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  1. I believe that is an appealing idea. I would even assume (as a naive non-expert on the subject) that two vaccines with completely different mechanisms would not interfere with each other very much and should actually protect in two different ways. Moderna is based on mRNA, Sinovac on inactivated particles and AstraZeneca on Adenovirus. Of course there is no study on this yet.
  2. Thanks Neeranam for all your suggestions. Without having it stored on 3 different media (one being in a different location as well) I could not sleep well. This "hardware wallet" you refer to is nothing more than an encrypted USB-stick or am I mistaken ? And the data on it can be duplicated for backup puposes - or can it not ? Only one device may fail - after all its a technical thing and everything technical may fail. In this case the phrase applies "Too big (or should I say "important") to fail".
  3. Does anybody have an idea how a Thai national, having only cash in Thai bank accounts or subsidiaries of foreign banks (such as ICBC) in Thailand in THB may participate in cryptocurreny transactions, buying selling Bitcoins or the mentioned Monero or Pirate Chain currencies ? The transactions need to be secure and quickly executable (I expect but a few minutes to perform a trade - whether buy or sell with initiated transfer to a Thai Baht account or any other conventional currency). Furthermore the assets need to be stored redundantly on own premises after buying, not online in any
  4. This worldometer ranking is per default based on total cases since the beginning of the pandemic and therefore not really relevant for the situation as it is today. UK for example is on the very bad rank 7, but Thailand has currently nearly as much new cases per day as they do. You may filter the worldometer table using the build in filters on top and then arrive at surprizingly different views. The drastic changes that did occur during the last few weeks dragging some countries slowly out of its former catastrophic situation to a state of near normal life are (I believe) the resul
  5. If you are using IMAP - where your emails are stored on the Google email server -, then create a local folder in your email client on your PC with subfolders for In- and Out-Emails for each important email adress you have. Then just backup ("copy to") to these folders from time to time and you will have the emails stored on your PC instead on the mail-server of Google. As you would as well backup your whole PC to an external harddisk from time to time (I hope for you) these backups would then be saved as well in a security copy of your email profile. If you have a NAS s
  6. Maybe its even worse ? Actually I am an alien - disguised perfectly as a TV member. You would never believe it even if I just told you right straight away - or would you ? You don't - right ? Thats how good my disguise is. There are many of us by the way
  7. Never had sleep paralysis but a number of lucid dreams. The first one occurred unexpectantly when I was in my early 20's. Since I did not know anything about lucidity back then it was an overwhelmingly big surprize. I then read books of Stephen LaBerge and joined the Lucidity Institute. I even constantly trained myself, following the recommendations of Stephen LaBerge and using even his "Dream Light" device which measures rapid eye movements if they occur and then emitts a light pattern to the closed eyes that was supposed to let you recognize that you are dreaming. But this has never really w
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