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  1. How can it be not compliant if they do not provide a template to Australians, (as it appears they do to US citizens), for us to comply with ? (and nor was it clearly stated...but ummed and ahhed). How can it be irrelevant if you have used the same wording for 6 years without any issue ? Surely that implies there is no problem and no reason to change, unless pointed out by those who review ? I also know of other Australians who use deposit instead of income and had no problems. Please also bear in mind the wording was the second "reason" they came up with to justify the refusal. They originally said I was using a stat dec that was no longer valid as the Embassy no longer notarised them, despite the fact this was was signed before the cut off date. I do not believe this was the real reason for the refusal, but a red herring, and will post more should I get a decision in my favour this coming Friday.
  2. So, just when you thought everything was going well...... As posted in a previous article, I am currently trying to convert a retirement to a marriage visa due mainly to the poor AUD to Baht rates and new rules. I simply do want to bring any money over at this stage when I have over 400k sitting in Thailand. All forms submitted. All interviews done without issue. Forms then sent to Khon Kaen for approval. Not only have they denied my marriage visa, they will also not even let me renew my retirement visa, which I have had for over 6 years. This is where is gets crazy.... First off they say that as I do not have 400k in a Thai bank account, I do not qualify. When I mentioned that I have over a 70k deposit per month in my Australian account, thereby negating this, they said that as the Australian Embassy no longer issues proof, the statutory declaration was not valid. I pointed out that the stat dec was issued before the 7th January and was a binding legal document. Phone calls to KK immigration, (this happened a lot). Oh no, there is no proof that you actually have the money, they claimed....no need..Australian Embassy provides a notary service only and is not allowed to verify what is claimed on a stat. dec......more calls to KK immigration. They wanted me to leave Thailand, get an O visa and the go through the process of a a normal marriage application, ( I no longer have a valid Thai visa) As my previous retirement visa has now expired, I am not prepared to try and leave the country to come back in and start again. I informed them that the stat dec was a legal document that they could not dismiss. Another call to KK immigration. Here is where it gets crazy. They object to the fact that, on my stat dec, I have said "money deposited" and not pension or income. I informed them that I do not have a pension, and that the wording I have used for the last 6 years of retirement visa, "deposit", means the same as income. So, they have asked me to contact the Australian Embassy and see if they will witness a signature on a stat dec, that uses the phrase income instead of deposit. They have been informed that the Embassy will no longer witness stat decs. but they it appears they are not listening. So....keeping my cool..I asked them if they were refusing my retirement/marriage extension because of one word. They just smiled...it seems yes. How <deleted> bizarre. At this point I asked for Big Jokes phone number, I did not have it on the phone with me. I told them that Big Joke said if you have a problem to give him a call, and I that certainly that I had a problem. Two other IO's were then called in Another call to KK. They want me to go to KK to sort this out, and I refused saying that to reject a visa application based on one word in a document was ridiculous and that, if I went anywhere it, would be Thai Immigration Bangkok, (this was said most politely) To me, this all beggars belief. The local IO now saying this has nothing to do with her and that it is a KK issue, and that KK are saying I need to get another stat dec, (that most likely will not be issued), that reflects the terminology they will accept. Failing this, I have to start again. However, as I am a pedantic SOB, I will not let this go without fighting back So, please, if anyone has the Line or phone number that BJ released, I would appreciate it being made available. So lets keep this in perspective. If push comes to shove, I will just start again, but I cannot believe how Immigration just expected me to accept their decision and acquiesce.
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