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  1. That is false information. What probably is meant is that you can go from WP to WP without the need of leaving the country if both schools cooperate so you can time your dismissal and new contract.
  2. The number is derived from the province and district of where you are registered (for the first time). It will always remain the same. It is the number under which you are registered with the Thai government and doesn't change.
  3. Contact the labour office. They are there to help you, also in these kind of cases.
  4. As has been said, the way to go about is to make a will. A judge will seriously consider what you and your wife want regarding your child should you die. A will can be made for almost nothing at the amphur, or you can see a lawyer. If you have any assets it make even more sense to make a will. Land/house given or inherited to a minor is very difficult to sell. It requires permission of the courts to do so as long the child is still a minor (under 20 years of age). And they require that the guardian shows that it is in the interest of the child to do so.
  5. Only if she becomes a civil servant would you and her family be entitled to free healthcare. For civil servant the healthcare includes the legal spouse, the children under 20 years old and the mother and father of the civil servant.
  6. The work permit belongs to you, not the employer. Many contracts state that the employer holds on to the WP. By law you have to be able to produce your work perkit at your place of work. Although many employers like to hold on to it, all the need is a copy. The only thing they can be fined for is if you do not have a WP. You can be fined for not being able to show a WP. Regarding the teaching license, it depends. If you have a real teaching license, that is yours. Not the school's. If you have a waiver, it is debatable to whom it belangs. But the waiver is school specific and o
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