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  1. I'm in ko chang and yes a lot of Chinese do to their holidays but that's it. Anyway I don't care. 

    Last week I flew in and had 5 hours to kill until my next flight to sukhothai as they have cancelled the midday flight to sukhothai, normally 2 hours from the plane to getting a beer. Immigration 10 minutes and then my bag was waiting for me.first time in 20 years so you do the maths.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, LivinLOS said:


    I suspect they will allow you to purchase it, just you wont be able to claim on it.. 


    That seems to fit the Thai model of service interactions perfectly.. 

    I have had bkk bank insurance for 14 years yesterday I paid my yearly payment and the lady told me I pay next year and get my bonus money back straight away and not wait until the end. So it does work. ...Sometimes 555

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  3. 3 hours ago, robblok said:

    Problem is mostly that a lifestyle that includes enough physical activity not works well with drinking beer. Though for sure a few pull it off doing a lot of sports and drinking. Most choose one of the two. Either being physical active or drinking. 


    I understand how people feel, trying to not drink any bad stuff myself (think sugary drinks) but its hard. I limit myself to one glas a day. Maybe my liking of a sugary drink is the same as the desire others have to drink beer. Sometimes you just feel like it.

    Are you  for real? 

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  4. 4 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

    One beer a day?  Things must be changing.  When I lived there I didn't know anyone who had less than 10 beers a day.  1 with breakfast.  A couple with lunch.  3 before dinner with snacks.  2 with dinner unless Italian then wine.  Brandy/cognac after dinner.  Bucket of beer 6 when dancing and a shot before bed.  So how many is that?  I'm a moderate to temperate drinker compared to my Irish friends.  

    You must have been to my house. ....

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  5. 5 hours ago, robblok said:

    Let them drink themselves to death, their life their choice. I don't see the point on holding it against people that they neglect to take care of their bodies. That is a personal choice everyone should make for themselves. You can't force someone to live healthy, i can understand that people get forced to live healthy if there is some kind of health care program everyone pays into but the people drinking make more use of. But that is not the case for the expats in Thailand / Pattaya. 

    What a load  of dribble 

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