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  1. This is the full range of fuels currently marketed by PTT. Few stations will have all. "Diesel B7" suitable for all Diesel motors. "Gasohol 95" suitable for almost all non Diesel cars. "E20" (95 octane or better) for most cars built since 2010 or so (check filler cap). "E85" for "flexfuel" specified cars (more and more over the years). But check carefully. Pure Benzene/Petrol (95 octane, black on yellow, 34.06 Baht) has become rare. Only major stations. Prices are "starting prices", up to one Baht more depending on location.
  2. Indeed I was puzzled that "Premium" is also B7. Just another magic stuff like VPower. ? "Still" available. Has just been introduced last year as THE cheap stuff for whatever purpose (tractor, Kubota?). Didn't exist before. Many Diesel trucks seem incompatible. Filters clogged quickly, shorter service intervals bla bla...
  3. 95 has nothing to do with "sports cars". Modern engine control usually can cope with both knock strengths (91 and 95). But as these motors have a higher compression ratio, 95 is recommended. Basically all new cars (except Diesel of course) sold in Thailand over the past 10 years or more can run with Gasohol 95. The family runs the 17 year old Vios on Gasohol 95. I still wait for the breakdown. VPower to me is nothing but marketing razzle-dazzle. I have a small Mazda 2 from 2011 (125000 km), ran on E20 for years, currently on Gasohol 95 as it makes more sense
  4. Not sure whether this is available for 4 mil. A proper choice for driving in Thailand.
  5. This myth is ineradicable. I always have a quarrel about this nonsense. Maybe a remainder of the landline phone times with lines along poles. People struck by lightning happens as rarely as everywhere. Typically farmers caught out in the sticks taking shelter near trees. Of course its best to seek shelter in buildings. With the antiquated/unprotected electrical installations and open power wires along the poles this makes some sense. I took the risk so far (though a UPS in the line) and continue until the power outage A TV set at a brother i
  6. With a flap? The ones I have/know are also made of brass. The usual English word seems to be "check valve"? "swing check valve" seems to be the word.
  7. At the bars the interviews go the other way round. They ask questions, you answer The experienced have an exact script for it.
  8. Well, when in Pattaya I always rent a 125ccm scooter (Honda Click or similar). I never paid more than a 1000 Baht for a week during the years until 2019. (I am rarely there at high/peak seasons) Last rentals in 2020, 2021 were 700 resp. 600 Baht a week. That of course were Covid discounts. Even on Samui in July 2020 I paid 1000 Baht / week. The hotel managers wife "accidentally" told me 3000 Baht / week which I politely declined. Went to some shop on the road. The husband later told me that his wife asked me a high season/non Covid price. Too late
  9. Can you elaborate what you mean with a small bike? For a scooter this would be expensive.
  10. Be aware that officially the new restrictions start from tomorrow. From the Pattaya News article:
  11. This thread in Covid forum seems to have gone fairly unnoticed? https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1214135-chonburi-province-releases-provincial-orders-lots-of-additional-covid-19-closures-and-restrictions-implemented-starting-april-18th-2021/ And the related article: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/04/17/chonburi-province-releases-provincial-orders-lots-of-additional-covid-19-closures-and-restrictions-implemented-starting-april-18th-2021 Quite a draconian list. A curfew well hidden.
  12. A Fortuner is not an amphibiuos vehicle. Maybe someone should have told the fool at the wheel. Nothing would have happened if they stayed away from the waterline. And what is that about the jet ski?? Did they really attempt to tow a jet ski with a wannabee poser?
  13. A quite amateurish photoshop (as probably more than half of all these pictures). That baby has its own sun. You can find a version without the baby on the net.
  14. With a dedicated/new SIM you get 10 Mbit/s unlimited for 250/month (AIS, DTAC).
  15. Are you looking for a new SIM/phone number or do you have an existing SIM?
  16. I didn't want to use such graphic language And even if you are on a short budget there are other places to find. Maybe a bit further from the center.
  17. More than 10 years ago I went to see a condo there for a friend who was going to do the move to Thailand. I noticed the steel plated/barred doors, heavy multiple locks. Also this densely packed living, endless halls. The condo as such had some household trash furniture. No thanks, I told my friend to find something different.
  18. I referred to the current report in the thread where the owner was the victim.
  19. Sounds harsh but I was relieved to read it was the owner who was attacked. Yesterday only saw the headline and thought it happened on the street.
  20. Unfortunately true. In Germany most of these dogs are owned by "bad masters", aggressive/dangerous. Here in the village one pit bull is on my friends-list. Always running to me and enjoy being cuddled. Quite sure this master was not qualified to keep his dog. Likely abused, permanently locked in alone etc.
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