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  1. Might I surmise that speed was involved due to the degree of damage to the trucks?
  2. This whole subject of limited hours for the purchase of alcohol is absurd. Supermarkets and 7-11s are well controlled with CCTV, cash registers, receipts etc. Yet, I can send our 12 year old nephew down to the little old lady that lives down the lane, any day of the week, and he will return with whatever number of bottles of cold beer. No questions asked. BTW he hates beer. The best answer to this problem is to plan your alcohol purchases to times that are convenient or available. The booze barons are members of the elite who run this country, and they can all afford to drink the fines
  3. Apparently there is...................Khwām yạ̀ngyụ̄n - ความยั่งยืน
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