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  1. In the good old times when top up (scratch off) cards where available about everywhere: *120*<16 digit PIN># to top up. The are still available but maybe harder to find: https://www.ais.co.th/12call/en/prepaid-card-detail01-1.html (I bet a Baht that the USSD code *545# will work) Last resort: AIS shop.
  2. Passed through Suv. multiple times. Just not enough passengers to fill big buses to Jomtien.
  3. Tom Taxi Service http://www.tomtaxiservice.com/ Suv. - Pat, Pat - Suv, 1000 Baht incl. toll. Used them 4 times without a problem (June, July/August). Confirmation within minutes. Drivers waiting. Comfortable limo or Fortuner.
  4. Ignorance and superstition is THE ineradicable plague.
  5. Fortunately the plague seems still be easily treated with antibiotics. More worry to cross the street here.
  6. Good to read. About time after so many years.
  7. It seems decision between two major roads up the plateau. And I would surely prefer the short route and go up 304 in the west (left). Route through 348 is to the east (right).
  8. There still seem to be DLT offices that insist on residence cert. I am lucky that my office accepts yellow book (pink card). Which office is yours? I am not aware about a proper method to align the renewal dates.
  9. ? Did they tell you that you can get to Savannakhet before September 26? Border open until then?
  10. Yes. But the article refers to lifetime licenses. They stopped issuing these (don't know when). But of course the existing remain valid. So this is kind of a recall for older drivers only. A stepson has one.
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