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  1. We will move to a different floor in the same building (rented condo) sometime this year. I understand that a new TM28 and TM30 is required then. TM28 to be filed by myself and TM30 to be filed by the new landlord. Correct ? I know the suporting documentation required for the TM30, but not for the TM28. What do I need apart from a completed TM28 form ? Both reports are supposed to be made within 24 hours. Is there an order which is preferrable or even needed ? TM28 first ? Or TM30 ? I suspect my landlord WANTS to file the TM30 by herself - otherwise I could do it all by myself. I am asking these seemingly over anxious questions because of the passage under TM28 containd in this link: https://www.thai-consulate.net/thai-forms - saying: "Note that it is a criminal offense not to notify immigration of your latest address even before your 90 day reporting". So concerning the TM28 they seem to be very serious. But my landlord does not want to get fined as well for reporting the TM30 late. My immigration office is Jomtien. And as this is then a "new adress" - as well for my wife - all banks have to be informed I suppose. I hope the driving licenses can stay the way they are until the next renewal is due. Thanks for any insights.
  2. Is this 3M Cristalline ? This one comes in varous shades as well. Of course I am interested in the best solution. My ordinary glasses will turn darker automatically if exposed to ultraviolet light. But my wife does not have it. She must rely on ordinary sun glasses. Do you know the exact description of the film you are using ?
  3. Thai inheritance regulations are quite unique and advantageous for us. And my lifespan may be considerably shorter than that of my wife - I am older. No tax avoidance here whatsoever.
  4. Thanks for your help. I know the double taxation treaty between Switzerland and Thailand and I have read it word for word before. I know as well the Tilleke Tax Guide. Based on that my understanding is that there is no problem at all - but this is my understanding alone. Generally I feel reluctance from anybody wanting to clarify here if I ask. Or I get drastically different opinions. All this from people who should know.
  5. Then an estimated 90%+ of all drivers in LOS are Cheap Charlies or Posers. Rare to see a car without. There must be a reason for having it. Not only that the sun may blind you but it becomes hotter inside as well. These "40%" are obviously not the measure of the reduction of the visibility. And it looks nice, too if you stay at 40%. OK, I see - maybe I am a Poser, too ?
  6. After days of back and forth and again and again on YouTube and any ressources available this will be exactly my choice. This is after a shootout regardless of any price. I will order a Viofo A129 Duo with Lazada including the GPS module and polarizing filter lens. Unfortunately there seems to be no filter for the back heading camera - where it would be needed because of the headlights of cars in the night. The Duo is a just a little bit ugly if the cable to the rear camera is installed (comes out of the front cameras side). But there seems to be not one single two channel dash cam availabe that satisfies all requirements to 100% - regardless of much you would be willing to pay.
  7. Thanks. I think the same. But even after reading the tax code even the very most basic questions remain open. Example: In 2018 my wife and me have not been tax resident in Thailand. So there is no tax return for 2018 in 2019 to be filed - or is it ? Then the text of your link above does not mention a gift tax or explicitely gifts. This is strange because in the past there has been such a thing. Has the code been revised considerable a short time ago ? There are many passages that need further explanation. That is why we need a tax consultant. Did not find yet anyone competent though. Siam-legal does not provide tax related services - I have contacted them and received an answer within one day.
  8. Having browsed through various posts here and on the internet, I finally visited today Boy Air & Sound on Sukhumvit in Pattaya. The lady there was not really interested but showed me 3 different packs ("..Sony sensor, very good"...). Completely disappointing for me. I had hoped for some professional advice and a larger top selection. We need two dashcams for our new Camry when it will be delivered in March. No need for a 2CH model, two separate but power linked dashcams even from different manufacturers may be more appropriate than a 2CH model, for the back camera must be real small to avoid collision with the electric sun shield. I do not want to be one single cabel visible. The shop must therefore have the skills to partly disassemble the brand new car, connect everything and put everything back on as it was. No need for a parking mode (although this would be a nice add-on) nor for cloud storage, but need for an impeccable picture quality even at night (like that of the Blackvue 900 series). The cams must withstand heat and have high resolution. There is for example the GARMIN 55 (here it is called the GDR E560 I think) which seems to qualify. I asked Boy Air & Sound if they could order two for me and install it and they said no. One idea is to wait for the motor show in BKK and look around there. Any other ideas ? The budget will be big enough for I consider this to be an important part of the car.
  9. My wife would need to file a tax declaration for 2019 (until March 2020). My someone recommend a good tax consultant in the Pattaya area who can fill out the declaration for her ?
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