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  1. I have often wondered about the legalities of these "private taxis." How would a passenger know if the driver is licensed, and the car insured, and road worthy. If he's "private transport" it's as good as getting in the car with a "friend." There is no Government framework of "official" control for this mode of transport, so who knows what a travel insurace company might do, in the event you are involved in a serious accident. I suppose it's the same with Uber and Grab, but at least they "vet" their drivers and vehicles to some degree. On Phuket, pay your "fees" to the "taxi association" and that's it, you are good to start operating.
  2. "the speedboat suffered some sort of engine or control malfunction" - shouldn't that read "rudder malfunction?" Even if the engine was stuck on full throttle, the boat could still steer out of the path of the tanker.
  3. "Blame actually lies with the thai authorities" for not having any other affordable way to get around Phuket, without riding a motorbike. Sadly, just another road fatality statistic here, due to the lack of proper public transport. It's a disgrace.
  4. In my opinion, whatever the individual's motives, given the current situation here, it would not be a sound business decision to purchase.
  5. Funny how kids tend to get along when they are left unsupervised.
  6. If we were comparing the cost of living between different countries, we could use "The Big Mac Index." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mac_Index Basically, the theory behind it is, the exact same product is delivered in a very similar environment, or it's a direct "like for like" if a take-away, so one can judge exchange rates, cost of living, economy, salaries etc. The trouble here is, we are trying to compare two different provinces in Thailand. That said, the price of a Big Mac may be different on Phuket, compared to Chiang Mai. I don't know. I don't eat that rubbish. We need to have a product that is similar. I think a Starbucks coffee would be the same as a Big Mac. Ok for comparing countries, maybe not so great for comparing provinces, but who knows, they could vary in price. Beer is another good product for comparison, because a Singha beer on Phuket is the same Singha beer in Chiang Mai, the problem is comparing the environment in which it is delivered, which effects the cost. Eg. a nice air conditioned bar with the sport on, versus sitting at a pile of bricks in an outdoor beer bar. There's no use comparing street food, as there are too many variables. Perhaps some members can thing of a product that would be a direct comparison between Phuket and Chiang Mai. What about market foods? Eg. coconuts.
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