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  1. Now that Justin Trudeau has a minority government, he will likely have to curry favor with Jagmeet Singh, a fine Sikh from British Columbia and a far more colourful character than JT.
  2. The Sub-Continent may be 1000km away, but the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a Union Territory of India, are much closer and not so far from Ranong and Phuket area. Some of these islands are forbidden to outsiders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andaman_Islands#/media/File:Andaman_Islands.PNG
  3. Some serious information missing from this story. Had the vessel entered Indian waters around the Nicobar Islands. Cannot locate Leo island. Indian territory is a long way from Ranong.
  4. "Didn't see any what"? I doubt that tankers that usually carry hazardous liquids as per the placard would be loaded with water/water vapour?.There was definitely a liquid leaking from the tank. I'm surprised they didn't pixelate all the blood on the rear of the tank.
  5. As others have said, as long as you are both there, in a good mood, smiles and wais etc. Your wife will engage them in chit chat, pour the coffee or something stronger if you have and they want. You will be on the sidelines while the family looks on with curiosity. If your marriage is legit no worries, sometimes, as others have mentioned, the poo yai and "orbator (sic) need to sign as witnesses on 1st visit. Some IOs have been known to hint for a brown note for petrol etc. My wife gave them a bag of mangoes.
  6. "........and still get loads of work in this field. "
  7. At the risk of being called pedantic, that truck is not placarded for either diesel fuel or gasoline (petrol) It appears to have a U.N. 3082 placard hazardous liquid, plus an environmentally hazardous placard to finish it off. May not have been as flammable as gasoline, but a nasty liquid when pouring out onto the highway.
  8. Unless Orn-Anong died en route to or in hospital, it looks like only one fatality "Panjaporn, 22, a teacher helping with secondary education at a school was driving the Toyota and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her passenger Orn-Anong, 21, was seriously injured.
  9. Violent. Drunk. Jealous. Happens all too often. This guy should be given the shovel to dig his own grave.
  10. I have been asked by a friend to inquire about what he needs to do if he leaves his home in Nakhon Sawan province and goes to Hua Hin and stays at a guest house for around a month. The guest house usually informs Hua Hin Immigration of his presence? Upon his return to his home province, (NS) he must file a TM28 at NS Immigration Office? If this is correct please comment. Any advice or help appreciated. rc
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