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Found 2 results

  1. It was a week where, not for the first time, the Thai government seemed to be just a little out of step with reality. Just a tad short of the number of sandwiches to make a picnic or to be culturally fairer to them, one chili shy of a decent som tam. It was announced yesterday that six million of their compatriots had now been made unemployed by that nasty pandemic. The government promptly told them to work from home. (One Thai of my acquaintance even used the term WFH in text this week - I thought she was swearing at me). It was feared that tr
  2. It was certainly a grim week for Thailand with one item of bad news after another. With the emergence of the so-called UK variant of coronavirus I was a bit reluctant to go out to Makro to do my pre-Songkran panic-buy stocking up on enough baked beans and cheese to last the week in isolation. My annual water avoiding quarantine. Hailing from the sceptred isle I was a tad concerned that the shelf packers might inquire as to my provenance and I might let slip, as I made a grab for the HP Sauce, that I was born in Kent. I could see myself being thrown out des
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