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  1. And millions of cars here running on E10 since a more than a decade. My car on E20, 8 years, 120tkm. Since about 10 years most cars are specified for E20, some for E85 ("flexfuel"). Cars/vehicles are built for the fuels specified by the manufacturers and will work! But I am tired to repeat. Model T might have a problem.
  2. Those ***** farangs and their hallucinations. Spoiling mood in the land of smiles. And we will get this lier, traitor:
  3. Yes, The endless dispute. By law hotels are obliged to register you with your passport details, arrival card no, permission to stay ("TM30"). I don't do overnight trips without passport. Banks 100% by order of central bank, no other ID accepted. Don't know whether the airlines have also tightened rules. Pink card is a game of luck. The booking shows your name as in passport ("English"). (this is also true for Thai people for whom the ID card shows name in "English" too). Pink card only shows name transcribed to Thai script. Another annoying inconsistency.
  4. Good English lessons at the psychiatric facility? Or a senior bar maid driven crazy and forgot her language?
  5. KhunBENQ

    thai names

    Referring to parents? It's not the norm that people change/select their name although possible.
  6. KhunBENQ

    thai names

    สุวรรณชัย วัฒนายิ่งเจริญชัย (RTGS: suwan chai watthana ying charoen chai) https://ddc.moph.go.th/executive.php I am fighting hard to split apart. It's all golden, triumph/victory, grow, prosperity.... My only bet: it's not one derived from Chinese origin. More like given by blessed monk for a real good contribution.
  7. We are so good. No virus among thousands of Chinese can slip through. Cambodia as a "screening center" for Thailand? Better? How ridiculous.
  8. Mobile charger with 2000 Watt, progress never stops
  9. I have no better idea than this: street number and name: 7/232 Moo 6 Phon Prapha Alley apt/ste/floor: city or town: Map Yang Phon province: Pluak Daeng, Rayong postal code: 21140 country: Thailand "apt/ste/floor"? I assume you live in a (town) house? So what could you write? or: city or town: Map Yang Phon, Pluak Daeng province: Rayong roll the dice.
  10. Not surprising to me. I haven't seen reports that people just break together from this virus without showing symptoms beforehand. In a proper (UK) prison they should have noticed fever, coughing etc.
  11. Last flight shown on VietJet site is Sat, 28 March. That's the airlines end of "winter season" schedule. Applies to most airlines wordwide. Could either be a technical thing or a seasonal flight only?
  12. ThaiSmile BKK - UTH Starting from 1000 final price, oneway, 20 kg included Book for May, June, July whatever. Of course prices can go up for national holidays or Fri/Sat. Promo prices are quite limited. So book early.
  13. Ok, so 500 looks a bit closefisted. Give them 1000 and then wash it down with a drink.
  14. So you seem to be really far away from the immigration office?
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