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  1. This is the OCR result of the French text:
  2. I captured your French text as image and fed it to Google translator on Android phone. Result: (my French is meager, so can not evaluate)
  3. Just today seen a report about one of the most frequent reasons for traffic accidents in Germany(!). Guess what. Fine is 125 Euro. More than once distracted truck drivers crashed into traffic backlogs killing people.
  4. Enough. But what percentage? 1 out of 3? Some hotels open with very reduced staff and low occupancy and extreme discounts. No idea whether they can cover the running costs. I have booked a deluxe pool view room incl. breakfast (Areca Lodge) in December for 890 Baht which would normally cost about 2500 at that time.
  5. Only if you can not walk 100 to 300m Packed 27 to 29, two nights: (OK, popular cheap places booked)
  6. I have used Tom Taxiservice four times (two times each way) without any issues. Drivers early on the spot, call you. No race drivers. 1000 Baht. Proper limousines, once came with an SUV for same price. http://www.tomtaxiservice.com/ At normal times I use buses but now...
  7. During the last half hour close to unusable. ... what will happen if I hit the Submit button... EDIT: proofs me wrong. This one worked.
  8. Under the headline I expected something different from domestic violence. A violent country? Yes on the road e.g. Thai parents attack their children? I just can't confirm it from all observations that I made here. Maybe the grandparents education that is dominant here makes the difference? My observation is more that they don't discipline or intervene. Especially the boys are running wild. Spoiled brats.
  9. Bad timing indeed. The long weekend is just behind (19 to 22). How many will make it from Bangkok again on Friday?
  10. Prices pushed down to silly levels (7 Baht/kg I heard at the table this morning). Farmers heavily in debt forced to sell quickly. Debt collectors on the doorstep. Same miserable game every year. Those who are forced to sell will be exploited.
  11. That's what I do and happens. Although I do not depend on the FTT.
  12. Is there an update here in the forum for the postponed date of the music festival? Seems that Dec 11 to 12, 2020 (during long weekend) is confirmed? I am asking as I plan a trip.
  13. Yes "fusion splicing". I think that's what they do. Requires a trained technician. Just butting together will yield bad results (signal loss) and probably not work.
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