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  1. I always have mixed feelings about the bag handling nowadays. First come, first grab and no one checks the tags. Of course I try to avoid valuable staff in checked baggage as good as possible. A reason to push my way to the baggage carousel.
  2. Yes, as described, Kanchanaburi province (post #6). Border post is called "Phu Nam Ron". https://goo.gl/maps/kyLf3NBJBtR2
  3. Most recommended is Phu Nam Ron in Kanchanaburi province (westward from Bangkok). https://goo.gl/maps/U2bptm16fMm Avoid the terrible Aranyaprathet/Poipet!
  4. To Phu Nam Ron (Kanchanaburi province) it's about 200 km oneway. 400 km back and forth, average car needs about 30 liters of fuel, roughly 800 Baht fuel cost. Handling at Phu Nam Ron about 900 Baht?
  5. KhunBENQ

    Newpaper site timed out

    Tried it from my mobile, AIS. Also not reachable. Waiting for a minute or so and nothing happens.
  6. KhunBENQ

    1mbps speed on AIS plan

    Yep, 1 Mbit/s is a bit on the edge for watching videos. Allows low/medium resolutions only. Whether that is good enough, depends on your device/mobile. How big is it, what resolution?
  7. KhunBENQ

    Newpaper site timed out

    From their FAQs (hard copy):
  8. KhunBENQ

    Newpaper site timed out

    I am on ToT fiber and also can not reach the site due to timeout. When I used a UK VPN I could open (see image). I don't think the site is blocked by Thailand censorship. Either it's a specific technical issue with the Thai ISP. Or the heraldscotland.com site blocks connections from Thailand (Thai IP) in the most simple way? To check about this you could try to contact them via mail and ask about it. With VPN:
  9. KhunBENQ

    Immigration's New Toys

    Indeed many images found on the net of these BMWs with the "thing" at misc. immigration offices. Just that I could not find anything about the "thing".
  10. A Norwegian 737 MAX had to do an emergency landing in Iran. Now stuck for more than a month as no spare parts for repair can be brought due to sanctions. https://www.newsinenglish.no/2019/01/15/norwegian-air-jet-still-stuck-in-iran/ Better avoid Iran airspace from now. Another big detour on the Europe - SEA route.
  11. When will the Baht weaken! It's not just the Pound going down. Since highs about mid July 2018 the USD and the EUR have significantly lost against the Baht. Approx. currency market since July: USD 33.45 -> 31.80 EUR 39.24 -> 36.10 GBP 44.12 -> 40.95
  12. In his other life the truck driver rides a scooter. Left turn no problem.
  13. Honda Click 2011: 10 mm. Would be surprising if they had the smaller one now. After learning that such things exist I am tempted to buy one for my own. (I would try in a local shop first) BUT: I just tried to unscrew the mirror (counter nut on the left) with all force and proper tool. Uff, gave up. Will need penetrating oil and maybe some help...
  14. You could do that at least 30 days prior to this due date if conditions met (proof of financials). Practically I would suggest to go two weeks before the due date (which is the last day of the Songkran holidays). You can then pick up your new extension about two weeks after Songkran. I have no idea why you consider the other options (which do not work as described with 90 days)? A lot of hassle to restart the extension, getting a proper Non O visa (state) etc. What's the idea behind? AND: DO NOT plan any travel during this period around Songkran holidays. Terrible traffic and dangerous. I plan as little traveling as possible between about Apr 11 to 18.
  15. KhunBENQ

    Emirates Syd--Bkk to stop flying

    Just tried their booking site for the week of June 3 to 9 for Sydney to Bangkok. NO Emirates flight, all operated by Qantas. Last EK flight on May 31.