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Hunt on for cruel pick-up driver who dragged two cats to their death in Trang


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Hunt on for cruel pick-up driver who dragged two cats to their death in Trang



Picture: Thai Rath


TRANG: -- The world of Thai social media was in uproar after it emerged that a pick-up driver had attached a rope to two cats and dragged them on the road behind his vehicle.


Pictures of the two dead cats were posted after "Boll Kittiton" had related the story on Facebook.


Animal rights groups in Trang in the south of Thailand demanded that police act to find the driver of the Mitsubishi Triton with the license plate 1041.


Thai Rath reporters went to the area where they spoke to a gas station employee called Wisanon Jaiwang, 25, who confirmed the story.


He said the driver - who he recognized as a regular customer though he doesn't know his identity - arrived to use the ATM. He was in a flustered state.


Staff saw the cats attached by their necks to a rope. One was already dead but another was still alive.


When the driver saw the commotion he climbed hurriedly into his cab

and raced off.


A chase ensued with another vehicle but was unable to catch the driver.


The dead cats were then photographed on the road.


No one was able to get the letters on the plate as they were obscured and CCTV did not manage to film the driver's face. But he was a tall male.


Cat and dog rights groups and netizens urged the police to find the driver.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-06
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8 minutes ago, Lupatria said:

One must like the priorities here. Hunt for dog killer, hunt for cat killer and a guy who shot a man in a karaoke dispute walks free for 16 years.

The story is about animal cruelty, not about your opportunity to whine about something else. Stay on topic please.

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2 hours ago, Toshiba66 said:

Seems like something is not quite right with this guy.

Might say the same thing about those who liked to attach people, not cats, to the rear of their pick-up's.

    There's still quite a few of them around if one was to follow the news these days?

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