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  1. Thanks Richcor. She is currently driving back to Hua Hin with him from Surin so not back until late tonight so will probably try tomorrow. Yes, I realise now about the app, I will install one when it's found or more likely replaced.
  2. His mother has used his Google Play account and sent me a screenshot in Thai which just seems to show the last time it was turned on. She said it didn't show location or maybe she doesn't know how to do. I contacted a guy on FB who advertised unlocking phones etc if he knew how to do. He said yes, if I get him the IMEI number, which I did as it's on the box. He said he could trace within 5 metres but he wanted 1,500 Baht ! The phone is Huawei Y6p, only came out in May, and cost over 5k I think or around that price. However, even if the trace shows the house location a family member
  3. Thanks, I've passed your suggestions on to his mother who is with him at the moment and bought and set up his phone, I've had no involvement. Apart from spending the last 3 hours downloading apps...........
  4. Hi all My 7 year old son has lost/had his 3 months old Huawei mobile stolen. He's away in Surin visiting family and was playing outside with it with other kids around and it disappeared. He's coming back tomorrow and I'm trying to find an App that will use GPS to tell me the location. I have the IMEI number. I've downloaded several apps but so far can only locate my own phone !! Anyone know an app that works ? TIA
  5. I left the UK in 2002, worked overseas until 2012, then retired here in Thailand and not returned to the UK at all. I don't work and haven't started claiming my pension yet as I am only 60 so I don't pay any tax apart from a small bit on interest payments in UK and Thailand. About 3 years ago I invested some cash via a FA and a financial platform as I I don't have a UK address. The forms I completed ask for my country of residence for tax so I put Thailand. My FA said it would be the UK not Thailand and changed it. I am now investing some money direct with a
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