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  1. There may be various causes - ranging from very simple things to more serious events. Did you take a shower just before you noticed the deafness ? It might be that the ear is just congested and the moisture let this congesture grow to finally seal it. Happened to me two times. In any case I would see a doctor immediately. Even the removal of the congesture requires specialized machinery using water flushing. Never try to use any Q-Tip on your own. And I would not delay the trip to the hospital. Go immediately.
  2. One of the shortest, most appropriate and funniest answers I have read here on TV so far. It is ascribed to Goethe that he once apologised for not having had the time to keep a letter short. With the above you certainly beat him.
  3. My wife would need to file a tax declaration for 2019 (until March 2020). My someone recommend a good tax consultant in the Pattaya area who can fill out the declaration for her ?
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