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Monk scoops 18 million baht in the National Lottery


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Monk scoops 18 million baht in the National Lottery



Picture: Thai Rath


A Buddhist monk in Surin has won 18 million baht in the National Lottery draw held yesterday.


Phra Somthip Ananyo - or just plain Somthip Jaemsai - went to Jorm Phra police yesterday evening to register his claim.


He showed his three tickets, that were bought in the local market, to reporters.


He asked police not to reveal his temple's exact location and his address saying that would be dangerous.


He arrived at the police station with his father, relatives and other monks.


He said he would spend a proportion of his windfall on "making merit".


He plans to go to Bangkok to claim his fortune in the next few days.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-02
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Just now, AGareth2 said:

What is a monk doing gambling?

Surely that is against one of the Precepts?

Confiscate his tickets and distribute the money to the needy in the Tambon

But he can make merit with some of the money to atone of course.   1514227.gif

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Defrock him! He violated the most important precept every Buddhist monk in Thailand is required to observe at all times:


If you're so weak that you must succumb to vice, keep your mouth shut and your profile low.

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Well that will be the end of him being a monk, no need to spend time conning folk.

Monks not supposed to handle money:cheesy: gamble:cheesy: , yet not 1 Thai will speak up against this.

They are to busy whining about Buddhist statues on a wall, pathetic, Buddhism here is just a joke.

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He may not be officially gambling but questions will be asked around where he gets his money for lottery tickets and the morality around it. Rightly or wrongly it sends a negative message when they are continually asking for donations. 

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