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  1. I hope some day the people who think of themselves as Antifa, anti-fascists, will get a grip and stop playing into the hands of the real fascists with this ineffective and pathetic street theater that does nothing but distract and egg on and legitimize people who sympathize with the extreme right. The real fascists are on Wall Street, in the Pentagon, the white house in the senate and the congress. That is who needs to be fought with lawsuits, voter initiatives, community organizing, strategically and well executed boycotts, strikes, protests when necessary, walkouts etc, good public awareness of issues, and voting campaigns. If Antifa wants to fight fascism they should be helping to organize society to push back against people like the Koch Brothers, oil and food processing multi-billionaires who with their lobbyist and extreme right Citizen's United are gutting every aspect of a free and democratic and humane society that the United States might still have left. And that is just a drop in the bucket. While folks like Antifa carry out street theater, The Koch Brothers push on with getting laws passed that say corporations are people with rights or no campaign contribution limits making major elections into nothing more than auctions for who can pay a candidate the most. That is the real face and root of facism: government purely as an instrument of corporate and finanace's will. The time is now for young people like those in Antifa to wake up shake off their alienation and work with people not put on Ninja clothes and pepper spray them to organize to take back democracy in the United States. That is never impossible or out of the question and it has happened before that Americans have regained some amount of control back from a corporate-fascist controlled system, after President McKinley and the era of the Robber Barons it happened and then again in the 1930's and again we saw the back of McCarthyism. Enough of the unconstitutional and illegal Patriot Act National Security State, enough of election fraud and coronations by super delegate corporate lackey's, enough of a media that merely function to confuse and hoodwink. Enough of a system that tells us journalism and expression of opinions they don't like is terrorism. Politicians need to be taught that if they accept corporate contributions they can take a hike, in a democracy they work for the people that vote them in not the people who pay them off.
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