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  1. You do not need consent from your spouse. But without consent from your spouse you can only get divorced on one of the grounds mentioned in the law.
  2. You are hiding assets, that will make it illegal no matter where you stall it. Meaning a gift will probably be void. Not sure about Thai law, but most countries have laws against that. Incase it is allowed: Money gifted to your child will mean it is theirs and the parents manage the funds accordingly. Menaing you can not use it for yourself, but can use it to pay medical bills and edcation for the child. A court will grant joined custody over the child, so you would most likely have to consult the mother when you want to spent it. Edit: Like scorecard says, best option is a fixed account that cannot be touced till the child becomes an adult.
  3. My wife's school was bussy with creating an MEP program and teaching Math classes in English. Their program was approved a few weeks before the anouncement. Rigth after the announcement the MEP program was canceled. Now the Thai teachers have to do the classes themselves, in Thai instead of science and math bij native English speaking teachers.
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