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  1. No pensions for these fowl creatures. Unable to feather their nests like politicians. Maybe a better headline would be "3 Million chickens laid off."
  2. You didn't mention the size of the land she has under durian. It sounds as if you have visions of being a farmer. You will be, as a friend of mine once said, "A gentleman farmer". Will your wife still finance the property from her own funds? What kind of work do you envision doing on the "farm"? Is your wife a farmer in the true sense of the word? Hands on, everything from planting, pruning, irrigation, sale etc etc? Good luck anyway.
  3. In a country where prostitution is supposedly illegal, it would be a huge leap for the government to initiate a program to assist those participating in illegal activities. The "sex workers" should realize that it is the job of the government to screw people not them.
  4. You are right, but I didn't put them in the photo as you know, I merely used it to show the difference between articulate and inarticulate. Reagan's speech flowed, Biden's is merely flawed.
  5. Except Boris will be quoting Aeschylus, Aristotle & Homer. Quite bigly, of course.
  6. Disappointing. I thought this article would be totally redickless.
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