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  1. The week that was in Thailand news: Forget Songkran - splash the cash on a vaccination instead! One of the great personal pleasures of working as a translator for Thaivisa - apart from the opportunity to inform and perhaps occasionally to even educate - is the chance to make a smidgen of difference. The site is of course a business and advertising revenue is important. But it is by no means the only consideration in the choice of news, the angle of stories or the opinions, both objective and subjective, that they convey. First and foremost peopl
  2. So, my father is 94 years old. We've discussed him moving to Thailand where I can look after him and he can live a nice life in the time he has left. He has enough savings to last the rest of his life, and he gets social security -- but his health is declining. He has mild-to-moderate dementia and various other ailments related to old age. My plan is to arrange everything possible from here in Thailand, where I live, then fly to USA for 1-2 months and fly over with him. My question is whether 94 is too old. Would immigrations object to my plan? He will be vaccinated for Covid befo
  3. Hi all - can you please assist with the above requirement for a Non-Imm O-A visa application I will be making at the London Thai embassy later this year. I want to obtain the visa as soon as I reach Age 50 and was looking for clarification on what financial evidence is required. My situation is as follows - I will have confirmation of the Pension amount and monthly Payment dates prior to me reaching 50 at the end of Nov 21. The Pension amount will exceed 65000 THB so I meet this requirement. The first Pension payment will be 3rd Dec 2021 and the bank statement showing this amount w
  4. Many private hospitals ready to offer quick Covid-19 jabs - expect to pay 2,000 baht a dose FILE PHOTO: Small bottles labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe are seen in this illustration taken taken April 10, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration Sources in the Thai business media have suggested that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will likely soon give approval for private hospitals to offer their own Covid-19 vaccinations. The hospitals say there is huge demand - as much as 10 million doses - for people to pay rather than wait
  5. Swede admits to running multi million dollar investment fraud from a villa on Koh Chang Image: Karlsson being arrested in Koh Chang in June 2019. Manager Online A Swedish man who was charged with running a multi million dollar investment fraud from a villa on Koh Chang has pleaded guilty in a US federal court. Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson, 47, was arrested at his home on the popular Thai island in June 2019 and extradited to the United States. This week, Karlsson pleaded guilty to securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering charges. In t
  6. D-day for Thailand to reopen next month: Area Quarantine hailed as foreign tourists set to return Image: Thai Rath Thailand's billionaire minister for tourism and sports has reiterated his commitment to Area Quarantine saying that the scheme could start next month, certainly by May. His brainwave is set to replace the Villa Quarantine that was a bit too pricey. Area Quarantine - AQ for short - is all the rage right now in Thai tourism circles. Under this scheme the foreign tourist will no longer have to endure 14 days of prison l
  7. Thailand suffers sharp fall in rankings of best countries for retirement Thailand has fallen in the global rankings of the best countries for expat retirees. According to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2021, Thailand had an average score of 68.3 placing it 18th out of 25 countries surveyed, a drop of nine places from its ranking just two years ago. International Living says the Retirement Index, which is now in its 30th year, is “the most comprehensive and in-depth survey of its kind”. “Our index is informed by
  8. We will be moving soon, but staying within the same province (Phuket). The new potential landlord seems to be a bit hesitant to do anything regarding immigration, and prefer to make the contract in my wifes name. I think its been several years since they had a foreigner renting their house, and are unaware of the rules. Is it possible for me to do all the reporting to immigration regarding this myself, or do the new landlord need to go to immigration? I seem to recall from another thread, that if its my name on the rental contract, I would actually be the only one, who co
  9. I took my kid back to west to be reared and educated and to be honest with you I've always been conflicted on whether I am doing the right thing. I feel maybe we'd have a better life in Chiang Mai, I know my wife would certainly be happier at home. I had a girl so I've felt she'd be safer being brought up back home. Next reason is education, I feel she'll get a better education back home, but is that a misconception I have or bias I hold? Are you happy with your Childs education they are receiving here in Chiang Mai? What are the best schools? and how much do they cost? Als
  10. Pattaya sports hub: 20,000 seater stadium to open this year Image: Sophon Cable TV Pattaya's mayor Sontaya Khunpluem said that work on a 20,000 seater football and sports stadium at the National Sports Center East in Huay Yai is on schedule. It is now 60% complete with work on the roof and decorations still to be done. He said that it would be completed by the end of 2021 for sure. There were some delays due to the difficulty in piling work but these have been overcome. He said that the national athetics association
  11. Pattaya: Songkran/Wan Lai celebration back on - whether water splashing will be allowed under consideration Caption: Wan Lai (Songkran) Comeback - subject to Covid-19 protocols, Image: Sophon Cable TV Pattaya's mayor Sontaya Khunpluem spoke to Sophon Cable TV after the culture minister gave the green light for Songkran to be held in Thailand this year. But what form that takes remains uncertain though what is definite is that many Covid-19 protocols will be in place. Sontaya was keen to play up the importance of spurring tourism and the eco
