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  1. I had ToT for many years until recently. Always got a paper bill. During last months I paid via their "TOT easy life" app. I saw that you can apply for e-bill but no automatic change. Now with 3BB it is paperless by default but you can logon and see a proper invoice in PDF form.
  2. Really? This iMch-55VS is an expensive inverter pump. I see many sources to buy but prices in the 15k to 18k region. BUT: don't you want to give it a repair attempt? I could be wrong, but isn't the grey housing a pressure switch which might be the source of the problem?
  3. Sounds like you have an early (2011) "flexfuel" car. (nowadays there is wide range of flexfuel cars) Compression is high, so you should use a 95 octane fuel. E20 or Gasohol 95 (24.74 and 27.48 Baht today). Gasoline/benzene would of course also be fine but expensive (35.16 Baht today) and also not available everywhere. E85 at 20.09 today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_Ecotec_engine The noted fuel prices are the low end prices a PTT. Expect to see higher depending on location and company.
  4. At this moment both sites opened. But I know the error messages from the past. Try again.
  5. Or admin/tot. Or they now use a more safe method and have a sticker on the router with the credentials(?). Hint: after changing the WiFi password don't tell it to the kids or write down but: let them come to you and you enter the password. On a regular Android phone they can not check what you have entered. Use a purely numeric string (8 digits or more), so you don't have to fight with Thai keyboard. There are much more sophisticated methods to exclude unwanted scroungers based on allowed MAC addresses. But too much effort for the purpose.
  6. Now waiting for sugar cane guarantee which is the real source of income in most of the Northeast. One monoculture exchanged for the other. Rice has become a marginal product mainly for own consumption.
  7. So this is unchanged. I remember having searched and seen this "shophouse type" office at roadside long ago.
  8. Petchaburi Immigration. There is one since quite a while. For a start their FB site: https://www.facebook.com/phetchaburiimmigration/
  9. Forget about the west. They consider a 15 day visa exempt entry for Chinese and Indian before high season. No more queuing at the visa on arrival desk but straight to checkpoint. Suvarnabhumi will burst. Pattaya will be congested but bar-stools available. Get up early and watch the crowds at Bali Hai and along the beach. Do an evening WS stroll and take care not to be pushed aside. On my last visit I was persuaded to do that (against my interest). Oh no!
  10. I first saw it this morning on KhaoSod Thai version. ThaiRath also covers it. It's a question of numbers (of death). Sad but true. Dozed off at 4 AM in Sa Khaeo province. Probably behind the wheel since many hours. Did he forget his speed pills?
  11. Go for top notch Apple computer and you will have a problem But not an issue for a standard desktop PC.
  12. Keyboard is indeed an issue for some. Not that it won't work but many don't like/are confused by the US/Thai labels and urge for pure US layout.
  13. Browse the Thailand internet shops to see what is sold here and buy something similar in the US if cheaper. Most of the components are from China, S.Korea, Taiwan etc., even some hard-disks from Thailand. Except you buy a top notch brand-new technology stuff I would not expect any problems. I had my old PC bought 2009 from Germany repaired a couple of times until it was time to say goodbye. And that repair was in a small provincial town. Just make sure that the power supply is a universal unit can be used with 220/240 V, 50 Hz. It's likely but I don't know the US market.
  14. Doable but kind of a detour. First go to inspection shop to get cert. and then handle the rest at 7/11. Just let the inspection shop do the work. I haven't visited a DLT office for this purpose since 8 years. (only went there for driving license stuff)
  15. No. The inspection workshops are licensed private shops. They show the "yellow cogwheel". You can be sure that one or more such shops are in the vicinity of the DLT office. To find one close to your home you would need to give addr. details.
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