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  1. I actually also pay for to Bein Sports (and TV Mucho!) , so I know I can watch Premier League games there. They used to have Champions League too, until this season. So now, I'd prefer to just stick to Sky Sports and BT Sport cos they have the pre-match and post-match panels but the HD Prime streams are never reliable for big games. I think it might've been Man City-Chelsea, can't remember now. incidentally, a mate suggested this site https://www.fullmatchesandshows.com/ he said you can watch full replays or highlights for free afterwards so I watched the Man United-PSG game the morning after - perfect! you can pick pre-match panel, 1st half, 2nd half and post-match analysis, fast forward any time. also, he says he watched the Spurs CL game for free and live on goal.com The point is, I've had enough bad experiences with HD Prime to not bother with them again and the fact they ignore repeat emails is not acceptable in my book. Now I watch CL on Mobdro, not perfect - but mostly reliable and it's free - and there appear to be several other free options for watching live and in catch up If you can suggest any other good streams for BT Sport/Sky Sports I might give them a go but if I'm paying for them I expect them to be reliable and to reply to emails, not try to deny issues when they do crop up. Cheers
  2. I've given up completely on HDPrime. The service is so unreliable and there are so many other better options. It came to a head last week when for the umpteenth time the live stream for a big football match was unwatchable, constant buffering. Then the channel which was supposed to be showing another big game showed a different sport completely. What's the point when the big event you've been waiting for is useless? It wouldn't be so bad but the only and only guy in customer service (a regular contributor to this forum, I believe) ignored all of my emails. He always denies any problems exist unless you provide evidence, so this time I sent him a screenshot proving the service wasn't working. No reply. I resent it, no reply. I sent it to a 2nd email address which he had used before. Again, no reply. I've gone back to Mobdro, which nless and until- it doesn't offer catch-up but it is free and the streams are much better. Unless someone convinces me HDPrime have repaired the service for good and started replying to emails I won't be going back and I suggest you don't waste your time and money either
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