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  1. Exactly that. At normal times there will be a procession of Russians walking up/down Sukhumvit in the baking sun to save on transportation. One paid with his life trying to cross Sukhumvit beside the pedestrian overpath.
  2. Not so many want to be humiliated, enjoying initiation rites? Dog walking (knee slipping) naked hanging on to the private parts of your man in front? They miss so much fun.
  3. Yes, but in a country with excellent vaccination progress. They will likely be able to offer vaccination to every citizen in short time. And that is an absolute precondition for forcing such measures. If the Thai vaccination progresses like now it will take decades.
  4. Should I now suggest the right tools for such task? Finding duplicates, renaming pictures from the EXIF data (if available)? I better won't. Duplicate finding is peanuts even with differing names. Renaming pictures automatically can't be done "smart" just by time/date (like 20210302133944.jpg). Smart means hours of manual inspection and renaming, sorting to folders with specific names (ThailandHoliday2005 etc.)
  5. Very useful to have. The self declaration is new. Will there be many that don't show six times "none"
  6. Typical scenario which can easily be avoided/overcome with a proper sync tool like described.
  7. I use file synchronization SW for such tasks. You have better control what happens and check/compare the result. I suggest "FreeFileSync", https://freefilesync.org/ If your collection grows, simply redo and only changed/new files will be copied. I use it to do a complete mirror(copy) of all relevant files on my data partition of the PC to the laptop. From time to time do sync to an external hard drive.
  8. Just today, nephew got a highway ticket. 112 where 90 is allowed. 500 Baht. (car still registered/ticket addressed to mom who has left Thailand about 15 years ago )
  9. Web search is tiresome. I remember the announcements of "August 2020", postponed to "September 2020". But here the trail ends. Can't find proof that they are actually issued now. Added to the list: next week in Pattaya, will snoop around the passport office and check. Thai Embassy website Germany: 5 years. No change. A project delayed in Thailand? Hard to believe
  10. They ask for what they can get For retirement not mandatory of course. In my first years I had my wife with me and they collected photocopies of her documents. Since long I go alone and no more asking about it. Why they ask for documents when wife absent? No idea.
  11. This is the "old style" method. Probably back due to their IT system down (like online reporting). Similar report from Jomtien/Pattaya. TM47 always existed but since long many offices did not need it anymore. Scanning passport with their reading device was enough.
  12. As written such numbers are out of reach with ADSL. Also a ping of 1 ms is extraordinary. How to find out what you have? Enter this to the address field of the browser: and enter. This should bring up the welcome/login of the router and show the model number. Which is it? Fiber typically this:
  13. Generally yes for torrent stuff. But how could they identify what happens via VPN? What VPN do you use?
  14. Hopefully in Vietnam as title text is Vietnamese (no guarantee)
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