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  1. Read again. I said, "most of which favor seafood" not "all." The people of many countries in South East Asia favor seafood over other foods.
  2. "Hard to drag a family back home when you have nothing to go back to." - true. That's why I always tell "newbies" that I introduce to Thailand, word to the effect, "Don't put all your eggs in the Thailand basket, and always have a Plan B, which is outside Thailand." He must have been under a lot of pressure, but surely, living a cheaper lifestyle must have been an option. RIP.
  3. NamKangMan

    Patong - The Wake

    I didn't think what I posted breached forum rules, but if have since taken the "s*x" word out and used the words "bar girl." Other sectors have been "disrupted" by technology. Eg. taxi, accommodation, currency etc. (Uber / AirBnB / BitCoin) I see no harm in discussing, within forum rules, how a people within a certain "occupation" in Thailand are making use of these apps.
  4. NamKangMan

    Patong - The Wake

    "With the advent of Thaifriendly and Tinder the girls are more savvy now and realize they don't have to sit around in a grotty beer bar all night" - good point, Psimbo. WeChat is another popular pick up app. I have often said, these apps have become somewhat of a "digital disruptor" in the "bar girl" / bar trade here. If you have a look at these apps, you will see there are women from many different countries "working" here, with very little chance of being arrested. I can only see these apps gaining in popularity with working girls in the future.
  5. NamKangMan

    Overstay 16 years

    You were posting when I was typing. I know you are experienced in all things visa related UJ, but perhaps we can hear from a member who has actually received a new passport from their Embassy or Consulate, whilst on an overstay, and I mean, a serious overstay, not just a few days. As I said in a later post, of course an Embassy would issue an emergency passport, but I would suggest that is only with documents from Immigration official because the person is in detention. The OP could do like JT suggested and present to his Embassy claiming a lost / stolen passport, but doesn't that require a police report? Wouldn't the police verify identity with immigration?
  6. NamKangMan

    Overstay 16 years

    Surely, Embassies can not be complicate in a crime. (overstaying) Would they really issue a new passport for someone on such a long overstay? I seriously doubt they would. In relation to flying direct to Belgium, it's my understanding NO airline is obligated to accept a passenger without a valid passport. They simply will not let you board, and it's understandable, as it's not their problem. If the OP is not trolling, I can only assume he has an expired passport, so must be detained for the purpose of arranging an emergency passport and paying his overstay fine.
  7. NamKangMan

    Overstay 16 years

    I accept what you say, but if we do the math, and "assume" a little, let's say the OP entered Thailand 16 years ago with a new passport, which is best case scenario. This passport expired 6 years ago. How did he get a new passport, 6 years ago, with a 10 year overstay? If he has a passport he can use, then he can't be a 16 year overstay. I'm a visa runner, and have never overstayed, and never will, thus, I am not up to date on the overstay legalities, but something doesn't sound right. I'm starting to sense a troll.
  8. NamKangMan

    Patong - The Wake

    The majority of tourists to Phuket now are cheap Chines package holiday makers. This has been reported in the local media, and is not my opinion. I don't remember this being the case a few years ago. Are you saying they now compliment the western tourist market? If so, that is debatable. I would say they have basically replaced the western tourist market. I know The TAT publish figures to show western tourists are stable, or have increased, but I just don't see them in the numbers like I used to, am I am in Patong. Another thing to consider with those stats is Phuket Airport is well connected. There is a percentage of tourists that pass immigration on Phuket, but never spend a night here. I suspect this percentage has increased quiet a lot in recent times.
  9. NamKangMan

    Overstay 16 years

    This is what I was thinking. Passports are good for 10 years. The OP is a 16 year overstay. What passport does he hope to travel anywhere on????
  10. And if Australia had a population of 70 million, most of which favor seafood, then add millions of tourists and expats, how many sharks would have to be caught so the people could eat "flake?" How long before the shark population decreases to dangerous levels, even despite Australia' vast coast lines????
  11. NamKangMan

    "Expensive" Phuket dead as a dodo this high season

    Ahhh, the old comparing prices on Phuket to the west argument again. You do know the the minimum wage here is 300 baht. Right? I think you have answered your own question. "Do you consider an hour plus journey in a cab to or from the airport not worth 700 baht?" - I think the journey from the airport is reasonable. So, accepting the "reasonable" cost of 700 baht for "an hour plus journey in a cab" as a bench mark, do you then think just to get in the back of a tuk-tuk being minimum 200 baht to be "reasonable?" Using your 700 baht bench mark, do you think 400 baht from Kata to Patong in a tuk-tuk to be "reasonable?" What about after midnight when the same journey back to Kata doubles to 800 baht? Do you think that is a "reasonable" price, when compared to your "hour plus journey in a cab?" It must be noted, tuk-tuks do not have air conditioning and seat belts, "cabs" do. Most tourists have no problem with the airport journey cost, because they only use this transport twice on their holiday. Many tourists will require more frequent, but shorter distance land transport. on their holiday. Many regularly go from their hotel to the beach, also to the market, also to shopping, also to activities, also to shows, also to tourists attractions, also to the nightlife etc. Their tuk-tuk travel can run into thousands of baht a day, given you pay, or you walk, or you hire a vehicle. I remember a thread a long time ago where a member posted a photo of his air ticket from Phuket to Bangkok, and it was cheaper than land transport to the airport. Just saying. This has been common knowledge for some time. Yes, it is fair to say I have "extreme bias against the sector." I freely admit I am the most vocal on this forum about land transport on the island, but particularly the tuk-tuk mafia. See all those coach buses, with the majority of tourists to Phuket inside them, on the roads here now? Why do you think that is? See the terrible traffic here now? Have you read the headlines that Phuket is the worst Province in Thailand for road death, thus making Phuket one of the most dangerous places in the world to be on the road? Have you seen the parking issues here now? Remember the regular headlines of tuk-tuk drivers assaulting passengers? Have you been to Bangkok? Why do you think Phuket doesn't have proper metered taxis like Bangkok? Have you been to Pattaya? Why do you think Phuket doesn't have baht buses? Land transport, an essential service, is controlled by criminals on Phuket, and I do not apologize for having "extreme bias" against criminals, who, in my opinion, are indirectly responsible for many deaths and serious injuries here, and who have forced the change of tourist demographic on Phuket.
  12. Imagine if the tourist was Indian. They would have thought their whole holiday was cursed.
  13. "Usual story - the left hand doesn't know the right hand even exists, let alone knowing what it's doing" - the thing is, when it come time to collect "tea money" - BOTH hands are held out, purposefully, with each hand knowing EXACTLY what is going on.
  14. NamKangMan

    Patong - The Wake

    As an expat here, like yourself, we know what we should be paying, and we have our work arounds, thus, we escape the trap prices. The majority of tourists do not have this luxury. "from everything that I've seen/experienced here they would find it cheaper by some margin." - I agree, BUT, would they "find it cheaper by some margin" compared to other tourist destinations in Thailand? Then, would they find Thailand "cheaper by some margin" compared to neighboring countries in South East Asia? I asked the question on another thread. Is it possible it's not about the higher prices on Phuket. Maybe Phuket no longer offers a pleasant holiday, regardless of the cost. Western tourists, of all financial capacities, are no longer coming to Phuket in the numbers they used to. The whole western tourist market to Phuket can not all be suffering financial stress.
  15. So, medical is now following the land transport business model. What's next? Water, electric, fuel, education etc? The day will come, if we're not already there, when expats on Phuket will need to leave the island for reasonably affordable medical and dental care, much in the same way western tourists now detour Phuket for their holiday.