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  1. I have always given Jomtien the TM 7 on one peice of paper front & back never a problem
  2. Only seen this type of nest in this particular tree, the bird has a yellow head
  3. When you get your extension she should have given you a piece of paper with the date on when you should return 90 days later with your updated bank book showing a deposit the same day
  4. Today the water from the borehole is clear, this is straight from the ground without filters.
  5. I think I have located the cause of the problem. Across the field to the side of the house is a tourist attraction elephant rides /shooting/zip lines etc, they have just finished a new feature don't know what it is but it took about 50 construction trucks of large rocks, loads of ready mix concrete JCBs and long reach caterpillar diggers. This is very fine sediment blown out of one of the filters, & the clear water coming into the house An amendment to my first post I checked the depth of the well top to bottom is only 35mt & the water level from the top is 14mt
  6. The borehole is now giving cloudy water, its 80/100 mt deep lined with 8 inch plastic pipe, drilled 15 years ago always gave Cristal clear water unless A deep borehole was being drilled in the vicinity. The question is should I raise the submersible pump to try and stop the sand at the bottom being disturbed, or lower the pump little by little to discharge the sediment. The well is now in an enclosed garden so well driller cant get in . Thanks
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