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  1. It's about a 10 hour trip. Buses going from morning to evening or buses going from late evening through the night. Not too many. For such a long distance I would make a reservation.
  2. It's ages ago (2009), but Kasikorn Bank at Royal Garden (beach rd.) was very easy at the time. Passport, business card of my hotel and a small deposit was enough. Can't tell whether it's still that easy. At the same time a Bangkok Bank branch asked for a certificate of residence from immigration which would hardly be available. Always make it clear that you want a savings account (only). No deposit account, no credit card etc. (impossible as a tourist).
  3. If you like it hot, yes good. The 7 day weather forecast from now shows nothing but clear sun and ~ 33/24 C (91/73 F). And from statistics March even dryer and hotter.
  4. The legal limit in Thailand is usually designated as "50 mg/100 ml of blood". (with the temporary 2 year license it's 20 mg/100 ml). So "146" would be quite clear in this context. About three times the limit. Some can stand upright and walk straight with this, some can not Whether breath or blood test, no idea?
  5. It's quite hidden off Naklua rd. Soi 16. I only learned about it recently. Even though driving down Soi 16 often, I wasn't aware about it. I think you can not get closer by baht bus than stopping on Naklua rd. corner Soi 16. From there either motorcycle taxi or a 1 km walk. It's here: (lower right is corner of Naklua rd. and Soi 16) 12.9649601,100.8901873 https://goo.gl/maps/7zXhmS1DwT12
  6. Hard to follow these deadly threads. This time a racer on the bike (on wrong side). Again, daily event.
  7. And old man on a wreck of a motorbike coming into the way of a hooligan racer. Sad but daily event (just not reported from other parts of the country).
  8. Difficult when sitting with chin over wheel It always puzzles me what seating positions they have. But again: no proper driving schools/lessons, no traffic education whatsoever. Surprised?
  9. Looking forward, thinking forward, paying attention, reasonable speed ,keeping to the left... Like the dark bike passing earlier. Totally avoidable. OK forget it, a 15 yr old who has either no driving license or has recently done his x hours sleeping session (aka. tutoring) for DL. Helmet flying away... In the very last fraction of a second he starts moving to the right(!). An exemplary video how not to drive on the roads here and why about 50 motorbike riders die each day.
  10. Disgusting post of the day He died at 85 of pancreatic cancer.
  11. With a strong will no problem But: "Lead Us Not Into Temptation".
  12. You will even find "No sex" signs at certain massage places Foot massage, pedicure, manicure, haircut. And shopping, shopping, shopping, endless. You can refrain to window shopping. Rent a beach chair, just don't consider swimming! Can't comment on the restaurants (Mexican, Indian). Plenty of Indian. There is even a little India-Town. Walk into Central rd (Pattaya Klang) Soi 16, cruise the block and you will find Indian restaurants of different regions (southern? northern?). https://goo.gl/maps/xHpNicQzQ8K2 I guess the thread will gain more input soon.
  13. Hard to find proper words. If caught he will get the death penalty and then wait for the mood to swing back to actually execute.
  14. https://forum.thaivisa.com/messenger/ (if you click the envelope symbol in the upper right you get it as a pop-up) It's not organized like an email folder but similar to forum threads. No sent folder but list of conversations (like threads). There is a search function with some filter settings.
  15. If possible use that pink bus. Minivans are more prone to mad driving.
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