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  1. This seems to become more and more obvious now. And if the reason for all this is as stated by @WaveHunter, then any advantageous proposals such as having money in the bank instead of insurance as alternative etc. will fall on deaf ears. Even trying not to be apocalyptic this mandatory insurance under the current premises might develop into the biggest threat to the expat community ever experienced with consequences unheard of. And it seems to be already bad enough as it stands.
  2. Although I do not think that my previous post was completely off topic (sometimes I miss some compassion here on TVF, not specifically targeting you) I do absolutely acknowledge your view as well. I think (hope) that I understand quite some of the very many aspects of this all. But then it comes down to the question: What can we do about it fundamentally if we were not just make the best out of the worst ? Nothing to do with head in the sand. Everything to do with benefitting everybody.
  3. Instead of trying to point out what is logical why you and others here are not just happy for anybody not affected, regardless of the reason ? "Look, look, I have found someone which seems not be affected but should be - please look that he will be punished in the same way that everybody (me) is - it would be logical...." This mind set makes me feel sad.
  4. Am I right then that there might be so drastic consequences for some at some offices compared to others that even moving to another province could be worth considering ? It comes to mind that a short guide "What Immigration Offices across Thailand require" or "Guide to the Immigration Offices of Thailand" might be helpful.
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