officer lady told me I need the residence letter from the Embassy NOT from the immigration. Which was quite confusing to me. 


    Then I went to the international driving license office on the 1st floor and they said I couldn't get the IDL due because my DL is due to expire in April and they also explained me that the document I got from the Immigration was not a real certificate of residence but rather a receipt that I have reported myself to the immigration.

    Now I ask myself will this certificate of residence send to me by post? But perhaps this is a question for another section in this forum. 


    In short, I couldn't get done anything today and will need to redo it once i return to Thailand in April. 

  11. Hi,


    My "Thai" driving license still shows my old address and now I want to change it to my new address. I got the certified letter of residence from Immigration + passport and visa copies. 

    Additional info: My license is due to expire on April 11, 2019 after the second 5 year renewal. 


    I have 4 questions.


    1. Do I need the medical certificate to change the address? 


    2. Since my current NON-IMMI Visa is only valid for 90 days + got the Multi entry stamp it will expire on January 20th. Will I be able to apply for the International Thai Driving License which suppose to be valid for 1 year only?


    3. I have a flight out on January 8th and I am not due to return to Thailand before the expire date (Apr. 11) of my driving license, if I decide to renew my driving license will I be able to do it before my flight? 


    4. If number 3 is not possible how much time after the expire date do I have to renew the license for another 5 years without taking the test again? 



    Thanks for your feedback. 

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