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  1. In Kalasin, Roi Et its been quite smoggy/smoky/dusty. I check the Khon Kaen PM 2.5 readings daily and when ts high there it feels/looks bad here. I grew up in the inland suburbs of Los Angeles in the 60's before smog devices and the pain in the upper chest, slight nausea, having low energy that recall having most of the summer as a kid is what I experience here when levels are red flagging in Khon Kaen. This is a good website with a fully zoomable world map and stations world wide reporting every 3 hours. Thailand does not stack up too well most days, only industrial North East China and India are worse most days: https://waqi.info/
  2. Hasn't the Tourism Ministry turned it into the number sports destination on earth? A few years ago... And what about ankle bracelets with alarm systems and tracking devices, and beach chair staff wearing govt. issued burlap to make visitors feel safer, and national park status to preserve all the natural beauty, seemed a few years ago with all of those plans the place was set to pick up? What happened?
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