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  1. In that case what about the Firenza from B Quick ?
  2. Just checked Lazada for my size, exactly 6k for 2 for Daytona. Goodyear 14k for 4, Continental over 16k for 4
  3. Just tried Cockpit online and they have Bridgestone ranging from 5,900 to 12,000 and Firestone Firehawk for 3,800.
  4. My tyres will be bigger than on a Vios and probably Almera but I will check Cockpit (we do have one) and Lazada although I worry about getting copies from there for tyres. The car is a Turbo and I don't drive like a looney but I do drive fast when conditions permit, 3 or 4 500 Baht speeding fines from 5 or 6 trips to BKK.
  5. Looking at replacing my Dunlop 225/40/18 Tyres, six years old and 42,000 kms. Never bought tyres here, I've looked online at B Quick and they have Pirelli at 4,490, Firenza 2,590 or Michelin 6,250. I only drive 2 or 3 thousand kms a year. Any recommendations for brands and other outlets apart from B Quick ?
  6. What interest rate is anyone getting with their fixed account please and with what bank ?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I did initially do a search using 'flushing toilet' but it didn't return anything. I've no idea about the location or size of the waste pipe and septic tank. I guess from the replies it can be done, possibly quite easily, so I think the best thing is to get a plumber in to take a look and check on the size of the waste pipe and capacity of the septic tank.
  8. Just want to update. It's 2020, no need to have to throw bowls of water down the pot if for a few thousand a modern flush will do the 'job' quicker and more efficiently and more hygienic.
  9. It's not a squat one, probably was 20 years ago when they first moved in ! But it has a normal sit on toilet but just a bowl without a cistern.
  10. My friends house in Khon Kaen has one bathroom containing a hot water shower, and a basic non flushing toilet bowl. Is it an easy/cheap job for a plumber to change this to a normal flushing toilet providing obviously I buy a new toilet with cistern ? Is it as simple as tapping in to the water supply already in the bathroom to supply the cistern with water or are there other considerations like the size of the pipe/hole the current toilet sits on ? Any advice appreciated, if feasible and affordable a plumber would be doing the work, not me. Thanks.
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