  12. Amazing Thailand: Five year old twins get married in Nakhon Sri Thammarat Picture: Daily News Unfaithful husbands have been greatly in the news recently sneaking off from their wives to marry their mistresses. But now something else entirely comes out of the south of Thailand. Two five year old twins got married in the village of Krung Yan, Thung Yai in the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Daily News reported that the wedding had all the trappings of a real event including the "hae khan maak" (wedding procession) and plenty of
  13. Thai teacher condemned for looking down on a student's dream - they want to serve in the US military Image: Sanook A wave of criticism followed an online post that featured a Thai student's "dream" job form. The student had stated that they wanted to serve in the US military but the teacher had marked in red "change it, put down something that you could realistically do". Many took this to be a teacher with poor experience who was slapping down a student's legitimate aspirations for the future. Netizens pointed out that you didn't need
  14. OK - we should fill out this form. Thank you Salerno I used to have an education visa before - perhaps i should contact the school whom got me the visa before
  15. If you intend entering visa exempt, yes. That will give you 45 days on entry plus the option to extend for 30 days (they will likely ask to see a flight out within the 45 days, get a cheap through away/fake flight out or book flights that you can reschedule the return if you actually intend to book return tickets). There's also currently the covid extension option available to apply for up to the end of March (60 days extension) that will likely be extended again until the situation clears a bit more. "Should" give you time to figure out how to stay long-te
  16. Whale vomit worth millions found near Koh Samui Caption:"Uak hai choke" - Puke brings luck!, Image: Thai Rath Thai Rath reported on the case of a 44 year old Thai bar owner on Koh Samui who found a heavy lump of something strange washed up on rocks at Laem Kaki beach a year ago. Thinking it might be something interesting he kept it in his house. Now experts are saying he is probably sitting on a small fortune. The 10 kilogram lump of what looks like waxy fat could be worth 16 million baht. That is if it is something called colloq
  17. Pattaya: Saudi/Thai begs police - please arrest me and send me to jail - I miss my friend so much! Image: Daily News It was just another day at Bang Yai police station in Pattaya on Friday when a presentable man who seemed to be of mixed nationality arrived on a motorcyle and waited to be served. Parinya, 33, told the duty officer that he was a "luuk khreung" of mixed Saudi and Thai parentage who had been sentenced to three months in jail for taking Ya Ba (amphatamines mixed with caffeine). He did three months in Nonthaburi jail and while h
  18. Cost of Living in Thailand This post is an excerpt of a longer article. Thailand has been a popular destination for those looking to move overseas for many years and for a variety of reasons. Not only is the Land of Smiles famous for its friendly welcome, but the weather is great, the food is fantastic, the culture is delightful and, perhaps most importantly, prices for most of your day-to-day essentials are consistently lower than they are in places like the US and Europe. But how much lower? It’s hard to plan your budget for a life in Thailand
  19. Ganja Noodles and "Happy" Kapow on the menu when foreign tourists return Picture: The Bangkok Insight When foreign tourists return to Thailand they can expect to enjoy plenty of new dishes utilizing the now decriminalized parts of marijuana plants. Among some of the delights on menus in the kingdom will be Ganja Noodles, spicy marijuana salad, biscuits, cookies and shortbread. Referencing a rice dish with meat and basil The Bangkok Insight even suggested one called "Happy Kapow". Picture: The Bangkok Insight Heal
  20. Thailand’s porous borders: 33 illegal immigrants nabbed on route to Samut Sakhon Image: Sanook Prachuap Khiri Khan senior official Kittipong Sukphakkul revealed to Sanook that 33 illegal immigrants from Myanmar were arrested in operations earlier this week. The Department of Provincial Administration working alongside police and the military apprehended 25 Myanmar nationals who had sneaked across a natural border into Thailand. They were caught hiding in a palm oil plantation in Khao Lak, Aoi Noi on Thursday. They were due to be
  21. Virtually all visas are open to you and your partner now including visa exempt, the issue is staying long-term. Elite visa (costly, especially for two) if you have the cash would likely be the best bet. STV sucks, hence it's dismal failure, best avoided IMO.
  22. Bangkok: Drunk uni lecturer in a Benz mows down engineer on Rachada Road Image: Daily News Suthisan police and rescue services were called to an area near klong Bang Sue on Rachada Road in Huay Kwang, Bangkok last night after an electrical engineer was killed. Twenty six year old Bunrit Phumprasert was putting out cones for electrical cable burying work on behalf of his company JNC Engineering Jacking. He had a fractured skull and was lying on the road ten meters from a Mercedes Benz E-250 that had damage to its front windshield.
  23. Hi Chaps My non-imm O visa has been issued and got passport back this morning. My next step is the COE and I have a quick question. On the site it gives am option for types of permitted persons. (see attachments) I am assuming I choose option 11 NON-O long stay visitor????? Cheers Sam
  24. New Buzzword: Area Quarantine - Thailand set to open resorts and islands as three ministries tackle tourism crisis Pipat Ratchakitprakarn (File photo for reference only) There is a new buzzword on the lips of every Thai in the tourism industry from the minister down through the ranks. Area Quarantine. This is now being hailed as the answer to Thailand's tourism crisis after the pandemic saw the 3 trillion dollar industry that is 17 % of GDP decimated. Here's how it will work come next month then progress later from July. In the
  25. I own a business in Thailand a condominium rental business on airbnb my life savings are in phuket and so is my home however I am unable to get their due to lockdown restrictions here in the UK. Myself and my partner wish to migrate their permanatly ASAP however we have no idea of our rights as I understand being owner of condo / residency gives me certain rights. Could someone please enlighten me on anything on should know or could help us to get their right away. STV visa does not seem ideal would this be the only way and if so how can my partner (unmarried) come with
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