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    Are therERe any line experts out there? My Thai gf (who is IT illiterate but otherwise intelligent) has line and has at least two issues with it. 1. Line Today keeps appearing when she clicks on Line - it full of news and junk how do we get rid of it Permenantly! 2. She has many people/businesses appearing in her chat area as friends she doesn't want. I am reasonable IT savvy so I blocked then deleted them. Within 24 hours they were all back with a vengance! (maybe I should have just blocked them?). Many of them are trying to sell something. As I said my g/f is not IT savvy and I suspect that most of this is down to her not having the correct settings from the start. I have Line so we can chat when apart and the first thing I did after install was switch everyting "social" off - I have one friend - her - and make my self invisible to everyone else. I HAVE TRIED TO FIND THESE SETTING IN HER VERSION OF LINE BUT SO FAR i HAVE FAILED. Any pointers/help appreciated
  2. Thailand has all the critical (not sure about thinkers) it needs just look at these forums
  3. It's 10C in my home country so I can put up with 30C which is what the "Cold Season" usually brings here
  4. Thanks everybody In the end I got a taxi from the airport to Mo Chit too tired and suitcases too heavy! 319 Baht plus 75 baht tolls well spent!
  5. Can anyone tell me what bus numbers do this route? I posted this on the Bangkok Forum and only got 1 answer not that I disbelieve it but always good to get several views Thanks
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