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  1. I wonder whether all these celebrities know about their names being used.
  2. As written I suspect "Postogenix" is a misspelling. -> "ProstaGenix"? Can you confirm?
  3. Very cheap! Here pay 7 Baht at the pharmacy.
  4. Outdated it is as so many info on the web. It was true from the start of the system but changed some time ago.
  5. Mispelled. Most likely it's "ProstaGenix"(?) Many hits, barking ads citing celebrities. Makes me skeptical. Overpriced?
  6. I had two small shipments from "PipingRock" (USA) without a problem (Beta-Sitosterol among them). Plenty of stuff, comparably cheap. Strictly it is import to be licensed but for small personal quantities it goes through.
  7. And what does the urologist say? Are you on medication for BPH (enlarged prostate)? If so, what medication? This "ProstaGenix" is one of probably hundreds of (herbal)supplement products. Main susbstance is Beta-Sitosterol found in many others. I don't give a judgement on that. But with your heavy symptoms (every 2 hours? even in the night?) I doubt it will work wonders. Wait for more response.
  8. How did you sent the money? Using internet banking it is about checking NUMBER NUMBER NUMBER. After entering bank and account number, the name of the recipient will be shown. Names are just a second check for me.
  9. A few flights left (ThaiSmile. AirAsia). Some not even daily. Careful check required. I consider the risk on the flight lower than in the bus.
  10. Not a helpful answer. What country? What flight route? And who can know what is required for some job interview in some country? For entering most countries a recent Covid PCR test is required or else be denied or go to quarantine (for citizens of the country). And for the general question how to get vaccinated as a foreigner in Thailand there are already tons of threads.
  11. Horrible. But even without a rod, hitting a pole "riding at speed" and "may have fallen asleep" can end bad.
  12. So now you are at the point to check your data step by step. Only fill mandatory fields with the red asterisk. Leave others empty. Date of birth as indicated (day/month/year) not US style. Nationality: enter first letter of your nationality and then select from list. Some pitfalls here: "BRITISH/บริติช", "AMERICAN/อเมริกัน" (!). That's about all I can advice. The URL is correct, site is up. (I hope someone can confirm that "AMERICAN" really stands for United States of America)
  13. Never for me. But as soon as I use a VPN I get it very often from Google and sometimes other sites. What is your IP provider? Are you accessing with a Thai based IP address? Do you use a VPN or comparable tool ? No malware etc. Completely normal if you access with certain IP addresses. (protection against denial of service attacks) You are queried in Dutch language ("Ik ben en mens")? "I am human", "I am not a robot", I see that so often when using VPN.
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