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  1. Is this 3M Cristalline ? This one comes in varous shades as well. Of course I am interested in the best solution. My ordinary glasses will turn darker automatically if exposed to ultraviolet light. But my wife does not have it. She must rely on ordinary sun glasses. Do you know the exact description of the film you are using ?
  2. Thai inheritance regulations are quite unique and advantageous for us. And my lifespan may be considerably shorter than that of my wife - I am older. No tax avoidance here whatsoever.
  3. Thanks for your help. I know the double taxation treaty between Switzerland and Thailand and I have read it word for word before. I know as well the Tilleke Tax Guide. Based on that my understanding is that there is no problem at all - but this is my understanding alone. Generally I feel reluctance from anybody wanting to clarify here if I ask. Or I get drastically different opinions. All this from people who should know.
  4. Then an estimated 90%+ of all drivers in LOS are Cheap Charlies or Posers. Rare to see a car without. There must be a reason for having it. Not only that the sun may blind you but it becomes hotter inside as well. These "40%" are obviously not the measure of the reduction of the visibility. And it looks nice, too if you stay at 40%. OK, I see - maybe I am a Poser, too ?
  5. After days of back and forth and again and again on YouTube and any ressources available this will be exactly my choice. This is after a shootout regardless of any price. I will order a Viofo A129 Duo with Lazada including the GPS module and polarizing filter lens. Unfortunately there seems to be no filter for the back heading camera - where it would be needed because of the headlights of cars in the night. The Duo is a just a little bit ugly if the cable to the rear camera is installed (comes out of the front cameras side). But there seems to be not one single two channel dash cam availabe that satisfies all requirements to 100% - regardless of much you would be willing to pay.
  6. Thanks. I think the same. But even after reading the tax code even the very most basic questions remain open. Example: In 2018 my wife and me have not been tax resident in Thailand. So there is no tax return for 2018 in 2019 to be filed - or is it ? Then the text of your link above does not mention a gift tax or explicitely gifts. This is strange because in the past there has been such a thing. Has the code been revised considerable a short time ago ? There are many passages that need further explanation. That is why we need a tax consultant. Did not find yet anyone competent though. Siam-legal does not provide tax related services - I have contacted them and received an answer within one day.
  7. We have been there yesterday. The food is really very good. It was a bit overcrowded and the service suffered a bit from this. But the sushi fish is very fresh and of top quality. The selection is as well very satisfying although I do not understand that they have ama ebi on the menu but not the cooked variety. I did not find any wasabi between toppings (which are very well cut) and rice. Seems to be the new trend although I still feel that this is not the classic preparation. The prices are (especially for more exclusive items like Chu- / O-toro) really a bit on the high side to put it mildly. The setting is quite nice. Its the visitors themselves that might spoil the atmosphere a bit. Imagine a Michelin Star restaurant witk kids running between the tables or guests visiting with shorts and sandals or shouting loud. Well there were no kids running around there yesterday but just as an example what could be done (if it could) to improve it even further. The potential for a great Japanese fine dining venue is lurking here. We will return anyway. This is the best Japanese Restaurant we have ever visited in Pattaya based on the superb kitchen.
  8. We did contact them and after a while we were able to meet with the director for 30 minutes. We received some quick answers but a follow up email to confirm our understanding was not answered. And a further follow up email as well not. There must be at least ONE reliable tax consultant office here in Pattaya that could assist with a personal income tax declaration and to answer the following simple question WITHOUT DOUBT: When I transfer ASSETS in 2019 from my account in Switzerland to some of my Thai wifes accounts in Thailand - would she have to pay tax on the amounts (not the interest derived). Some say Yes, some say No. But I need to be sure since the amounts are significant. To be sure means = confirmed with the tax authorities themselves through our consultant to be or finding the crystal clear passage in the tax code that explains that without leaving any questions open.
  9. Japanese people tend to make an art out of everything: tea preparation, arranging flowers, fireing a bow and even folding paper Sushi making is a bit similar. But Fuji resembles more a factory than a soulful place. You could put a teabag in a cup with hot water. This would result in tea, but it does not mean that it may then considered to be an art and enjoyed as such on a full scale.
  10. The s and pro do not have the right/left adjustment. sfokevin did mention the dual cam model as well. As long as this is the same spec for the front as the A119 I will have to check this one, too.
  11. Interesting. Will have a longer look at it when I come back from the city today. At a first glance the "GPS unit" disturbs me. It is like a curse - there is alway ONE setback wherever you look.
  12. I see, but the A119pro has better night vision. Have a look here for a real comprehensive comparison: https://dashcamtalk.com/viofo-a119s/ Especially the video is showing many different aspects. Maybe I should go for the a119, but I definitely do not want a spacious GPS unit if this can be avoided. Is there something to be placed outside of the window. Would be a no go.
  13. Thanks, maybe it is just small enough. I think it is about twice the size of the Garmin 55, but this one does not qualify because of heat problems. I will order a Viofo 119s (pro) from Lazada. It must be the 119 pro because of the better night recording over the standard 119 and I must not forget to order the polarizing filter. Then I see what I get and bring it to the Toyota Dealer. Then I get an impression if it fits in or not and if yes I will order one more for the back. The windows will be fitted with a 40% sun blocking foil but I think this will not be much of a problem. Everyone here has that, even 60%.
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