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70 000 Illegal foreigners targeted


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Interior Minister Sar Kheng yesterday said 70,000 foreign nationals in Cambodia are holding irregular immigration documents,  threatening legal action against the officials who wrongly issued the papers. Mr Kheng made the comments while presiding over a meeting at the ministry in which he announced plans to revoke the irregular documents from their holders.


“We cannot be patient because this is a national problem that must be solved,” said Mr Kheng. General Sok Phal, director-general of the General Department of Immigration, said authorities had found more than 70,000 foreigners, mostly Vietnamese nationals, holding improperly issued documents during a recent crackdown.


Mr Phal said that five nationalities make up the 70,000, including Vietnamese, Lao, Chinese, Thai, and Bangladeshi. He added that the holders of such documents will be deported in the future.

read more http://www.khmertimeskh.com/5084713/illegal-foreigners-targeted/

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There is a village in Moldokiri with about 200 Africans "Gemstone processors" in it  -   supposedly Cambodian immigration went there and found all to be legal..............yeah right, I'll bet they went empty handed and came back with bags of money.

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